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Which scale is more accurate?

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I have two scales at home, one digital and one not. The digital scale says I weigh 194 lbs and the other reads 185 lbs. I would think that the digital one would be more accurate, but my bf's digital scale shows a reading closet to my non-digital scale and my new non-digital scale at my bf's mothers house that I bought for school seems to be pretty close to my non-digital scale at home. So basically I use 4 different scales because I am always travelling, which is very confusing. I know I can calculate how much I have lost by any of the scales, but I would like to know which seems more accurate so that I know how much I really weigh: 194 or 185...

Confused?? Me too!

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There's an unwritten law of the universe that says... no two scales will ever weigh you the same.   :-)   Digital scales are usually more accurate than the sort with a needle and a fish-eye lens!   But digital scales will vary depending on the surface they are stood. Pick one scale, one place, one day and use that so that you're being consistent..... even if it means you can only weigh in once a week, fortnight or month.

Try taking something you know the weight of...hand weight, 5lb bag of sugar..put it on the various scales and see what they day.

Have you ever heard the old saying

A man with one clock always knows what time it is.  A man with two clocks is never sure.

That applies to scales too.

Dont you guys think that a 9 lbs difference is alot?? I would like to know my "true weight" because it makes a big difference with bmr and burn calculations. Maybe this is why I havent been able to lose much since I actually started counting calories, because Im using the wrong numbers as my weight.

Anyway, I have decided to wait a few weeks and actually get weighed at the doctors and figure out how much my scale is off!!

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yea scales pretty much suck hahaha  but yea like you said, I would just go to a reliable source (doctor, nutritionist, gym, etc.) where you KNOW the scale will be closest to accurate and have them weigh you and then use the scale that is closest to that accurate weight when you are home...

also don't let the numbers drive you crazy, their is so much more ot weightloss than what the stupid (and rather arbitrary) scale likes to say haha

dms4043 is right, put anything that you know the weight of on both scales and see which one is accurate.

I have a 5lb medicine ball that I check my digital scale with periodically. It always weighs 5lbs, so my scale is pretty darn accurate.

Funny,  I just went through the same thing. I was weighing in at my gym (digital scale that I tested with a 10 lb. weight, it dialed right in) and was coming up 150. Then I would go home and weigh in on an analog (which I also dialed in with a 10 lb. weight), and there wass 146...THEN my husband pointed out the difference to me, clothes! I know, I am a dummy lol, but it just wasn''t clicking in my head b/c I was too concerneed with the numbers.

Ok, so I used my handweights to check the scales. I used 2 8lb weights and 2 3 lbs weights, for a total of 22 lbs.

According to my tests with the weights, the digital scale is 1.5 lbs over (194-1.5=192.5) and the other scale is under 2 lbs (185+2=187)???

I cant believe Im actually looking forward to being weighed at the doctors office! LOL!

The other patients always look at me funny or get embarrassed when I take my shoes and socks off and strip down naked before I get on the scale -- just kidding.....  

GI-jane is right there's an unwritten law of the universe that says... no two scales will ever weigh you the same!!! LOL I have the same problem with scales too so I stick to the doctor's scale to determine my actual weight and use my analog scale home( that is posessed by a 5lb demon I'm almost sure ) to determine weight loss.

Good luck at the doctors keb1984!!

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