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Is my scale broken or is this normal?

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My scale is driving me crazy.  A few months back, I purchased a new fancy scale.  Problem is, my weight flucuates within MINUTES!  Somedays as much as 5 lbs.  For example, I'll step on weigh myself...wait 30 seconds and try again.  Somehow, in that magical 30 seconds I can gain or lose weight.  This morning it was a three pound difference.  There's no obvious explanation (like eating, drinking or peeing). 

Has anyone every dealt with this, or do you think my scale is just broken? 
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maybe you should try another scale.
I got an expensive one and took it back for the same reason. I like my basic digital scale that weighs in half pound increments.
my scale does that. I now take the best two out of three or best three out of five when i weigh myself.  Silly, i know, but i usually end up with a few weighings that are the same!
If you just bought the scale, I would take it back for a different one. I know how frustrating this can be because I have the same problem. I have to put my scale in the exact same spot to get the correct weight too! Bummer!

OMG mine is just like that, but WORSE. It has a small crack on the bottom (Probably from moving, we just moved.) and mine will "fluctuate" between 179 and 195.


..wtf? Seriously? You have NO idea how confusing that is when trying to count accurate loss.

It happens ALL THE TIME to me, sometimes I'll fluctuate between 5-7 pounds, for example, 2 days ago I was 163, today I weight in as 156, it depends on how much food you eat, eat a pound of food and weight a pound or 2 more.

I found that depending on where in my house I place the scale, the readings fluctuate much like you said.  It also may be depending on where you place your feet on the scale, it may detect more weight if you are at a certain spot.  I've taped off a square on my bathroom floor where I place my scale so that I know its in the same spot every time.  I also put tape markers on the scale so I put my feet in the boundaries which keeps it more accurate.  Throughout the day my weight goes up from the weight of the food and water I've put in my body so I only record the number the scale reads when I first wake up to get the most accurate idea of how my weight loss is going. 

Start weighing yourself only once a week or every other week.  That way you wont be alarmed by the pound fluctuation that can result from a heavy meal the night before.  The more space between weigh ins will provide a larger, more consistent  decrease (or increase).

I have an analog scale and it is usually very consistent. But I don't get the the nice half pound or one hundredths of a pound thing like you do on the digitals.

Happens ALL THE TIME. Not a big deal. It usually has to do with the way my feet are positioned on the scale (is a toe or two handing over, am I putting more weight on one foot than the other?). I try to stand in the same position every day (hands on thighs, feet parallel to the readout box), and if I really get a number that seems off, I will weigh myself two more times and take the middle reading of the three.

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That big a difference within just a few moments is definitely unusual.  One question - Do you have your scale on a firm hard, even surface, such as a tile or wood floor, or is on carpeting.  If it is on carpeting that may be your problem.  If not, I would get a replacement.

I am sooo frustrated with this. I have one of the old school ones b/c i didnt want to dish out the extra $ for a digital but it changes so MUCH!
put it in one spot- says 172
move it an inch over- 175
move it a foot away- 180
???? i know it suppose to be on level hard floor (which mine is on hard floor) but i dont know where it is perfectly level. It's drving me nuts cuz i dont know if ive lost 8lbs or only 3?

also i have 15lbs weights in my house. I put one of them on in all 3 locations but that gets the right reading!!!  ???

i was hoping buying a digital would not have this problem but it looks like you guys are :(

Could it not be only the floor but the way you stand on the scale?

Regardless, if your scale is that inconsistent I suggest you buy another (I did) and have found my new digital to be accurate and reliable (weighs same as doctor office scale).

BTW most scales hate being moved. For best and consistent results leave your scale constantly in one spot. Then whatever that weight is, as long as your numbers are going down, you are losing, right?

Alternatively, use other methods of measuring progress, such as a tape measure or regular photos (wearing same clothing). Personally, I use both to get the full picture.

yea i need to buy a new one

I'd get a new one.  I have a $20 digital scale that is pretty consistent, that only gives weight in 1/2 pound increments.  It will occasionally give a reading that's off, but when I step off then back on, it gives a more normal reading.  I don't think I could live with a scale that was doing that to me. 

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