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Scale Accuracy & Consistency...Argh!

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So I had a 25% off coupon for Linens N' Things this weekend and bought myself a new digital scale. Our old(non-digital) scale would give you a different weight if you breathed or if you stepped off and on. 

But, I've had bad luck with digital too, so we tested the new one. With a 25 pound weight on there, it weighed 25.5, which was close enough for our taste. So we were happy...finally an accurate scale.

Then, this morning I weighed myself.  Out of curiosity, I stepped on again, to see not only accuracy but consistency. 2.5 pounds different! Then a third time was a completely different number! I tried the 25 pound weight again, and it said it was 27 pounds! I'm so frustrated. Are there any scales that don't suck?? How hard is it to be accurate if that is your only function?? I didn't even get one of those body fat scales, because I've heard those are inaccurate in that function...but geez!

 It's a 'Thinner' brand scale, by the way. I don't know what to do. I don't want to keep spending money on crappy scales, but I want something that will be consistent, if not at least relatively accurate. (I was even able to accept the 3 pound weight difference from my old scale...not in my favor, of course!)

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You could also try different locations, sometimes the level of the floor can affect it. I know if I move my scale around the bathroom I can get drastcially different results. Find a place where the weight is close to accurate adn than use that area.

Moving mine from one side of the bathroom to the other made a huge difference. {and you are probably aware never weigh on carpet, it will totally throw it off.

I have some electronic scale, i'm sorry I'm at work and don't remember the brand but it's on you calibrate by clicking it 3 times when you start it so it recalibrates whenever you want it too. I don't know if it works, but it makes me feel better that it's consistent. LOL

I am going to go weigh one of my dumb bells when I get home though. ;-)

I have a scale by Tanita and it is pretty accurate and consistent.  And when I weighed a one pound weight, the weight on the scale was 1.0.
Ok, to be honest, it sounds crazy...moving the scale around in the same room will make a difference? BUT, when I weighed the weight yesterday, it was about a foot from where I have it now. Can that REALLY make a difference? My mind can't comprehend it, I tells ya! It's all hard tile in a bathroom...
Thanks, I'll keep my eyes open for that!
I'll have to check and see if I can calibrate mine...frustrating!
I have a scale from linens n things too and it does that sometimes. I figured out if you just step on it quickly and then step off then sometimes it will say like 3 pounds when there's nothing on it. Then if you leave it for a minute and try again it will usually say 0. Then you can step on it normally and it should be consistent.  I don't know if that works for all scales but I hope that helps!
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I've had a similar problem.

I've weighed myself 3 times today to check the consistency of the scale, and I've lost 2 pounds throughout the day.

I put the scales on the same part of the floor, which is flat and smooth and still the scales are telling me that I am losing weight =/


I have the same problem with my scale. For a while I was convinced that I weighed 144 lbs which was such a surprise to my friends and family who thought I weight maybe 135 lbs or so. Anyway I weighed 20 lbs dumbells on my scale and to my suprise they weighed 21 lbs and when I put 40 lbs dumbells on and they weighed 42lbs... so for every 20 lbs my scale was consistently off by 1 lb. I was very happy to find out that I weighed about 7 lbs less than I originally thought.  

I agree that it's important to not only use a scale on a non-carpeted surface, but to determine the location where it measures accurately and use it there consistently.

Also, I discovered that if you stand on the scale differently each time, that will give you a different read. So try to maintain the same posture each time and place your feet in the same place each time as well.

Finally, every time I go to the doctor, they weigh me. So right before leaving the house, I weigh myself on my scale. Then I compare it to the one the Dr. uses. That's how I found out that my old non-digital scale differed by 5 pounds, so I always set it to accommodate the difference.

Have you read the directions that came with the scale? That may answer some of your questions.

I just bought a new thin streamlined Taylor digital scale. These are part of the directions that came with it:

  1. Each time you move the scale, step on, disregard the reading, then step off. Scale is now ready for use.
  2. All other times, step straight on the scale.
  3. Step on the scale and remain still. The display will blink "0.0" while the scale computes. You weight will then appear, blink 3 times, and then lock on the display.
I have the Tanita. I bought it after reading numerous reviews saying it was the  most accurate.

Also, does your new scale have fresh batteries? If it came with batteries in the box, and you're using those, switch to brand-new fresh ones. The only time I had a problem with my Tanita was when the batteries were stale.
Ok, I had a "non-digital" scale, and I decided to get rid of it because I was pregnant, so i was going into the doctors every few weeks, and their scale always said I weighed between 7-10 pounds more then mine did at home. I didnt care much because I was pregnant....but then I had the baby, and was weighing myself everyday to see how much weight I was loosing. then I had my postpartum check up and was weighed and again it said I weighed way more then my scale at home. Then a month or so later I had another exam at my OBGYN and the same thing. It was just depressing to me because I would think I was doing to great with my weight at home, and then I would go to the doctors to find out I actually weighed about 10 pounds more then I thought. So after that second time I went straight to the store after I left my OBGYN and bought an expensive (about $40 I think) digital scale from Wal-Mart. It's not only digital but it also has 4 buttons on it, that can each be programed for 4 different people with there age height and goal weight, then you can save your weight whenever you want and it will tell you how many pounds you have lost since you saved your first weight and how many pounds more until you reach your goal. It also has a thing that tells you your body fat % and hydration level. I have found that my scale is extremely accurate. You just have to make sure you do not let the scale get wet and that your feet are dry (not sweaty from taking of shoes or right out of the shower) because it has metal thing on it that send an electric current (not painful, you don't feel it, lol) through your body to determine hydration and body fat%. And moisture will give you an inaccurate read with those two things. I have never weighed a exercise weight on it, but it does say i weigh exactly what the doctors scale says I weigh, and I can get on and off it 10 times and it will give me the same exact weight! The brand name is HealthOMeter and like I said, I picked it up at Wal-Mart.

I have been wanting to get some new scales and had considered some from Thinner. Now I will look at the Tanita..................thanks!

I have using some that, at my age, have become difficult to read.....maybe that's  good thing!?! Undecided

I have a Thinner brand scale and it seems pretty consistent.  Now, having said that, here's what I notice about accuracy:

1. I weigh myself in the morning before I get in the shower.  I weigh after the shower as well. There is often a half-pund to a pound difference (less) after the shower.
2. If I weigh after breakfast it adds a pound, pretty consistently. 
3. If I weigh with clothes on and pockets full (wallet, cellphone, etc.) it adds about 6 lbs.
4. The two balance-beam scales at the gym always give the same weight as each other, and always about 4 lbs more than my digital scale (same clothes).

It actually is normal to "lose" 2 lbs during the day.  Actually, I lose about 2 lbs every night in my sleep.  Part of the reason is that you consume energy just being alive, and the energy transfer happens through respiration of CO2.  Another part is simple water loss (evaporation, respiration and elimination), but dehydration is not the same as fat reduction.
i have a thinner brand scale.
i have difficulties with it ALL the time.
I've pretty much stopped trusting it.

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