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Saving money

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One thing I 've noticed over these past 3 weeks is... one of my biggest excuses to continue going to the drive thurs was, well I'd spend just as much at the grocery store if not more!

Well, that is not true I find that now that I make a weekly trip to the grocercy store and not 1 trip to a drive thru, I still have money in my checking account on my next pay day, I was usually at 0 two or three day before pay day.

and... I'm buying fresh fruit and veggies not just frozen dinners or canned goods!!!
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The only drive-thru that I have been through lately is the Timmy's, for coffee.  The last time it was for food was the week I started CC's.  Wendys Jr. bacon cheeseburger and biggie fries, have not missed them at all.  In fact your post is the first time I have thought about it. 

I am at the grocery store or a fruit stand every three days now for fresh produce and bottled water.
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It is true- you can eat healthy on a budget! Check your weekly papers for sales on stuff you need and buy the most. I cought a sale on frozen veggies at Pathmark this week- 5 bags for 5 bucks! Then all i needed was a bag of brown rice, and a couple packages of chicken breast, which i will always find on sale for like 1.99 a pound. also for fast meals, there's usually one chain with a sale on Lean cuisines, or some other diet entree that u can grab to take w/u to work when you're in a hurry.
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I friend of mine at work reminded me that when I cook dinner put a couple of servings into those freezable containers then I can take them with me to work over the next few weeks.  Plus it's healthier than always buying frozen dinners and keeps me from over eating too!
Oh my gosh! I'm starting to realize how much money I've been saving by not using drive-thrus. Before I started eating healthy, I was so quick to go through the drive-thru to grab an Egg McMuffin and a Diet Coke in the morning on the way to work. Well, right there's $5! I'd also feel too lazy to cook dinner so I'd run through the drive-thru on my way home.

I'm saving so much money by taking the time to grocery shop and plan my meals. I can't wait to see how much money I have left over at the end of the month.
I have notice the saving in money to.  Especially when you take the whole family out. Like $15 to $20 dollars in one meal when I can put a healthy meal together for under $6 dollars.  The only problem I have is motivation to cook every night.   I don't miss the food at the fast food chains but I do miss not having to cook.  But movtivation and not being lazy to get off my but and cook a meal is slowly getting easier now I just have to convince the kids to try more new foods.  (Picky eaters)
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