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I get so annoyed sometimes... people mean so well when they say things like, "If you really wanna lose the weight, wrap Saran Wrap around your body while you sleep... that'll take the weight off!"


What's your craziest Diet Advice from friends/family/coworkers?
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my bf and i saw someone in one of those the other day... he informed me that they were banned from wrestling in schools, because kids were passing out from dehydration... sounds good to me! sign me up! j/k
I remember in HS the wrestlers would suit up to lose a quick 5 lbs or so to be in a lower weight class.
Gah!!! People, and the things they think will work. Ok, so my friend Carolyn told me that she lost 10 pounds in one week by sleeping the whole week, and only waking up to pee and during that whole week she consumed one row of crackers. Yay!! Starvation! And another one. My boyfriend, his friend Walter, and I were in Walter's car. They were talking about apartment complexes because they are looking for a new place to live. Walter was like "I want that apartment complex because they have a pool. So I can get up and go swimming." I'm thinking cool cool. Then he says, "Dude, what if they a have room to lift weights! That would be awesome! Watch the owners have the air conditioning on though! Dude, that would suck. I would be all like 'dudes you need to turn that air conditioning off, how do you expect me to lose weight if I'm not sweating!" I wanted to laugh my ass off. I have lost 61 pounds, and I didn't sweat the whole time. That Walter guy was also talking to my boyfriend about how he's not going to have his gut much longer because when he's at work he tightens his abs for a half hour. I told them it doesn't work. And then my boyfriend says it does becaues he never gains weight and he eats a lot and he tightens his abs all the time. Dumb asses!!! Wouldn't you listen to the person who has lost weight and reads about these things all day! That will make your abs stronger, but you're not going to lose weight doing that alone. I also love how they talk about losing weight and then pull into Dairy Queen. Or how Walter can't wait for summer because it will be so hot and he will wear sweat pants and a sweatshirt so that he can lose weight just by standing outside. Men...I swear.
Actually I know people who eat raw food all the time, not just for a month. It is an extreme form of vegetarianism based on the idea that cooked food is bad for us and that it is healthiest to eat food as close to its natural state as possible. It is considered a lifestyle- they are not doing it to lose weight.

Those people are incredibly healthy and also look very young for their age. I have tried it myself but it doesn't suit me- I can't get enough calories and I get bored with it as well. In winter I want hot food too!
Wrestlers usually wrap themselves in saran wrap, put on sweats, and go jogging before a match to stay in a lower weight range.

All it does is drain your body of water from sweating so much. It's dehydrating. It isn't healthy to do regularly in the least.
As for the people who wrap themselves/ wear sauna suits, I wonder if they don't realise that they are just losing water weight? "Hot" yoga took off here in Japan because of the promise that you could lose a kilo in just one class. It's true, but of course as soon as you drink anything on it goes again.

It's getting pretty warm and humid in Tokyo now and today I decided to check if I lose any weight during my daily yoga practice, as it is very strenuous and I sweat buckets during the warmer seasons. Sure enough, I lost just under a kilo during the 90 minute practice, but then I had to drink about 2 litres of water as fluid replacement!

As for haemorrhoid cream around the eyes, eurgh. I don't think I could do that.
Well, only eating a few crackers, no wonder she wanted to sleep all the time. Wow. And turning the AC off in the Gym?

I really can't see how dehydrating your body before a match would make you more effective as a wrestler. Wouldn't that weaken you? Isn't weak bad when you are getting ready to have a contest of strength? Just sayin'

As for hemmorrhoid (or however you spell that) cream. Yeah. Not so much for me.
I was a powerlifter in high school and we did the seran wrap, sweats, sauna thing.  It definitely got us in the right weight class, and we were well aware that it was only water weight.  We would gain it all back as soon as we ate anything, but we only cared about weigh-in.  Totally unhealthy, but it got us in the right weight class!  Now about the hydrocortisone and hemorrhoid cream... this is going to sound completely ridiculous, but would that work like right before I go to the lake??  Would that help my abs look tighter, or would it just be a waste?  It sounds interesting to me.  Weird also, but if it would help, I'm willing to do it! :)
I heard that preparation H shrinks cellulite. The logic is, If it'll shrink hemmrodes, then it'll shrink cellulite
I don't know, I just can't see myself rubbing butt cream on my abs to look better and then being able to feel sexy at the beach.
haha  Yeah, I probably won't do it.  I don't look BAD, but I was thinking if there was any way to look slimmer for a day on the boat, I'd be willing to try.  Nah, I'll just suck it up (literally) and do it legitimately.
crissy, try it and tell the rest of us if it works!  ;)
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