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Weight Loss
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I get so annoyed sometimes... people mean so well when they say things like, "If you really wanna lose the weight, wrap Saran Wrap around your body while you sleep... that'll take the weight off!"


What's your craziest Diet Advice from friends/family/coworkers?
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I have never heard people say that before.  What lousy advice!  What kind of person would believe that?  People are always looking for a quick fix, not understanding how much effort it takes!

For me, it would have to be my male coworker, who is stick thin and eats whatever he wants.  I told him I have a hard time losing weight.  He said, "Well, just do a few situps after you eat something, and you'll burn the calories right off."  Yeah, right!
I used to work with a guy (very skinny) who said that you can eat whatever you want, as long as you drink lots of water.  He would eat bacon, steak, cheeseburgers, whatever he wanted.  Plus he smoked.  He said none of that mattered, he would still be healthy, cuz he drank enough water.

I know a person that is trying to do Adkins (without the book). I still don't believe in Adkins but alot of people do it so hey that is their thing. But this lady doesn't get grains of course because of the carbs. She doesn't eat fruits because of the sugar. and she doesn't eat veggies cause they taste bad. So what does she eat? Meat and dairy. But whats worse is that she explains to me she eats Mcdonalds double cheeseburgers without the buns. Seriously how in the world is that good for you? Is it just a myth that you are supposed to eat 6 servings of grains a day?

You must know my grandmother! LMAO

She wraps her arms, midsection and thighs in saran wrap before going on long walks or something and she used to tell me it was so she would lose the fat in those areas! ROFLMAO!  I never did believe that, though!

Some people's children. :)

Adkins - I tried that and was STARVING!!!!!!!!!!!!  I couldn't last the two weeks eating like that - it's insane. For the first 2 wks you can have NO MORE THAN 20carbs/day.  Then after that, no more than 40/day!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Psycho! but if it works for them, more power to them.

I like what I'm doing now because I feel full at the end of the day.
I think the worst thing anybody ever said to me was when I told my mother I had breast cancer.  She said "Well dear, look on the bright side - you'll lose weight!"  I cried for days over that.
I know people who would try to deliberately catch the flu to lose weight!

I have heard of diets in which all you eat is grapefruit... or all you do is drink pickle juice...

I even pointed out that if you eat too much, you'll gain weight even with the Saran Wrap. She was adament though, and said that after the saran wrap treatment, you just have to excercise and eat right to keep it off.
The craziest diet advice is basically anything that doesn't boil down to this: exercise more, eat less, mostly vegetables. 

That's really all the diet advice anyone needs (which of course doesn't prevent me from scouring the CC forums for tips ;)
Actually, (and please don't hate me for this) you can take inches off your waistline by rubbing yourself down with hydrocortisone and wrapping in saran wrap. It doesn't actually result in weight loss, but I know a few people who use it to take inches off before a taping in the Army.

I don't know anybody who uses it as a replacement for a weight-loss program, though. It's just a little cheat to help people with a deadline get under the measurement mark.
Models/ bodybuilders/ fitness competitors also use hemorrhoid cream over their abs (or wherever) to help tighten up before photo shoots, competitions, etc. 

hmmm... i wonder if long term, it could help diminish the effects of drastic weight loss (loose skin), or if all of the effects are lost after you wash it off...

it probably has some side effects tho....

*considers using self as guinea pig...* 
Hydrocortisone is an anti-inflamatory, so I supposed a topical cream could, briefly, reduce phyiscal size of the body by reducing inflamation, but I don't think that would help the sagging/etc of extreme weight loss.   Personally, the idea of wrapping myself with Saran Wrap, with or w/o smearing my tummy with hydrocortisone, sounds, I don't know, kind of wierd regardless.
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"Models/ bodybuilders/ fitness competitors also use hemorrhoid cream over their abs (or wherever) to help tighten up before photo shoots, competitions, etc. "

When I modelled, we used hemorrhoid cream to reduce the puffiness around the eyes.

It's strange what alternate uses some items can have...
Wow I'd never be able to fall asleep, I'd feel like a wrapped up piece of leftover chicken.
I had a piece of saran wrap over my tattoo for the first little bit after it was done...longest three hours of my life. 
Long ago whe I was kid my father was on a liquid diet............of course it didnt work he lost the weight & then put right back on
I remember my mother had one of those 'plastic' workout suits..silver thing that made her look like an alien. It made you sweat more ..I guess that was the gimmick. Strange.

Wow!! its amazing what people will do to loose weight.
a coworker is eating only raw foods for the next month. i eat a lot of raw foods, but seriously.... only raw foods for a month?? I said its amazing what fad diets people will try to loose weight
I was traveling in Columbia, SC a month ago and saw a woman jogging in one of those plastic jumpsuits. I thought it was funny. I didn't know people still did that...  And it was HOT that day! About 89 degrees out with the sun beating down.
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