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Weight Loss
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saddlebags i HATE IT PEOPLE

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iam fed up people,really fed up ,lost 15 kg since feb 09 (WAS SIZE 16-18 NOW SIZE 12), and my thighs still huge, infact i got these saddlebags that are stick out there so ugly, its rocking down my confidence and self esteem, my whole body look great now,small waiste nice tonned arms nice stomach but thighs are just ugly ugly ugly ugly..thinking of liopsuction, but people telling me to be patient cause thighs fat will be the last to be used.


what can I do people,plz , its killing me

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just keep doing what your doing! 15 kg down is great, stick to it and you will see that they will start to dissappear. Mines have slimmes down by doing more cardio and squats. spin class really helps too!

good luck to you

Stay the course.  You will eventually and definitely lose the saddlebags.  For me, I couldn't believe how long it took to lose some belly fat.  The body loses fat uniformly, not in one place only.  You are doing a super, great job!  Don't give up.  It will all work out for you!

Like someone said, spinning, or any bike riding, will help.  Swimming is the best.  I too struggle with saddlebags, and swimming is the only thing I have found to really slim them.  Good luck!

I agree with everyone else - stick to it and be patient - your legs will eventually "tighten up".

I had the same problem with jiggly thighs except mine was on the inside.  I lost about 10lbs since April.  At first my inner thighs still looked jiggly and kind of droopy but they have firmed up now and look much nicer.

BTW - congrats on the weight loss! You should be proud of yourself - that's terrific. Smile 

Buy some tight jeans and work it!  You've done great, now it's time to start loving your body.

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