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Weight Loss
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Anyone ever hear of it? If so have you done it, has it worked?

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nope, but after googling, it is just a calorie zig-zag with the word 'diet' stuck on for good measure.

I did it.  My advice? 

It consists of 500 cal a day for one week, 800 a day for the next, 1200 the next week, and then a week off, if my memory serves me.  I could be slightly off, but the numbers are definitely right. 

After three weeks on it, I passed out in the middle of a store in the mall, and then once I was off, I caught the worst cold of my life.  My body just couldn't fight it off.

Stay away from it.
Yeah, from the way philomela described it, it sounds a little too extreme. If you plan on doing a "zig zag" diet, try a somewhat healthier zig zag. Instead of 500cals one day, 800 cals another, and then the minimum 1200... try doing 1200 for a couple days, then maybe 800 next time, then 1500 the next day... personally, I wouldn't go below 700cals per day, and if ever I did, it would only be for maybe one or two days, no longer. You want to surprise your body, not shock it.

Love and Alojahz
Never go below 1200 calories.  Any diet that tells you otherwise (unless doctor supervised) is not healthy for you.  Your body needs calories.  FOOD IS FUEL!
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I was just wondering thanks
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I did the rotation diet several years ago. It states in the rotation diet book that you eat 600 calories/day for 3 days, 900 calories/day for 4 days and 1200 calories/day for 7 days. Then you repeat the 600 calories for 3 days and 900 calories for 4 days for a total of three weeks.  Then you take a week off.  You also get three "free" fruits or vegetables each day that are not included in your calorie count.  You are supposed to lose 15 pounds in three weeks.

I did this diet several years ago and cheated on the third week, but I still lost 18 pounds! (I weighed about 180 when I started) It was VERY hard the first 3 days, but I was ok after that. I felt like I had a LOT of food after only 600 calories/day! I didn't gain the weight back until a year later when I got pregnant.

I wouldn't recommend this diet for everyone because it is very hard. I have tried other diets and can't seem to stick to them, though. I like to have a definite start and end to my diet, so this one worked for me.

I am currently trying it again. I am a week into it but I don't know how much weight I have lost because I won't weigh again until it is over, but my clothes are definitely looser! I want to do this diet again when the first one is over to look better for the holidays, but I'll have to see how the first one goes!

Good luck to anyone who tries it!

I have gone on this diet 3 times since the 1970's (as described with 3 day rotations starting at 600 calories up to a week of 1200 cal.s and back again, with a week off between rotations).  I have never gone through the rotation more that twice per dieting period.  I have lost between 15 and 21 pounds per rotation and kept the weight off over a year each time.  The only problem that I had was after the dieting period was over...I felt like I could feel every bite of food that I put into my stomach becoming "weight gain" for several weeks.  I found your question about the diet while looking for the plan on the internet.  At my present age, 63 (true baby boomer), I am having a difficult time losing weight...and I am diabetic.  Good luck to you and to me!    



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I have been on this diet for a week. And you know what? It's the EASIET DIET I HAVE EVER BEEN ON. I know. Weird. It's not for everyone and for every situation, but it's perfect for me. I"m one of those people that gains weight easily--except when I'm pregnant. When I'm pregnant I lose my appetite and don't gain much. With my twin pregnancy, I only gained 26 lbs. After giving birth, a month later I had lost 45 lbs! Anyway, the point is--because I knew this during my pregnancy I ate pretty much whatever I wanted. I got in some bad habits--habits that continued after the babies were born. I needed something to make me just STOP. I was not in the habit of even feeling remotely guilty for bad food choices--I didn't even think about it until I was half way through eating it. This diet tells me EXACTLY what to eat. There's no question or thought--I just follow the meal plan each day. This is what I needed. ANd because there's no real choice about what I should eat, its a lot easier not to cheat. AND--you get IMMEDIATE results, which makes you excited and happy and makes you want to continue. After only one week, I have lost 6 lbs and 9 inches--two around my waist. THRILLED! Yes, the calories are low. But they are HEALTHY. The first three days weren't all that hard, either. I just spread it out, and plus I work so I was distracted most the day. The last four days I've eaten 900 calories and it feels like SO much food. Tomorrow I start on 1200 calories and I look at the list and it just seems like a lot! I am truly learning to deny myself and that is what I needed right now. I worked out today for the first time in two years--and felt fabulous. I am so glad I found this diet. Its going to jump-start me into good eating habits, and that is what I needed!


Losing weight this quickly, particularly if you have to do it multiple times (um... yo yo, anyone?) is really really really bad for you. You need to change your lifestyle and eat normal amounts of healthy foods or you will end up fatter than you started. No joke.

Please read this article, especially the part labeled "Weight Cycling Health Issues." 

I have lost 60 lbs and need to lose 20 more, and I need a good jump start to get off this plateau.  I just read a Woman's Day article that mentioned VLC diet days and I remembered Martin's book.  He also called it the 3-S diet.  Steak (or shrimp) salad and sex diet.  In other words the only calories he counts are those in meat and or other foods like grains, toppings, seasonings, and junkfood...fruit in moderation, veggies in abundance. It is not dangerous for short term anymore than fasting for a day or colon cleansing is bad on a SHORT TERM BASIS!  My old book is long gone, but I understand it we republished in 2012 so I'm ordering it again.   It is a gateway diet.  Anyone can diet for three weeks.  Going off it for a week is an option...he suggests any break; a month or whatever fits in your schedule is OK.  I started my journey 2 yrs ago...Walking and becoming aware of what i was eating and making changes as i went along. Now I run up to 25 miles a week...and I hate to run!!!!  I have kept this 60 lbs off a year just staying diet or exercise is a miracle.  They all take hard work, determination and a choice.  a choice to be happy and healthy or to cry every time you look in the mirror.  Remember: Satan wants you to always examine your faults, and God wants you to remember that you have a divine nature.  No matter where you are on the road to are on the ROAD!

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