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Getting rid of the loose skin or hanging skin after weight loss

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I did some research on this subject, as I am concerned that I may have a problem with it.

Anyway, I read one opinion (I emphasize OPINION) on how to get rid of the excess skin without surgery.  It might be worth trying, then if it doesn't work, opt for the surgery or learn to accept it.

The OPINION is that the skin has not shrunk down to size because it is still covering some resistant fat -- it might be a very small amount, but as long as it is there, the skin won't shrink back.  This OPINION recommends dieting to go below the generally recommended fat % to force your body to get rid of that resistant fat. 

This OPINION says that once you get rid of the excess skin, you can safely allow yourself to go back to a normal fat % and your skin will be okay.   

So, this may be an alternative to surgery, which is very expensive and can be dangerous. 

The only other alternatives that I could find in my research is to stay fat, or to accept the loose/hanging skin.

I hope no one with anorexic/bulemic tendencies takes this as permission or encouragement to be anorexic or bulemic.  This OPINION is posted FOR ADULTS WITH NO EATING DISORDERS as an alternative to surgery.
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hmmmm interesting.

I do like the disclaimer at the bottom.

I had a problem with some saggy skin afterwards but I found and HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting a good firming lotion- recommend Nivea personally.  It really helped with my skin gaining back firmness while losing weight.

If you start using it when you start exercising, you will see a difference.     &nbs p;apply it as often as possible, day and night...after every shower.

Really helped me.
I heard (not sure how true) that if you lose weight slowly (the 1-2 pound a week average) that your skin will shrink with you. It's the people that lose really fast that have a lot of saggy skin issues.

Not sure how true that is... but it's a nice thought :-)
I say thats true.  Lose it smart and turn the fat to muscle.
Or a lot of times women who have had children have saggy skin problems, expecially if they've had a c-section. After my second child was born, 3 mo. ago, I had horrible saggy skin. With regualr excercise and these vitamins, I have greatly improved my stretch marks and skin elasticity. I use this lotion as well.  Costly but effective. But for way saggy skin (like the sag you would probably get from a huge weight loss), I've got nothing on.
Hey, cool! I just started a thread on saggy skin the other day. I was a little worried about it, but I'll try what you have all suggested. I have a nice big blob of saggy skin (with some fat under it still) from my pregnancies with lots of stretch marks (sorry if that is TMI!). I am not as concerned with my tummy as I am with my arms, since I LOVE to wear tank tops in the summer, but it would be nice to get rid of the flab and skin there too! :-)
thanks all for the good responses. 

speaking of c-sections, I've had 3 with the scar from the belly button down, PLUS I have a scar down the front from gall bladder surgery.  I have a difficult time firming up the stomach muscles because of the two scars.

I am not losing faster than recommended, but my belly sag from all the weight is quite distinct, and that's what I'm worried about not being able to get firmed up.  When I lost weight in the early 80s, I didn't get completely down to goal weight, and I still had a noticeable sag if I wore light colored or fitted clothing.

it seems like nature would better reward us for losing so much weight!!!! LOL

NO KIDDING! You work so hard losing weight just to have sagy belly skin afterwords. what's up with that?!

   Some people just don't have as much elastin the natural elastic in their skin. In general aging appearance of wrinkle is a prime your elastin cells not being able to keep up. That's why some young people will lose weight and they don't get a sag.They were able to beat the clock. 

It's genetic so some people defy the rules and taking care of your skin can help out too. No shock there.

  Thanks for adding the disclaimer for people with ED. 

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The best way to get rid of loose skin/stretch marks and some scars is by removing the tissue. Plastic Surgeons have perfected many procedures such as the arm lift, thigh lift, tummy tuck etc. You would not be trading extra skin for a terrible scar because plastic surgery has advanced greatly over the years and scars are almost invisible. My dad went to an obesity clinic and lost over 70lbs, he had a lot of use skin and no matter what workouts he did the skin just wouldn't bounce back, no lotions, laser treatments nothing worked. He went to Dr. Pousti to get a tummy tuck and an arm lift and now he looks great. He is very happy with his results and looks about 10 years younger. After getting his tummy tuck his stomach is flatter than mine and I constantly work out!

Here is how I feel on the subject - 

If you lost enough weight that you have NOTICEABLE skin hang, you deserve plastic surgery. They should do that **** pro-bono. If you can save the money/take out a loan to do it, I suggest it.

I'm sure there are people looking for a way to lose that skin in a non-surgery route, but any one who CAN go under the knife should not feel bad for wanting too. You freaking deserve it.   

plastic surgery is worth it, definatly!

I say it's your body so get the surgery if you want. Personally I wouldn't.  But that is because I just think how many trips I could take fro the cost of cosmetic surgery ;)

I have read you need to give your body at least a year to see how much of the skin will tighten up.  Also exercise, and lots of water are supposed to help the elasticity of skin.  Finally for someone who mentioned scar tissue, you can massage scar tissue to help break it up.  It wont make the scar itself go away, but it can help break up the underlying tissue.


I checked into surgery.  For men not too bad.  If you have bad loose skin the scar is all the way around and it's big.  I have been reading and exercising trying to lose the skin and I have read in several places that the fat left under the skin is the cause of the hanging skin.  It's hard to get down in your normal weight range but going below is even worse.  I have such a bad problem and don't want surgery so I am going for it trying to increase my muscle which will help a lot.  I figure it will take me to the end of the year and I will let you know if it really works.  Otherwise, I will have to live with it and I really don't want to do that.

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