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Weight Loss
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What do YOU reward yourself with?

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As I lose weight I plan to reward myself with new clothes and a manicure/pedicure for every 15 pounds. What about you?
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I'm currently at 46 lbs lost.  Once I get to 50, I'm getting another tattoo!  Then after 10 more, a new bikini!
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I have 150+ lbs to lose, so I'm rewarding for every 25.  At 25 (15 more to go...) I'm getting a pedicure  The next 25 (50) my bf is buying me lingerie (his idea, not mine..LoL) and I havent thought that far ahead about the rest...   All I know is when I reach my goal... a Prada handbag is calling my name!!!!
Me and X17STAR17X are going to south fla, and getting tatz at miami ink...WHAT WHAT.... our planned trip is April she'll be at her goal, and i will be around 100 lost if I keep on track.... ANYONE WANNA JOIN US?

Oh but I'm also getting clothes & mah Hair
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Sweet! I'm trying to think of something very special to buy myself when I reach my goal weight.
yea yeaaaa we rock.  Cant wait to hit my December goal.  SO going to Florida next summer with Erica.

As for other rewards I have given myself over this 109lbs lost:
- New clothes! no doubt
- New exercise bike (recumbent bike to be exact)
- Haircut!  Got me some bangs recently
- New work out clothes! Yay I loveee my yoga pants

I think thats about it :oD
I am at 32 pounds lost.  I have about 25 to go and then my mom wants me to pick out something naughty at Victorias sectret and she will buy it for me.  When I hit 25 pounds gone, I bought some new running shoes.  When I hit 40 pounds, I am going to splurge on a really nice elliptical trainer.  When I hit 50 pounds, I am going to buy a lot of new clothes and when I hit my goal I think I will get some tasteful but still a little bit dirty pictures done!!!  Wow, I sound bad don't I??!!!  lol :)
Hm.. any ideas of what to award yourself when you're a poor college student? Spending money might just depress me more. ;)
I've never had a professional massage before, and I promised myself I'd get one when I reached that "under 200" mark.

Weighed 199 this morning.  YEA!
My planned rewards are...

At 135:  mermaid tattoo on my hip
At 130:  belly ring

Hubby's also planning on getting his tattoo done soon, as well.  I cannot wait to see that.  ; )
my reward will be a healthier life!
Hmm, as for free (or cheap) rewards, why not do a night in with friends with movies, pedicures, facials, etc? Use stuff you have...

My rewards: 10 lbs I got new Nikes. 20 lbs I got new clothes & new workout clothes.  When I reach 30 (my goal), I'm getting a new bathing suit & more new clothes.  I'm also thinking about something big, like a vacation or spa day.
My reward of course is a healthier life and a fit body to live my life in.  But, I gotta give myself little treats here n there.

So...  When I hit my goal of 175 (hopefully by christmas this year) I'll be going shopping - after christmas with my mom, aunt, sister and grandmother.

After I hit the goal of 175, I still have 25-30 lbs to go to get to the ideal weight for my height, and age (should be between 140-150 - I'm 5-7 and 25yrs old) - Hopefully I'll be there before next summer because VIRGIN ISLANDS HERE I COME and i'm gonna be in a BIKINI!!!!!

Also - I get the pleasure of either buying a new wardrobe or taking everything I have now into a tailor to be taken in.

As of today - I've lost 15lbs in the one month of logging my cals on this site and have 55 to go for my Christmas goal.

Happy losing everyone!
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I like the idea of mini-rewards and biggie-rewards. A mini-reward for every 5 lb mark you cross perhaps could be mani, pedi, facial, movie out, or new lipstick. Biggie rewards, probably dependant on how much you have to lose, maybe every 20 lbs could be ipod to go with your walks, good quality running shoes, full spa day, or night as a hotel. 

Set little goals as well as big goals. No matter how much you have to lose, I think if I had to wait 25 lbs to get a pedicure, I'd lose motivation. Part of the reason so many "diets" don't work is that we are set up to fail. If you don't reach that "big goal" you are a failure, no matter how many little successes you've made along the way. Remember, every smart choice you make every single day makes you a success!
Some rewards I've already given myself include a Mio Heart Rate Monitor watch at -40 lb and a subscription to a CSA (organic veggies for 16 weeks!) at -50 lb. Things I intend to reward myself with in the future: a bicycle and a rebounder trampoline. Mainly the things I'm looking forward to are more variety of ways to exercise without hurting myself!
Yeah - they say we need immediate rewards.  I use small and big.  Small is every two weeks of good living = pedicure.  About to get my second of those.  10lbs will be a massage (never had before, and only 1.5 away! yay).  Not sure what the next 10 will be.  Probably a facial or another massage.  I am still deciding my GOAL REACHED reward. Top Runner is a tatoo, funnily enough inspired BY Miami Ink. Can't afford that trip, though.  Or their prices, I'm sure.  I can't help but feel I may be 'marring' my beautiful new bod. Plus I'm not 100% sure Baha'is are 'allowed' tattoos.  Pretty sure they are, but it's something I want to confirm just in case.  IF I DO - I want a sun/moon combo that is a theme for me.  My name means sunlight, and I am a moonchild (cancerian.).  Cuz I'm lefthanded I want the moon on the left side...I'm checking out designs.  Got about a year to decide, depending on continued losses.  I don't care - this is for ME, baby. 
Happy Releasing and Rewarding to you!  Zia
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Besides being heathier, I reward with clothes. I have 7, doesn't sound like much, more pounds to lose, and when I hit that goal, I'm rewarding myself with a mini vacation.
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Reached the mini goal of 20 lbs. lost today. I am going to buy an exercise bike.  When I reach my goal weight, I am going to get some pretty underwear and some new clothes.
Shopping spree definitely! 
I know this is probably kind of silly but it's awesome to me hehe. 

I often go bargain shopping with girl friend and we would dig through the jeans pile.  I would try on some of them and find some that "Almost fit."  I buy them if they are not expensive and is cute.  :)  They are my motivation and reward pants.  I would try them on every week to see how much progress I have made.  It works for me. ^^
New clothes!!

I figure I'll need them anyway :D
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