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retaining water... reasons??

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k, i think i've been retaining a lot of water lately... i've been peeing hardly at all, and drinking SO much, and my pee is dark yellow, only thing is that ever since it started (2 days ago maybe) i've been really watching my salt, pretty much none.  (also im too young for kidney disease)

are there any reasons... lack of certain nutrients, too much of something else, etc that could cause this?
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go to the doctor to have your kidney health tested. that is a sign of low kidney function.

if you are fevered or nasueated i would go to the ER.

and dont delay making or having that appointment. you need to see someone a.s.a.p. to prevent failure or further damage.

you can have kidney problems at any age.

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k, well my mom is a nephrologist... i hardly see her, but i'll ask her about it in the morning.

are there any other reasons?

(ps. if it is kidney problems, could this have been something that i did to myself, like unhealthy dieting... gulp)
well you have to be 100% honest with your mom so she can tell why it happened.

just tell her how you feel
how you have been eating
any recent wt. loss
any medication or drugs (legal or not legal) you have taken.

there are many reasons it can happen.
but you have to honestly represent your body so she can help you.
Also, you need a certain amount of sodium, so you shouldn't be cutting it out completely.  I think the recommended minimum is 1500mg.
no offense starffy but she really needs to talk to her mom.

trust me

its not as simple as adding salt right now.
Nooo, no no no. The minimum is 500 mg. I eat under 1000 mgs regularly. Lots of veggies here.  
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im kind of worried now.  i'll talk to her in the morning.
but its not like i've done anything over drastic, no drugs or anything... just pretty much zero carbs... meat, veggies, and nuts for the passed 3 monthes.  is that bad for your kidneys?
Yes, if you have a pre-existing condition. How many grams of protein are you getting per day?

Protein is hard on your kidneys.
for your own health and personal safety i would just talk to your mom. im serious. dont bother with anyone on here. you have a specialist at home. you cant fix this yourself and the damage can continue silently (meaning it wont give you symptoms like you are experiencing but the damage is still on going)

If you have been eating a ton of protein for a few months and only two days ago started drinking a ton of water you may have messed up your kidneys.  When you are on a high protein diet you need to compensate with a whole lot of water so you don't do any damage to your kidneys.  Protein is very hard on your kidneys especially if you aren't eating much carbs to balance things out.  If I were you I would talk to a doc ASAP.  It may be something small, but only a doctor can tell you that for sure.  I hope that everything is alright.  But please remember to keep drinking a lot of water, at the very least you could end up with kidney stones and it isn't fun to pee blood.  Trust me.  I am in the military and while I was in Iraq we had a lot of people get kidney stones because of lack of water.  Like I said, I hope that everything is alright.
Whishful, talk to your mom NOW.

Low carb dieting is very, VERY hard on your kidneys, and extreme quantities of protein can result in kidney failure. Extreme ketosis can also result in kidney failure, and protein and ketosis are both common parts of rapid loss, low-carb diets.

When you talk to your mom, she's going to need numbers. How many grams of protein in what percentage of your dietary intake for how long, how many oz/ml of water have you been increasng by, and how many urinary movements? This is something to take very seriously.

Just another example of why all extreme diets are dangerous.
No carbs for 3 months is extremely dangerous : (.  Even atkins people have 20 net carbs a day for the first two weeks and go up from there.  Carbs is fuel for the brain and body.  Go make that doctor's appointment immediately, or maybe even go ER.  You don't want to mess around with something like potential kidney failure.
i just wanted to point out that you should not listen again to anyone on here.

drinking the wrong amt (lots) of water makes for added strain on the already troubled kidneys. when you have kidney disease its about drinking the correct amt of fluid for your personal situation.
a lot  of water and low salt will just add to your already existing problem.

Low-carb high-protein diets have not been proven to distress kidney function in NORMAL people. People who are predisposed to such problems, however, yes. And diabetics. It really depends on the whole situation.

You should talk to someone who can see the whoooooole situation. :) Best wishes!
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You could  have a UTI.  You should make an apt. with your doc no matter  what any of us say because your body is not functioning normal.
none taken antoinette-- I said also, not instead.  And noone should ever take online advice over an in person visit with a doctor.  But a sodium deficiency could lead to water imbalances like that-- it's just really hard to imagine not getting 500mg.

thanks digdig, I've been thinking it was 1500mg for a while.  Doesn't affect me really, but I wonder where I got that number.
There's doing a low-carb/high protien diet right, and doing it very wrong - zero carbs in three months is the WRONG way to do it : (.  There are also different amounts of low carbs - mine is 150 a day.  Atkins dieters are supposed to stop restricting themselves to 20 net carbs a day after two weeks - to keep this up is bad : (.
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okay.  i went to a free walk in clinic, because i couldn't bring myself to tell my mom about my unhealthy dieting...

he said that i mild kidney inflammation (something like that), and it was because my kidneys had been under so much stress lately.  he recommened that I CUT BACK on water for a couple days, eat absolutely no protein, and then eat a more balanced diet, and start drinking lots of water again.

He told me that if I had kept up with this, (eating so much protein/no carbs) I would be at serious risk for acute kidney failure, and it was a good thing I went to talk to him right away.

Thanks antoinette for the advice, and BIG advice for atkins/low carb dieters out there -- BE CAREFUL, even if you feel healthy, your kidneys might not be.  Watch out.  It's not fun.  I'm about to stick religiously to the proper ration of carbs to protiens, to fats rule.  DON'T LOW CARB DIET FOR TOO LONG, AND IF YOU START TO RETAIN WATER (and you haven't had a lot of sodium, usually thats the case) TALK TO A DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am so glad you went!


and so glad it was just swelling!

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