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How to NOT retain water??

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*silly question, sorry*

How do I avoid retaining water??

cut out sodium? any other ways?
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Drink a lot of water

Avoid sodium
Drink a lot of water to AVOID retaining water? haha

Thanks hunni
Drink lots of water

Take a multi-mineral supplement, especially make sure you get adequate calcium, but don't feel like it has to come from dairy - you can get just as much from veggies, like spinach and beans
It's true that you should drink a lot of water to avoid retaining water. It's similar to when you aren't eating enough and get stuck on a plateau because your body thinks it isn't going to get enough food (or isn't) and holds onto everything. The same with water. If you are constantly drinking water, your body knows it doesn't need to worry about hanging onto it. It will let it pass right through like it's supposed to because you are giving it enough :)

I actually read something way back in high school that water is one of the best natural cures for a lot of ailments. For example. If you have diarrhea (sp?) drink water. If you are constipated, drink water. If you have bad cramps with TTOM you may not be hydrated enough. I know it sounds weird that when you have diarrhea or constipated to drink water, but it basically helps your body to mend itself.
One word of warning though if you start to drink more water. It may
take a little while for your body to get used to having enough water so
it will retain water for a while before it starts to let it go. 
May take a few weeks.  On the upside the extra excercise from
running to the bathroom could be considered a bonus.
Heh! I use a bathroom one floor up or one floor down at least twice a day, just so I have to use the stairs! So I'd have to say that drinking more water is certainly part of my exercise plan! :-D
 I am very sensitive to Sodium and it takes me a couple of days sometimes a week to get rid of water weight.  And I drink over 100 oz a day.
Water, water, water, like the ladies have said!

As well, there are some "natural" diuretics that work well.  Cherries, for example.  And chewing on fresh parsley will do it.  Any melons (honeydew, watermelon, etc) are made mostly of water, so they definitely help.

Coffee is actually a diuretic as well, though I don't suppose RECOMMENDING it to someone is a good thing.  LOL.

Laurie is the expert on water retention.  LOL.  Deal with it daily!  :o)
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