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How do you reset a digital scale?

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Hi everyone,

I am pretty sure my scale is a little messed up and did some searching and came across an old thread on this site about "zero-ing out" the scale. How exactly do I do that? Or is there another way to reset it? It's one of those that tell you the body weight, water, fat, and something else, so it's not really easy to put something that is 10 pounds on it and test it that way. I can't remember the exact brand (homedics sounds right but I can check when I get home), but I know it was pretty expensive.

Any help would be appreciated, it's driving me crazy! I know I shouldn't weigh everyday but I'm glad I did because I now know that my scale may be messed up - and it's brand new which upsets me even more!

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Step on it with just one foot - tap it so that it goes down, but then take your foot off, and it should take a second, then show zero. Then you can weigh.

Esp. if you move your scale (if you put it way, then put it back), this is a good idea to do.

Mine is a body fat monitor type and has a reset button on the back. If you can't find a reset button, check your manual. There should be one.

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