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Replace calories burned during exercise - distance runner

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Hi all - 


I've been CC'ing consistently for 3 weeks now. My daily caloric intake for weight loss is 1300 calories. I exercise at least 6 days a week and some times twice a day. 5 days a week I spend my lunch break walking for one hour (usually 3-3.5 miles), and I run 3-4 days per week. One of those days is a long run of 8-15 miles.


I am 5'6" and started weighing 158 pounds. My goal is 140 (I pack a LOT of muscle).


My concern is balancing weight loss with adequate calories to complete my long runs. Bonking from lack of calories is a big concern - I race half-marathons and don't want to be struggling with hunger when I am trying to improve my race times!


Will I still lose weight if I replace calories lost during exercise on top of my 1300 calorie base? Is there some magic formula for how many calories I should replace?



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nope. no magic formula. because each experience is individual. but yes you will still lose(if you're losing on 1300, and probably even if you're not) if you replace your calories. actually, you wont stop losing which would most likely happen if you ran for two to three hours on only 1300 calories. you also dont have to replace ALL the calories.two hours would be about 1000-1200(just an estimate) calories, so replace say 700

Frankly I think 1300 is too low a base regardless of what CC told you to eat.  You are very active and need to fuel for that activity level.  I was able to lose on 1600 and wasn't nearly as active as you are. There are calculators out there that can help you figure out your total burn including exercise then you can deduct 500-750 cals from that to get your daily intake.

I plugged you into a BMR calculator at 25 yrs since you didn't have age and it said over 1527 just to lay in bed all day so you should not eat below that regardless.  Undereating will affect your performance and cause you to lose a lot of muscle with the fat, especially if you are not doing any weight training and just cardio.


Thanks for the info!

That's a different take on the other stuff I've been told. I appreciate the different perspective! I tried the CC Premium service and my first report said I should only have 1200 cal/day!! So I was worried that I might still be eating too much at 1300.

FYI - I'm 45, but I know that only makes a slight difference in calories burned.

I'm very  sedentary when I am not exercising, thanks to my job. I have been losing weight (obviously) on 1300 cal/day at the rate of about a pound per week which does not seem excessive. However, you are right...I don't want to lose muscle and I don't want to negatively affect my running performance.

Thanks to your input I think I will go up to 1500 cal/day and see if I still get results.


I appreciate the time and energy you put into this reply!

Just for giggles, I'm just curious as to whether or not you are fueling during your longer runs (over two hours)? And if so, what are you using?




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Oh and I can burn anywhere from 300 to 700, depending on how much I workout that day.

Absolutely! I have run a couple of marathons and found that my ideal fuel pattern seems to be 1 Roctaine (vanilla-orange) about every 4 miles for long runs plus plenty of water. I like the caffeine kick in Roctaine, but will use any gel/gummy in a pinch.

That being said, I did not fuel at all during my last 8 mile run yesterday, but had a big breakfast about 90 minutes before that seemed to do the trick. Typically though, about 100 calories every 4 miles.



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