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Weight Loss
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How to reduce my Belly?

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I know that there is no spot reduction and I need to workout for whole body to reduce overall weight.

1 am eating healthy food and spending 45 minutes in fitness center everyday. I weight train on alternative days and cardio on other days.

I lost around 8-9 lbs in last 5 weeks but I donā??t see any difference in my belly. Is this weight loss is just due to the water?

Are there any good Abs exercises that can tight up my belly and looks a better shape?
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I think it just takes TIME. It sounds like you're doing everything right. Your belly will probably just be one of the last things to go. Mine's looking SUPER tight and flat and I do 450 crunches per day, plus two other ab machines at the gym and my cardio, of course. I'm sure AT LEAST half of that weight loss is fat -- some could be water weight, sure. Hard to tell. Give yourself some more time and the belly will reduce I'm sure ... 
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450 crunches?! (Screams like Sam Kinison)
I think it takes at least 20 lbs lost before you are going to "see" anything different.  Just keep plugging away and pretty soon you will have trouble keeping your pants pulled up.
PILATES! i'm telling you...i was not a believer in pilates untill 2 months ago i started taking a class....I had a baby in april and my midsection was so weak!but now i can see my midsection and back having have to stick to it dont see results until a month or also have to include cardio and weight training into your workouts....
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I'm with wallpaper -) 450? Why not try weighted crunches instead?
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Thanks for your comments.

You gave some motivation. I reduced around 5% so far, I will wait until 10%.

I too feel 450 is too high.

I do 2 sets of 20 iterations on alternative days. Is it too little?

My waist is 42' when I measure around belly button and 38 is above the hip area. I hope that I can reduce these numbers in near future.
Ok -- lately I haven't been doing them on Saturdays, so not EVERY day! LOL! I'm not going to bother doing "weighted crunches" because knowing myself, I'd do 450 weighted crunches!

If you think it's too high then don't do it. I wasn't telling YOU to do that many. I know I am extreme. I'm just saying my abs are looking KILLER and I do 450. All those Hollywood people do it, why shouldn't I?

Yoga is also good for abs. I can REALLY feel it in the abs when I do yoga -- unlike anything I've ever done before! 
Pilates, pilates and more pilates. Along with one of those big exercise balls. Really works.

eliminate carbs almost completely and you'll get a bit more definition... rice, bread, potatoes etc tend to make you look bloated and retain fluid. High protein will help but the will come back as soon as you hit the carbs again :)
Did anyone see the show on discovery health last night with Dr. Oz?  He said that it's all about your waist measurement and that it shouldn't be greater than 32" for a woman, and 35" for a man.  I didn't see the beginning of it, but when he was measuring them at the end he was having them suck in their stomach's when he measured.  Does anyone know why he would have them do that?
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stewies76, its a interesting message.

I have a dumb question on this topic. Where should we measure the waist size for men?

at belly button
what ever the maximum size on your belly area
under the belly

Of course I wear pants at option 3 as they can't sit on my belly :)

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measure your waist about 1" above the belly button.
I would imagine Dr. Oz was having them suck in their stomach at both measurments so that only fat, muscle and organs were measured, not air. You'd get a more accurate number that way, at least for your health's sake.

As far as bellyfat goes, there are theories that people who have higher concentrations of bellyfat have two things going on: one is stress. Cortisol is a stress horemone that is released (obviously) when you are stressed. And I'm not talking about the 'aaah, I was just in a car accident' stress, I'm talking about the sustained, prolonged stress that comes from a 'busy' life, whether that business is your perception or not.

Another reason people have higher amounts of bodyfat is because they are producing too much insulin. People with insulin resistance and people with typically high blood sugar tend to have a larger circumference.

For someone who is worried about bellyfat for their health, you must know that there are two kinds of bellyfat: there's the kind inside of you pushing on your organs (the notorious perpetrator of the 'potbelly'), and there's the kind that is on the surface above the muscle (the 'jiggle' you see and usually this is what you want to get rid of).

The thing is, it is the fat on the INSIDE of you that is dangerous to your health, not the stuff that covers your six pack! So if your circumference is going down, but you still see a jiggle, it's okay. You're still healthy! The jiggle won't to much harm.

So basically, two ways you can handle it are: changing the Glycemic Index of your food

Reducing the prolonged and sustained stress levels in your life.

Good luck!
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