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The red fat crease

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It's this red folding fat crease thing that goes across my whole stomach from a centimeter above my belly button.  I first noticed this in 8th grade and now that it's more noticable/worse and because I'm a freshman in college I really want to get rid of it. 

I've been eating healthy for about 10 days now and I've lost weight (weight I didn't really need to lose, i don't know where the weight came from)  I just want to know how to burn the fat in my stomach basically.  I feel horrible when I sit down because my fat folds up, it feels gross and I want to get rid of it.  Will it ever go away?

I'm 6'4, 178lbs, and Ive been going to the gym regularly now.  How can I get rid of it?? 

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I can't really help you there, but over in the fitness forum there are a lot of really informed people who would likely have some suggestions for you.  good luck, funny topic title by the way, it sure got my attention.


Isn't that normal? Not in a mean way, just surely your fat has to crease, so it can streach out again? I agree with kimber, the fitness people mightnow, if you think its abnormal you could always try and see a doctor or pharmasist,but what your discibing sounds like its not too worrying


um..sit up strait? there..its gone! ;)

First place its shows-the last place it goes!

You have to lower your body fat overall to see reductions in "problem areas". Otherwise those lipo-dissolve shots are a doctor option. I saw one guy who was totally ripped underneath but had that lifters baby fat over his abs. (saw this on tv recently) The guy got his series of shots and it look SO GOOD. And its not that expensive either.

are you m or f ?
What exercises are you doing ?
What is your calorie cut and food types?
What kind of stomach definition do you have now?

not sure if you are male of female, but at 6 foot 4 inches,and 178, I bet you look great either way! But i know that pilates really tightens up that core area, you could give that a try
Um, I'll bet that it's just your natural fat distribution and trying to lose it will only lead to problems. You're at a healthy, slim weight. Some people are just thicker in the middle than others. You've been obsessing about this thing for what, five years now? I recommend focusing on school and forgetting about it!
i don't know if this will help you but I used to discuss with my friends that the more wrinkle you have in yoru belly the skinnier you are. Basically I have one big lump of fat that does not fold - I would love a crease!!!!

I know when I am losing weight cos occasionally my belly will fold over - I actually feel like a skinny minnie then!

hope this helps or at least made you realise that no one is happy or perfect with themselves????  OK I'll go before I depress everyone, god i feel like I've been drinking...must be al the cough medicine - full of sugar uh oh!!!
i had one, right at the bottom of my ribcage.  it's gone - disappeared about 15 pounds ago.  i'd actually forgotten i had it, until i saw your thread!
start sitting in a better posture so the skin is stretched out and not crumbling on itself.

It is just the skin folding.  The thinnist of people have it.  Stop obsessing about it, it will drive you insane.

Good suggestion, I agree with the others, sit up straight.

Relax, and stop looking at the dreaded "fold".

i disagree.  mine was definitely from fat, and it's definitely gone.  and i still slouch plenty. 
Sit up straighter and it won't be as bad, plus your posture will improve.

Ok, so I guess some people it is fat, some it is just skin.  Personally most of my fat is in my thighs, I have a fairly flat stomach.  Man, I am glad the fat lines don't fold on my thighs , I would look like a candy cane :+) lol.

I used to date a guy that was 6'1 150 and had a couple of lines, he had very little body fat.

(I am almost 6'0 138lbs, size 4, just measured my waist it is 25 1/2)  I have not one, not two, but, 3 bright lines, I am also very fair skinned so I guess it shows up more.  One is right on my rib-cage, that is, well my rib-cage, you can play it like a xylophone.  Oh well, never thought about it before until now.  Afterall why worry about it?  It just sounds silly, think about it, If you said to someone "yup gotta get to the gym today to work off my red line crease". 

Ok, off to the gym for me to work off the, well ya know. (he he he, are we all just a little too crazy, when it comes to little things like this?)  I guess some of us are Laughing!!

Dear Misfit123 you are not alone, let us all stick together and not have the "red crease" (for me creases) control us!


Any others have more than one crease, or am I the only freak?  Would love to hear from you.

I'm pretty sure there's nothing odd about that line.  I'm 5'5", 125 lbs. and have the same thing.  Even in the summer when I was fitter, the line was there.  No worries!  Completely normal.

Work on your abs, maybe, and then when you sit down and your skin creases, you can still confidently know you have ab definition when not being slouchy. ^^

Original Post by musictchr:

Any others have more than one crease, or am I the only freak? Would love to hear from you.

I have multiple creases as well. I have always had a flat stomach and it has gotten even more toned since I lost some weight recently. But there are two parts of my stomach that fold when I sit down thus creating --- creases when I get up.

It used to bother me but now I hardly even think about it. If you look at pictures of swimsuit models sitting even their stomachs fold. It's natural!

EDITED to add: this may be an old picture but was the best I could find on a quick google search. This girl is obviously pretty slim but even so... note the stomach fold(s). I rest my case :)

Isn't the wrinkle just caused by the excess skin? When you're standing up, your torso needs more skin to be covered, when you're sitting, not so much.
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This is most likely a really common type of skin based yeast infection called intertrigo.  You can get rid of it...there's an article on ehow:

http://www.ehow.com/how_4584319_rid-red-stoma ch-crease.html 

For the skin crease itself, the only way to get rid of it is to lose weight, and even then there will be some crease, it's just part of the bodies general give.


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