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I have a question. Does anyone out there always have red cheeks? I mean always...I don't know if it's my high blood [pressure, cholestorol, etc., I'm just wondering if anyone would know what is the cause of red cheeks? Its very embarassing...
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my best friend has red cheeks....he's in really good shape and eats healthy and all that.  i think its just something with his skin.  maybe you should go to a dermatologist?
Could it maybe be rosacea?
I have a lot of problems with that, have for about 7 yrs. I would just be sitting at the table doing nothing and all of a sudden turn beet red,  I had other symptoms also, so I told my dr and after running alot of blood work,  we discovered I have thyroid problems, (Graves Disease or over active thyroid)  she called it facial flushing.  I still get it now even though I'm on medication. It's very annoying and my face also gets really hot to the touch. I feel like I have a furnace inside me or something.   The meds have hel-ped some but I don't think it will ever go away completely.  It's been a constant struggle to keep my thyroid level where it needs to be.    You should talk to your dr about your symptoms.   There could be something else medically going on with you thats causing this.  
Both my sister and I have it, it's rosacea as lanicita said, there can be varying intesities of it, and sometimes only show when exercising...for me it is if I drink as well, or become flustered in any way  :)

Unfortunately, there isn't much they can do, there are treatments for severe forms, but it's kind of like acne, sometimes treatment works sometimes it doesn't, but there are some natural ways to help ease it...there are some helpful sites out there, I would say do a google search on it, and look for research and advice from there.
My brother in law went for pulse laser treatments for rosacea.. it's relitavely inexpensive compared to other types of lazer treatments (250$ per session) and his face is much less red now after about three treatments.

It's a very treatable condition and if you speak to a plastic surgeon or your doctor you can get more information.
A good number of folks have described medical conditions pertaining to red cheeks. A simple answer may be that your body simply is getting into shape. Redness of the face or muscles can occur from a lack of oxygen to the body when we are starting to change the body via diet and exercise. The condition may just be a passing occurance.

On the other hand rosacea is treatable with a cosmedic laser treatment. Web md can tell you more. Best of luck!
There are moisturizers/face creams out now that are made for faces that get red like that -- I'm not sure if it lessons it (I think so) or just masks it -- actually I think both. I believe the brand I have seen was called Eucerin. 
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I am a 16 year old male and i also have these red cheeks. It is actually kind of embarassing because I can not control it. They are always red and when I do any type of physical activity they get really red and take a while to go back. I am in shape and young so I do not think it has anything to do with high blood presure because my blood presure is perfect. I think I am going to go to a dermatologist to see what it is. Ill post the outcome of the visit.

I have red cheeks, but it's just because I'm very pale and its easier to notice..not a medical problem.

It could be rosacea.

But it could also be something more systemic.

Red cheeks can be a symptom of a very serious condition involving storing too much iron.  If you have heart disease, diabetes, liver diseases or arthritis in your family, chances are you should have your storage iron tested.


I have been diagnosed with Rosacea, about 10 years ago.  Contributing to my redness is caffeine, alcohol, spicy foods, cold, heat, and weight.  Since I started on CC my redness has just about gone away.  I take tetracycline and an antibacterial prescription creme.  My dermatologist told me that no one knows what really causes it.  Some people just have skin that is prone to redness.  He also told me that it usually comes on in your mid to late 30's and can hang on until you're well into your 50's.  Cremes like Eucerin that suggest it controls redness don't.  I did not notice any difference in my skin.  Doesn't mean it won't work for you.  And, unless you're a make-up artist, using the green tinted concealers work well until you get under a fluorescent light.  Kermit.  That's all I'll say about that waste of money.    I wish you well.  It can be maddening, and people point at you and say "whats the matter with your face?"  Yell  No one ever quietly asks you.  They might as well use a megaphone.  Pfft! Embarassed

I do, it got worse when I started Accutane. I am going to be treated after I get off.

I have gotten red cheeks ever since I can remember. They would get red in the sun, if I get too hot, under fluorescent lighting, with any exertion or drink alcohol. I blush easily when embarassed or frustrated. If I'm angry I get very red. My cheeks get very hot to touch, but the rest of me is normal and my hands/feet can be very cold. The fluorescent lighting has been since I was in middle school. After a few hours of being in a school, at work, in a store or anywhere...since fuorescent is most cheeks get quite red and warm to touch. It can definitely be Rosacea (just mild, because I don't get it anywhere else on my body, nor do I get any bumps/rash). It can also be mild beginning stages of Lupus. Since I have the cold hands/feet, my doctor is going to do tests, could possibly be Raynauds Syndrome. I have started getting the really red nose also, which in combo with the red cheeks is considered a "butterfly rash", which is associated with Lupus. Either one is an autoimmune disease. Some people don't consider Rosacea an autoimmune disease, but studies have been done proving it is, plus many auto immune patients use the same medications as Rosacea patients. It all just depends on your symptoms and how extreme they are. I honestly don't do anything to eliminate the redness, because fortunately I just get really red and since I've had it for so long, I get use to the discomfort. Fortunately, mine goes away within 10-20 minutes of being out of the fluorescent lighting.

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Those are my exact symptoms. Ive been wondering what ive had. they are so embarrassing. I mean, i blush at the drop of a pen. And im very sociable! I never get bumps. Its becoming a big problem as i get older. very embarrassing. In class...anywhere. And when i put effort, my face gets really red. I dont know why either. But yes, i know exactly how you feel. Mine never go away though. Ive always had them.

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