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Recovering from food poisoning...

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I am recovering from food poisoning and wondering what to shoot for as far as calorie intake.  I'm trying to lose weight and have been on a 1500 cal/day plan for about 3 weeks until the food poisoning hit.  Today I finally feel like eating.  Should I go back to 1500?  Do less and work back up to 1500? or try to take in extra to replenish?  I am and have been drinking lots of fluids.


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I've had food poisoning a few times, and it's terrible... You shouldn't worry so much about your calorie intake until you can get your system back to normal.  You can track how many calories you are taking in, but you'll likely have less than your daily allowance for a day or two.  It's good to have more fluids... With food poisoning, your electrolytes can really easily get out of balance, so you might consider things like gatorade that have both sugar and sodium in them and help rehydrate your body in a way that it can absorb the liquids you're having.  When I've been really sick, just having water sometimes isn't enough when you're not eating enough foods to balance things out.  So, you might want to use up some of your calories having drinks that your body can use to get back on track.  Otherwise, bland things... bananas, crackers, dry toast, apple sauce, and then go back to worrying about if you're on target with your calories in a day or two.  If you don't hit your intake, it's no big deal.  You're not going to go into starvation mode in a few days.  And when you feel all better, you don't have to worry about making up for the calories you didn't have.  Just start fresh when you're back to normal.

Feel better... Food poisoning is terrible...

I'm glad to hear you're on the mends! Food poisoning can be nasty.

I'd recommend just eating to appetite for the next couple days. You'll recover faster if you follow your body's lead. You may feel less hungry than usual as your stomach gets back to normal, you may feel more hungry since you went without food for a while, or you might experience both. The most important thing is just letting your body heal and getting some nourishment in! Once you're feeling 100%, you can get back to the 1500 calorie/day plan.

Like nicoleantonia mentioned, dehydration is always a risk with food poisoning, so you'll want to increase your fluids and make sure you're getting enough sodium and potassium too.

Focus on foods that "go down easy" and provide some nutrition. The typical recommendation is the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast), but if you feel better eating something else, go for it! (I personally like rice, avocado, sweet potato, and yogurt as my recovery foods).

Got it recently, though it was atleast half my fault.

I was on a liquid only diet for like 3 days because everything was getting flushed out and I recommend unsweetened almond milk if you're still in that stage. It's a bit more interesting than water and has some nutrients in it, especially sodium/potassium and calcium.

If you're to the point where you can stomach solid food, I remember the doc told me to go low protein as it'll upset your stomach less. Though, I didn't really listen and ended up downing a lot of unsweetened soymilk and tofu. I like what other people are saying, eat something starchy and let it absorb water so that you won't just be flushing yourself out.

Calories aren't a major concern right now, just focus on getting better. You can start on your regime faster if you get better quicker.

Thank you guys so much - smart answers!  I ate toast, banana, jello, etc yesterday; even a little roasted chicken last night.  (I knew about the BRAT diet!)  I feel much better this morning and am going to just eat what I can tolerate today.  I'm sure I won't go over 1500 cals.

Thanks for your advice.  I love this site!

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