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How much can I realistically lose in 2 weeks?

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Okay firstly i've recently lost about 10 pounds which may not sound like a lot but I was never overweight, just at the higher end of my BMI. Now I'm in the middle but I'd still like to lost another 12 pounds which is still within my healthy bmi.

I decided not to diet over the summer just work on maintaining and I gave myself like an upper limit before I have to diet again.

Today I popped 2 pounds over it - I know it could well be water weight, but thats it, the diets back.

But my friend is coming to stay in just over 2 weeks (15 days) and I'm wondering how much weight I could reastically lose before then?

Water weight seems to make a big difference on how I look, any idea of how much of that I'd lose? That + 4 pounds if I work hard enough...

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Congrats on the 10lbs lost so far!

For starters, you are going to have to provide your stats.  (Age, Height, Weight, Gender)

A healthy weight loss is 1-2lbs a week.  This is achieved with a 500-1000 calorie deficit daily. 

However, the closer you are to your goal weight the less you are going to lose each week because your deficit allowed gets smaller.  Since your deficit by means of calorie reduction is going to be smaller you are going to have to rely on exercise and activity to get your deficit higher than that.

Since you are so close to your goal weight, I would guess that you could lose .5lb-1lb a week if you maintain a 250-500 calorie deficit each day.

If the 2lbs really is water weight, it'll naturally come off over the next few days.

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Oh yeah durh. -head bang-

16/5 foot 8/152/female

Well I was 150 yesterday so pretty sure its water weight, but 2 pounds water weight (which DOES make a difference) and + about 2 pounds proper sounds fab to me. Every little helps!

Thanks :D
Original Post by ahrena:

Oh yeah durh. -head bang-

16/5 foot 8/152/female

Well I was 150 yesterday so pretty sure its water weight, but 2 pounds water weight (which DOES make a difference) and + about 2 pounds proper sounds fab to me. Every little helps!

Thanks :D

In regards to your water weight, just be sure to drink plenty of water and try to reduce your sodium intake.  Excess sodium can make you retain water.  This should go away after a few days and your scale should level back out. 

Since you are a teen, you naturally burn more calories than an adult.  I entered your stats into this calculator and got the following:

1970 Calories - Inactive (Never active)
2340 Calories - Low Activity (Less than 1 Hour a day)
2690 Calories - Moderate (About 1 Hour a day)
3260 Calories - Very Active (More than 1 Hour a day)

The above is for maintenance calories. 

On your non-workout days, you could consume 1800 calories a day for a deficit of 500 calories (.5lb a week weight loss).  On your workout days, if you consume roughly around 2000 calories you can have as much of a deficit of 750 calories (.75lb a week weight loss). 

Of course, if you are more active than +/- 1 hour a day, you should up your cals.

Depending on how much of a deficit you decide to make, you can expect to see about a 3-5 pound difference in 2 weeks.

You will most likely lose more though, because your body will lose a lot of water weight when you start eating 500-1000 calories less.

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Thanks :D

Well any weight loss is good but nice to have what sort of idea I'm aiming for.

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To help prevent the question of whether weight loss is just water weight or if it's really true weight loss, weigh yourself only when you've just awakened and used the restroom.  This takes a lot of the guess work out of it, like "How much weight in food/drinks have I consumed that I have to take into account?" is no longer an issue since you haven't consumed anything.

A healthy weight loss for most people at the top end of their ideal BMI is about .5-2.5 pounds a week depending on how active you are and how much is being burned through exercise or diet.  If you're doing an hour of cardio a day and dieting well, losing that 2.5 pounds in a week in just fine; however, if you're inactive and just dieting, if would be very dangerous for you to lose even two pounds in a week since that would mean being 1000 calories under your Basal Metabolic Rate (you'd have like no energy), which is why dieting without exercising is literally less than "half-assing" for those that want to lose weight.

Personally, I am dead centre of my ideal BMI but have body image problems and feel the need to eliminate all belly fat.  I figured I'd need to lose about 13 pounds to do so and would use my background personal fitness experience to accomplish the weight loss.  I started last week by weighing myself when I woke up and was 193.  I go to the gym every day and burn 500 calories on an elliptacal (best way to go when it comes to cardio) and about 200 from lifting weights.  For my diet I have completely eliminated snacks and sodas and just drink skim milk and water; overall I consume 500 calories less than my Basal Metabolic Rate.  500+200+500 = 1200 calories lost each day.  (1200 cal)/(3500 cal/lb) = .34 lbs a day = 2.35 lbs lost per week.  My weight right now is 190.8, so that was pretty accurate I would say.



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Wow you know all that? Im new to this and need help figuring out my BMI. How do I do that? I weighed 192 about a month ago now I weigh 172. I've lost some weight but feel like it's starting to slow down. I workout in my home everynight about 1 1/2 hours. I walk a mile on my treadmill, do stomache crunches (bout 200) and also have another exercise thing that you have to pull your whole body up with ( dont know what its called). And do bout 100 of those. Now that Ive lost the weight i still need to lose another 40-50 pounds to get to my ideal weight. How do I do it please help me???? Thanks.

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