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Reading the Nutritional Value Label on products.

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Help in reading the nutritional Value on food and counting Calories. Im Wondering if it says  Where it says Amount Per Serving 150 Calories from fat 20. Does that mean its 150 calories or where it says Servings Per Container 4.5 So does this mean i need to say 150X4.5 which means if i eat this whole thing i would of consumed 675 Calories and 90 Fat Calories. This is a 7 layer Salad from Walmart marketside. And im thinking like 675 Calories for a salad has to be alot But im thinking alot of those Calories has to be maybe in the dressing thats if they include that into the Nutrition facts.



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From the example you give:

  • Container has 4.5 servings
  • Calories per serving = 150
  • Therefore calories per container = 675.

That almost certainly includes the dressing, as it is part of the contents of the container.

The same will hold for any product which is obviously designed to be a multi-portion item - you should have a "calories per portion", or a "calories per x weight", section on the label. Failing that. divide the total calories by the number of portions.

You'll soon get used to it.

Dressings and carbs in salad will add calories faster than green leafy stuff - a pasta or couscous based salad can have a fair few. The wrap on a salad wrap also adds a fair few calories. Carrots and Sweetcorn can also slip in a few extra as they have a higher carb content than the same bulk of lettuce.

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