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Weight Loss
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going raw- not losing weight

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i have recently started an all raw diet. Raw fruits veggies and only 2 servings of raw nuts or almond butter. I am very strict and not cheating all but an occational cup of black coffee. I will do a rough est on the calories i eat in raw food and it comes to no more then 1500 usually, but raw food digests much quicker so that you dont have to be a rigid calorie counter. I am working out 5 times a week alternating burning 300 calories and then toning one day and then burning 600 just cardio the next. I have been doing this for a week and i have not lost one lb. I know its soon but usually you see results the first week with such a dramatic change. I am 5'4 120 and i want to be 115- 110 at the smallest just so i can still eat and not starve otherwise i'd say 105 which is what i was forever. Does anyone have any tips on what i could be doing better?
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sorry but you're not eating enough

simple as that

and try measuring your waist instead of looking at the scale (or put on some old trousers)

and you still arent eating enough


You're eating plenty. Im in the beginning of a raw food diet myself. raw vegan to be exact. I've done this plenty of times before, though I usually fail after a month or so and end up eating cooked foods. I've started and lost 5 pounds in the first week, and lost none for the first two weeks another time, it's quite random when weight loss starts. I don't think i've ever managed to get over 1500 calories. if and when I hit that, I'm just so stuffed I find myself not being able to eat anymore, lol. When all you take in is raw, your body doesn't need as many cals due to the high nutrients and vitamins you're getting. I do agree with 32123 on the measuring waist part. You're working out alot, and probably gaining muscle and losing inches instead. Personally, I measure instead of hopping on the scale. I find that my weight can vary 5 lbs in a day depending on that "time of the month" and how much water weight or "fake" weight i've gained. Just eat enough to satisfy your appetite and you should lose weight and then maintain.

It's not muscle: nobody gains muscle that fast. As a woman, you're likely to build no more than a pound of muscle in a month. And it sounds like you're doing a lot more cardio than weight training, which, depending on what kind of cardio you are doing, could counter the muscle gain. Add to that the fact that you aren't consuming all that much protein, or calories for that matter, and.... It's not muscle.

It's only been a week, though: relax. Give it time. It could be that you're retaining water: the muscle tears when you work out, and water is involved in the repair.

Is it TTOM, as has been queried? A lot of women retain water then, too.

You can retain water for all manner of reasons. We do it every day. Breathe in, breathe out, and give it time.

Not discounting the enormous value of nuts and fruits and vegetables, I wonder if you are getting the proper nutrition from that diet. Isn't there anything else you could eat for variety? And is that something you intend to keep up long term? Diets don't work: only lifestyle changes work over the long term.

Finally, on the days you are burning 600 calories, your net intake is only 900—if you are calculating properly. That's pretty low. I'm small, too--5' 3 1/2" and 112--and while I eat a lot more than you, I also work out more than you. But I still wonder if you are eating quite enough to properly fuel your workouts. (On the flip side, though, if you aren't measuring exactly, you could be eating quite a bit more than you realize.)

Hi Sara, so what happened later on? Did you stay raw? I just went through the same thing that you did. I am doing my research and trying to figure out what I need to do. Its sooo disappointing though. I am 20 pounds overweight and worked out this past week and did not lose anything. Anyways, please let me know what you did I hope there is hope for me.......

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