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5'4", 130-140 pounds: What is your rate of weight loss?

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I went through my logs and noted that I had lost 6 pounds over the course of 2 months.  It really doesn't seem like a whole lot :(  But I know that if you have less to lose or once you start nearing your goal, the loss is very slow.  I am still losing but verrryyyyy ssssslllllloooooowwwwwwllyyyyyy....

Me:  5'4", currently at 130 pounds.

what about you?
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I too am 5'4" and lost 6 lbs in two months.  I started at 130.  It is very slow for me too.  I even felt like I was starting to gain it back even though I was not eating more.  But finally today, I weighed myself and it is back down, not completely but still down. 
How many calories do you eat a day? 
that is comforting to hear!

i eat between 1200 and 1400 calories a day, without exercise.  (haven't started doing that yet...)

it has been working out pretty well but between the fluctuations and such i only noticed how much i had lost by looking at my log on this site.  i just wanted to know if this rate of loss was ok.

what about you, how many cals do you eat?
5'3, 135.5lb, the first 20lb came off pretty steadily, but now it's going at a snail's pace. Just keep trying new things and don't give up! =)
I think the rate of loss is just right.  I think our bodies need time to get used to the weight loss, (that is just my opinion).  Anyway, I eat 1200 cals a day sometimes under (bad).  And I do exercise.  I just learned what "eat back your calories" means.  When you exercise and only eat 1200 calories then you need to eat that many calories back to keep up with the 1200 calories your body needs to survive.  (anyone may correct me if I am wrong, but that is how I understand it).

How much weight do you want to lose? Plus, how old are you?  I am 42.
jbartl2136:  you're right about the eating back calories...it's just to get to a safe deficit so you don't lose muscle instead of fat.  i am 26 yrs old, looking to get back to my college weight of 120.  i felt so much better back then and had so much more energy to do things :(  it was only a few years ago but i feel a huge difference.  what about you?  so right now you are at 124?  good for you!!

kiwistarfruit: thanks :)  i'm still tryin'...i haven't gotten to the point where i'm fed up, so i'm amazed at how much patience i have!!
my main struggle is staying active. I remember back when i was 115lb, i just always had so much energy. I felt light, healthy, and good about myself. I'm reaching for that feeling again.
Thanks notalone, I keep flucuating (sp) around 126, 125, and 124.  But I did get there and then I think I was retaining water so that is why it went up.  But I am getting a handle on that.  

I was always 110 my whole life.  I think I started eating way above my means and I think that is why I gained the weight.  I only want to get back to 119 though, i think that is a healthy weight for me.

I think the weight will eventually come off and I will keep eating good for the rest of my life, I find it very easy to do this, I do run out of ideas though for food.  What are some of the things that you eat on a daily basis?

Hi Kiwi.... Aren't you in the film club with me???
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Regarding eating back calories if your "net" is below 1200, this theory is exclusive to this website.  It gets debated about twice a week in this forum. I have three studies from Johns Hopkins University where they put obese women on 1200 calorie diets plus aerobic exercise, and didn't tell these people to eat back calories. No one is suggesting you eat 1200 and do a marathon. I don't even think 1200 for an obese person is a good plan.  When you get to the lower body weights, you do usually have to eat low calories in combination with exercise, if you want to see a weight loss at a noticible pace.  Just pay attention to your body, if you get fatigued, do less exercise, or eat more.

Doing no more than 1200 and exercising 6 times a week, it took me about 8 weeks to go from 139 to 133 pounds.  This was when I was 50, so my metabolism is a bit slower than yours. But your experiences are pretty normal. The last pounds are harder. Hopefully you have a scale that measures increments of under a pound, and is accurate (I have a doctor's scale.) Just keep good records, celebrate new low weights, even if only 1/4 loss. Shoot for one new low weight each week.   

I now maintain on about 1500 to 1600 for 128 pounds.  It is clear if I had eaten back 300 calories a day for exercise,  that woud have brought my intake close to my maintenance calories... I would have barely lost weight, or not at all.
I wonder if I am doing it right then.  What do you think, for me???  I am 42, 5'4", 125.  I want to get down to 119. 
I started at around 146 pounds in June, and now I'm at 133 and have plateaued for about a week. Oh well! That's really nothing, is it? But it's a bit disheartening, since to the extent of my knowledge nothing has changed... :(

I run regularly, regulate carbs, eat... I dunno, I only just joined this forum, so I haven't been counting calories, but my guess would be around 1200. My goal weight is 120. I'm getting there...
rainhana: yeah a week plateau is not too bad.  i always plateau the week of my period.  and then there was a couple of weeks when i was consistently the same weight.  it can be frustrating but you seem to be doing great!  13 pounds in 2 months, good job!
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Totally! I've been on this plateau for the last fortnight (which is why I joined the forum!) and my period started today so then I thought..."Ohhhh! That's why!!!"

I'm 5'4" 141lbs (starting weight 146lbs, lost 5, put 4 back on whilst on holiday, have only just lost them again). Target weight is 119lbs too and am currently consuming 1250-1500 calories/day depending on whether I go to the gym or not. Trying to keep my deficit to 1000 or less, but no more.

However, totally splurged over the weekend because I was so frustrated about not losing any more (plus my appetite increases when I due on my period...it explains a lot really doesn't it?!)
I am 5'3" and started off at 130 on June 16. I run 4-5x a week, do some weight lifting (need to start doing more) I have cut all sweets and I am really starting to 'shape up' the number on the scale is going down slowly, but I can tell the fat is melting off because my clothes are looser.

My weight is now 127. I wish to get down to 110/115. I am being patient. I know I am building muscle which weighs more than fat, but doesn't take up as much room...and I can tell by feeling my body and by looking in the mirror that I am getting more 'solid'.
LOL @ "solid"...i am still "gelatinous"
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I am 5"4' and started at 130 lbs. I am a boxer, so I had to "make a weight" for the first time. I have a lot of stories to tell you (mostly mistakes I made..) I made 107 lbs from 118 in a month. You need to exercise. That's the fastest and best way for you. I recommend a book called Good housekeeping's "Supermarket diet" by Janis Jibrin. I did my diet without any help, so I went too low in calorie, hit plateau, water toxin and many other health issue. I wish I had read this book while dieting, I could have avoided many mistakes I made that let to a serious health issue later on. From my experience, eat 1500 cal. and exercise works the best. I don't know about you, but I was always hungry with 1200 cal diet, and it really messed up my mental health. One of many mistakes I made was that I cut fat and salt. My body fat was as low as 8% in the end and my period stopped. I am now 118 lbs, and I will try to make a weight again, but this time I should be able to do it more wisely. I can't write everything I did, so ask me if you need more advice! Good luck!
I would like to report that the scale read 124.3 this morning. I am thrilled. It takes time, all. But stay consistent and it WILL pay off. (started off at 130 see my post above)

I am getting closer to my goal and feeling better every day. I do not count calories...but I also do not eat ANY sweets...not even sugar in my coffee. I also eat very healthy meals. I highly recommend The Eat Clean Diet by Tosca Reno. She just came out with a cookbook which I just ordered today.
I forgot to add that I work out as well. I run. Average of about 20 miles a week. Sometimes I do yoga videos and Tae-bo and Kathy Smiths' "Lift weights to lose weight" videos.

I also just joined the gym and plan on taking the classes offered there and also plan to take advantage of the machines. Orientation is tomorrow. They will set me up with a routine. Can't wait.

Exercise has become a habit for me. I am loving it.

I am 5'4 and currently I weigh 128...I have lost control over the last month and I went from 123 pounds to 128.It sucks...

My goal weight is 118...so I have ten pounds to go...

Good luck,everyone...

we can do it! Smile

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