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Weight Loss
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Hello I don't know where to post this..but has anyone tried raspberry ketone to help maintain or lose weight?
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Or THIS review written by Mary Hartley the Registered Dietitian here on CC.

Comments from Mary Hartley RD from that link .. "did Dr. Oz lead us astray on the raspberry ketone claim? He did if you believe he has a medical obligation to the viewer.

Call me jaded, but I believe Dr. Oz’s only obligation is to his network. I don’t say I agree with it, but it is what it is, at least for today.

We, the viewers, are obligated to watch out for ourselves and our families. We are obligated to distinguish between legitimate medical fact and TV hype.

It makes sense to be wary of products that promise a quick fix and dramatic results, regardless of the credentials of the person who said it. Never give credit to recommendations based on small animal studies, and realize that supplement makers depend on gullible TV viewers to buy useless products."

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