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Question about starvation mode?

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I have a very small build (5'2) and very sedentary ... small bones and such. just extra fat I need to lose. (I'm 115 lb) I only eat about 1000 calories a day which some people on here consider starvation ... but it's not like the weight is coming off so fast it's very reasonable... about one pound a week. so that's not starvation right? and I have a load of energy! I just don't want my body in starvation mode and I eat very healthy !!! tons of protein take daily vitamins etc thanks:)

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Reason: Calorie Count's mission is to promote healthy and sustainable weight management. Eating 1000 calories per day is neither healthy nor sustainable.
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You should be eating more than that!!!! You should make your deficit by exercise!!! Why even diet you dint want to lose weight, you are at the low end of the healthy weight. Just work on exercise and toning and you should just completely she the extra fat!! Best of luck:)
my advice is up to like 1300/1400. if you keep like that, your choice, but youll gain back and maybe then some. its just not worth it.
I'm your height and was eating that much for a few weeks. I upped to 1500 because I was nineteen and scared into it... and after three months I gained to 122 and became obsessed with peanut butter (which I'd used to up my cals). I'm past binging finally and I'm twenty now, lowering to eating my bmr (about 1300). I'm also exercising now and burning about 300-650 extra five days a week, so I eat more sometimes. I hope to lose to 106-108 ultimately. You're not at an unhealthy weight, but if your frame is small like mine I definitely wasn't satisfied at that weight so I think it's completely fine to lose a bit more (healthily) :)

Yep, that's starvation.  Not starvation mode (which is mostly a kind of a myth), but just regular starvation.

And adult (over 21) female who is overweight and sedentary should eat no less than 1200 calories.  A teen who is overweight and sedentary should eat no less than 1500 calories.

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