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Every time i go for a walk and then get home I notice that I can feel pulsing in my thighs. It's not painful I can just feel the blood circulation and pulsing. I was wondering if anyone knew if this had to do with excess fat in my thighs which is where I carry a lot of my weight or if it has something to do with toxins or bad blood circulation. If you have any ideas they would be nice! thanks!

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hmm... I dunno. But my guess would be that your getting your heart pumping faster, so blood is circulating faster, so your feeling in circulating... and that just happens to be where you feel it? 

Haha, I can feel that pulsating/popping in my upper hamstring area after I walk/run as well.  I've googled the heck out of it, and some people can just feel it, some people can't.  I'm about 30 lbs overweight and I feel it, and I have a skinny, healthy friend that feels it all the time too.  Most people just look at us funny when we ask about it.  :P

I always thought that it was fat cells bubbling from being fried from walking...wishful thinking? Great motivation though ; )

I feel it too after putting in a good vigorous walk, but not so much after doing aerobics, not sure what makes the difference.

I get that here and there, even with having a healthy weight.  Your muscles are probably just working harder for some reason. Shouldn't be concerned. Maybe Karmin26 is on to something! ;)

Because your heart beats harder when you do any kind of cardio, you're more likely to actually feel your pulse. There are a few really large arteries in your thigh, which would explain why you're likely to feel the pulsing in that particular spot. It's totally normal. :)

I have that feeling too - it's kind of an odd feeling, but now when I feel it I know that I've gotten some good exercise.  I didn't know anybody else had it because when I've asked a few people, they didn't have a clue what I meant.   I don't think it's bad, I like karmin's idea!

Check your Blood presure before the workout and after the workout.

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