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Weight Loss
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P90X - Weight Loss

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For those of who you who have been doing P90X what have your weight loss results been?  I started doing the work out back in October and kept having to start over because I wasnt keeping up with working out 6 days a week.  I noticed I wasnt losing weight at that time either but I think I was building muscle because I do see a change in my arms and chest.  I realized I was doing the regular P90X and not P90X Lean. 

I recently restarted P90X February 15th doing the P90X Lean.  I worked out 5 days that week.  I know I just restarted and I have to give it time, but I have also gained weight this week and generally I start seeing some weight loss (even if only water weight).    So my question is did anyone else have the same issue in the beginning where you gained weight at first?  And if so how soon did you start to see weight loss results?   Also how were your eating habits?  Did you change the way you ate or did you continue eating as you were before?

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I am not doing the p90x but I do work out w/ weights, cardio, ect...and There isn't an ounce of giggleon me, however I can't seem to drop a pound.  It's really frustrating.  I'm 15 lbs over the ideal weight that I would like to mind is so set on the I figured I must be eating too many calories...and not really to my surprize doing this calorie counting, I eat way to many I am trying to regulate little tummy growls,oh well good luck

I started p90x in May of last year. I followed the exercise portion exactly as it was laid out for 90 days. At the time, I ate fairly healthy, so I did not change my eating habits. After 90 days, I had lost 12 lbs and gained both muscle and muscle definition. To answer your question though, yes the results were slow to come, but they come over time.

I have continued doing the p90x routine since the 90 days was up without any more results (other than staying in shape) until I changed my diet about 6 weeks ago. I have since lost 7 lbs.

So my recommendation would be if you want to do p90x, change your eating habits and you will see much more dramatic results

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I just started p90x a few days ago. I'm very fit, but i have severe food issues. I had anorexic tendencies last school year and now i am fighting a binge/restrict cycle. so i decided today i am not going to count calories, i am just going to follow the p90x nutrition plan meal by meal (as closely as i can with what i have available to me). i will let you know my results as the weeks go by.

to keep this thread going, did anyone else just blindly follow the nutrition plan as i am going to? how did it work out for you?

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