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Pushups Make Your Boobs Smaller

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Sorry but im curious. is that a fact or a myth?
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They might make them perkier, though, because the pectoral muscle will get more developed.

Fat loss, overall, makes your boobs smaller.
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Both myth and fact. Working out might make you lose fat overall. Depending on your genetics, your boobs could be the first part of your body to lose, or the last.

However, push ups themselves won't make them smaller. In fact they might make them look a bit more prominent by building the muscles in the chest.

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thanks so much! thats what i thought but a friend told me today that they got smaller. i freaked out and did not want to do another pushup.
Huh... I have been a DD at 125lbs and a DD at 180lbs.  I think some women just store their fat in different places.  I for one have never had a problem with my stomach, but have always had big boobs... my best friend has problems with her stomach and small boobs.  Push-ups work to tone them up, however losing weight has not made mine smaller, just the band size.  Also I have 21%-24% body fat (depending if you ask my trainer or a internet site) so... I think boob size is more of a genetic thing for a lot of women (atleat for me).


Oh ya baby

I feel your pain.  I do one armed push ups and my boobs only get Bigger.  the women in my family's breasts grow through out their lives, ours NEVER shrink.  I have gone up 2 cup sizes from ages 20-29.  I am now a 28 DD. 

I think MOST women do experiance a Decrease in bust size with weight loss... However considering that Breast REDUCTION is the most popular Plastic Surgery... I would say Most is only about 60%.  So for better or for worse, you are basicaly stuck with your size unless you go under the knife.  (like I am in 2 months!)

If push ups made your tits small I would be an A cup.

I started working out 10 weeks ago and have lost 17.5 lbs. My chest is noticeably smaller. I went from a DD (in La Senza sizes) to a D. I'm sort of sad about this, but on my frame a DD was just unwieldy and it was impossible to find clothes that fit. So I'm just going to hope that I don't lose any more from that area.
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