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Pu-erh tea for weight loss.

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I went into a store called Teavana last night to pick up some tea. I don't know exceptionally much about tea, but I'm beginning to learn, and I wanted to sound intelligent so I asked what kind of Pu-Erh tea they had (a type of intentionally aged tea that's dark like coffee and somewhat strong, earthy). The saleslady said they only had one kind, a strawberry blend. I bought some, and the description read:

A delicious duel of strawberry cream and the subtle earthiness of Pu-Erh...Good for weight loss and digestion."

I thought to myself "How can tea help me loose weight?" so I did a bit of research on Pu-Erh. Apparently, when injested with food it can aid in supressing your appetite. I was a little skeptical, but I had some with my lunch, a footlong sub from subway, which wouldn't normally fill me up, but I will admit to having a fullness feeling to me, a feeling like I don't want to eat.

Pu-Erh tea isn't very common in the states, so I thought this information might be worth talking about. Just thought you guys would like to know, and I like sharing my expeirences with the wonderful world of tea.

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there are many teas, herbs, veggies and grains that will supress appetite.

I prefer to eat the high nutrient and fibre foods because they do realistically fill you.  For example a bowl of oatmeal or rolled oats in the morning will fill you very quickly, low in calories, high nutrients and high fibre...this helps the digestion, keeps you regular and  helps you lose weight because you will not feel hungry and will stop eating.

. if you listen to that inner voice that says.."I am full".

.so many people ignore that voice and press on.  In 2009 on my new weight loss program, I listen very closely to that voice. 



I love the stuff and like any tea it is rich in anti-oxidants. But I have never found it to be overly helpful on its own.  At least, I have not found any way of determining that the tea is doing any good for weight loss.  But it tastes good!

Milk, however, has been proven to aid in weight loss. 


I didn't think Pu-er was uncommon in the states.  Perhaps it's where you live?  (I'm in the midwest.)

I'm a big fan of Pu Err (or 'Bo Lai' tea in Cantonese). Cool

I believe, and I don't have this as gospel, that it is touted as a diet drink just to get it some advertising. Effectively it has all the benefits of any black tea and in addition, it has the useful property of not getting bitter the longer it is infused in water ... so you can effectively just keep topping up your cup and drink it all day long.

I have been told by my Chinese relatives that it has properties that also helps digestion and the hot water ensures that your insides are 'cleaned' if you regularly drink it, especially after meals. I can't scientifically place these as facts but there you go.

I've also found that putting fresh mint leaves into hotwater has a similarly digestive effect.

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