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Protein Shakes Advice Needed! Make you lose or gain weight?

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I am currently at 150 lbs and my goal is to get to 135...I currently burn 1800 cal, and my daily intake should be 1300.  (the cal burned does not include working out).  Here's my question....Isopure makes a great DELICIOUS dutch chocolate protein shake which helps provide me with Vitamins I am lacking.  It's a low carb/calorie shake (120 cal, 25g protein, 3g carbs,0g fat) ....since I am only drinking this shake for vitamin reasons and am lacking protein in my diet, will this affect my weight loss?  I've heard that protein shakes make you gain weight, but since I am supplementing it for my breakfast and still stay under my daily intake will I continue to lose weight?  Thanks everyone and this site ROCKS!!!!
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Eating more  calories then your body is burning make you gain weight. If you're burning more then you're eating then you should lose weight.
Thanks for the quick reply zeke2.  I've heard a lot about protein shakes and body builders (I'm sure they consume more protein than 25g), so the last thing I wanted to do was jeopardize my weight loss. 
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Body builders spend 1/2 thier lives trying to lose weight.

If you're only eating 1300 calories personally I'd suggest real food instead of the shakes but that's just me. You can likely use the fibre etc that the shake isn't giving you.

It's one thing if somebody eating 3000 or even higher takes a shake. They've got plenty of other real food in the day.
One thing i notice with protein shakes is that it depends on the type of shake you are having, like for me in the begining i was taking ELITE protein powder with 1% milk, the ELITE powder has a chemical in it to help your body break it down, my body was having problems breaking it down, so I changed it to ISO-GOLD it's got 35g of protein per scoop, it's way esier on the body and I have notice that I am going to the bathroom with more ease, and faster... But I tend to take my shakes 45-60 mins prior to the weights..
OHN i forgot to add that I am taking protein shakes and I have lost plenty of weight, you just keep your intake lower than your burn rate....
I don't know what they've been telling you... But protein is one of the best things you can eat for weight loss?

Proteins are harder for the body to convert into energy that it can use as opposed to Fats/Carbs... You actually burn 30% of the calories you eat from protein during digestion because they are so much more difficult to convert... Fats and Carbs burn somewhere under 10% in digestion...

Not only that, but the amino acids in protein are required for your body to function properly... It's recommended that the average individual eat 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight... (So if you weigh 150 lbs, you should eat around 150 grams of protein daily... This is assuming a 2000 calorie diet... So if you're restricting yourself to 1300 cals, you'll prolly only need 80-90 grams of protein...)

My point is, protein shakes are in no way a bad thing... Personally, I would recommend them as an excellent way to start the day...
A book I was just reading 5 minutes ago cited a study.  That study claimed protein takes only 2% of the calories to digest, while complex carbs took 22%.  If true, that would make the carbs a much more effective weight loss food than protein.  That report is a huge and conflicting report from the one hybrids detailed above.  I never know know what to think or believe.  Lots of potatoes or lots of chicken?  Studies back up both.  That's one of the hardest things about starting a diet -- figuring out which "experts" are right!
Take some of each? Take one that you like? o.0? I was about to ask if I shd try switching my breakfast with protein shake, but to be honest, I HATE shakes. The taste and texture I mean. I suppose they are or can be good for you. Now I decided that, I'd stick with oatmeal because of personal reason :) Taste, texture, and the length it takes me to finish a bowl lol. I like to enjoy my meal ~.^
The purpose of carbs is to supply energy, and the purpose of proteins is for building and repairing body tissue, right? If taking a protein shake is to balance out your nutrition goal, for instance, if you are aiming at 40% carbs, 40% protein, and 20% fat, and you have difficulty preparing your own foods to meet your targets (like me) then, IMO it's ok. As long as calorie intake is less than calorie expenditure then hopefully you lose weight.
Dec 21 2006 08:19
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I know how you guys feel.  there is so much conflicting information out there.  Personally i find it very difficult to juxt get 1600 cals down per day. 

A few items I use to help me make sure I get all the nutrients I need such as protien, fiber, and vitamins are: 

Arbonnes Protien Shake 100% vegan, with pea protien, easy to digest.  at 110 cals, 1.5 g fat, 8 carbs, and 18 g protien. ( my body cannot break down animal protiens, after several thousands of dollars and several drs later I found that out)

Arbonnes Daily Fiber shake 100% vegan.  at 120 cals, 1.5g fat, 31g carbs, 12g fiber, and 1g protien. 

{I usually mix these two in a blender and add 1 tablespoon fresh ground flax seed and some fresh frozen bluberries.}

I also take Delicious Greens 8000.  At 49 cal, and so many vegtable extracts I find it gives me a good energy boost to start my day.  Tates so great my Dr.'s Son begs for it!

here are some websites to get more info on these:

https://secure.myarbonne.com/arbonne/raeshuga rt.nsf/p1/1?OpenDocument&shoppingcart=1


I lost 25 pounds the first month on this program and have continued to loose 2+ pounds per month.  I used to be over 300 pounds and not I am getting close to being under 200 in just a year!  And I have tons of energy. 

I hope this helps. :D

I wanted to find out if ksripp was right... And so I googled the net and found several sites with conflicting information...

http://www.tinajuanfitness.info/articles/art0 61997.html
This article suggests that 25% of protein AND carbs are burned during digestion... 3% for fat...

http://www.heartmonitors.com/exercisetips/bur n_calories.htm
This article suggests 30% for protein and hints that carbs/fats burn less but doesn't list percentages...

I tried the Abs Diet for a while and that's where I first read that proteins are harder to digest... Who knows though... I guess just eat whatever works for you...
The more pure protein is the easier for your body, proteins in foods is easier, than ones you put into shakes.. I found out the hard way.

I used ELITE protein powder which has a chemical in it to help break down the protein, i had problems passing it and found that most of was wasted because my body couldn't break it down so it pass in most of it's form. But when I switched to ISo-GOLD pure protein (almost) it is 35grams in a scoop and I have no problems passing it, plus I can feel the difference. thats just my 2 scoops of raisins, but I am not a pro..
Ohh and I have lost weight on it too..
Dec 21 2006 20:09
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There is a BIG difference between animal protiens and vegetable protiens.

Animal protiens take more calories to burn, and they are also harder on the stomach.  This doubles if you add milk.  First you body has to break down a compleex suger (lactose) and make lactase, then it has to break down the milk protien casien.  Casien is one of the hardest protiens to break down.  If it is mixed with egg that is even more complex protiens to break down.  In all most conercial shakes are a mix of egg, meat derivatives, and milk derivatives. 

Both milk and Egg are high is fat.  Which is why one has to pay special attention to Fat intake and Carb comsumption.  Animal protiens may burn more calories.  However, this means less energy for your body to use elsewhere. 

Vegtable protiens,  on the other hand, are already broken down.  Therefore vegtable protens take less of your bodies energy toi utilize to make muscle and hormones neccesary for bodily functions.   And they are in the right proportions to fats and carbohydrates if one does not add milk or egg to them. 

Animal Protiens are complex protien molecule that the body has to break apart to utilize.  Vegetable protiens are usually already in their simplest forms. (Save for soy protiens, which are complex protiens which is why they are best predigested by bacteria and made into miso and tofu.)

This is not to say that one should be a vegetarian.  Always consult your doctor and a dietitian for what is best for you. 

However, if a person were looking to increase stamina throught the day they would want to make sure the bulk of their diet is high in vegetables, fruits, and complex carbohydrates.  Save the meat for dinner time when the body and you are more likly to give it the rest it needs to spend its energy breaking it down.

(Not to be a know it all, I am just studying nutrition in preparation for my medical degree)
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