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Protein Powder and Bar Suggestion?

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I was hoping someone could give me a good, low cal protein powder option??  I need to icrease my protein and am thinking this may do the trick.

Even a low carb protein bar would work!


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Luna Bars are pretty good, the S'mores one is especially tasty.  They're about 180 calories each.
I like the Designer Chocolate whey protein powder.
   Go with the powder, bars tend to be overpriced and they put a lot of wierd chemicals in it.  Even better you can make your own protein bars and just wrap those up for when you need a snack.  
How do you make your own bars?  Calories in the whey powder?
Alton Brown has a good recipe for making protein bars here
There are 90 calories per scoop in the Designer whey.
I second the Designer Whey protein powders. 
I put a scoop of vanilla Designer Whey protein powder in the blender with a single serving yogurt cup (I get the low carb kind from, I think, Danon), some fresh berries, and ice.  Makes a great smoothie.

I sometimes eat the Atkins Advantage bars when I'm in a rush, but they're a bit high in fat and don't taste near as good as protein powder. (btw, I'm not advocating the Atkins diet, but the atkins bars are one of the few not loaded with sugar).
I just got Chocolate Blast Soy Protein Powder by Naturade... tried some last night, mixing it into a cup of chocolate soy milk........ it got all clumpy and started to make me gag (although the actual chocolate flavor was pretty good).............  maybe I just fixed it incorrectly, but yeah the flavor is kinda tasty :)
What about Quaker Q-Smart bars? Yum yum!
I like the Clif Builder Bars, m'self. 270 calories, but I'm usually struggling to keep the furnace stoked, so it's not a problem.
*bump* - i've got the same question about protien powder and the amount of calories per scoop. i tend to be near my caloric allottment for the day, so i'm looking for some lower-calorie options.

any one else got some ideas???

thank you bunches

8888888:) - look! it's Marge Simpson!
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I'm with ooooner, designer whey is the best that I've found, with only 2 grams of carbs which are unfortunately in the form of sugar, but probably lends to its taste. No one wants to gag down a shake.
I get the powder at GNC... its kind of expensive, and of course I cant remember the brand.. but it is unflavored.. and it really is. I put it in water to test this, and my water, though odd in consitency, in fact tasted only like water. It has 90 cals a serving...

Another one I tried was one from Wal-mart, again no clue on the name. It was about $10 cheaper than the GNC one, but vanilla flavored. I found it decent with OJ, a banana, and some ice in the old smoothie blender ;-) With water.. not so good... with milk it was drinkable, but not my cup-o-tea.

Another option.. for nearly the same cals.. is Egg beaters!
A different way of assessing your protein needs might be to look at why there isn't enough protein in your diet. Do you tend to eat a high proportion of fat in the day, are you a vegetarian, are you lactose-intolerant? Many of these issues are stuff that you can work around and then bring the protein into your diet without the need for large amounts of engineered protein. Not saying that the odd Turnaround Bar or Slimfast shake is a bad thing, just.......don't forget your diet. I very often lack protein because I don't eat meat and have recently crossed fish as well, and find that my diet has definitely changed a bit to include more quorn, soy protein, pulses and eggs to make up for it. Good luck.        
I use GNC whey protein...but it's really expensive...about $50 a canister if not more.   Avoid vanilla flavors, I heard they're gross.  I use strawberry and mix it with fat free milk and it tastes delicious.  Mixing with water tastes gross.  If you can't handle regular milk, try soy milk for even more protein!   Also, a GNC employee told me not to overblend the drink because that causes too many bubbles, and the bubbles have to be released somewhere...hehe.

Usually I mix my drink with a hand blender (the GNC employee suggested a shaker).  You can even blend with ice.   The canister instructions say you can use a spoon, but that always makes my drinks too clumpy .

I also bought a double chocolate flavored smaller canister from Jewel-Osco and it's delicious. It's a lot smaller than GNC's but it only cost me $10.   Try Wal-Mart for super savings!

Oh, and one more thing...I eat a lot of Zone Perfect bars.  They are delicious!  I'm going to Mexico next month for a 5-day trip in a remote area, so I'll be bringing tons of Zone bars w/me then.

Overall, protein shakes can be great.  I drink one after EVERY workout.  Hope that helps!
I like the pria complete nutrition bars. They are 170 calories and have 11 grams of protein and 5 grams fiber per bar. Plus they are tasty. Some of the bars and shakes out there are preety gross.  These are actually not that expensive compared to others. I got mine for 99 cents.
Btw,  here are calories:

One scoop GNC protein whey:  110 calories (although Calorie-counter says it's 120)

1 cup fat free milk:  90 calories

Zone bars:  210 calories (I usually eat one for breakfast when I'm on the go.   Good flavors:  Double Chocolate, Chocolate Almond Biscotti, Fudge Graham)
I checked a lot of different  lables because like you I wanted one that was the lowest calories. I found the EXTREME MEGA WHEY at the GNC stor the best. 270 calories and 60g protein! It's really good too!
100%Whey Gold Standad from bodybuilding.com for the power you get 24g of protein and only1 carb per scoop.

For the bar I lik a Snickers Marathon. 26g protein at 220 cals and it actually tastes good. 
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