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protein fat carb breakdown

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im sure this is a dumb question but i just started really looking at the breakdown on this site of what i enter in and notice that im 70 percent carb 15 15 fat protein.... i still get an A but feel as though this sucks.... haha. what is protein good for? feeling fuller longer? do advise... thanks :)
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Yes, proteins make you feel full longer. Try to go for wheat things and eat some good fat fish like salmon and chicken helps too!
we've been debating the merits of protein on a vegetarian thread.  Yes, protein makes you feel full, but so do complex carbs like whole grains.  I've been persuaded that the percentage of protein in your diet is not as important as the total number of grams.  Some studies show that eating high amounts of protein (like more than 70 grams a day or so) can deplete calcium in your bones.  So how much protein you should eat depends a lot on how many calories you eat a day and whether you're troubled by the possible long-term health risks.  I really like the information provided in this article:  http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/p rotein.html

I don't think there's anything wrong with your breakdown.  Your fats are at a good level and as long as your carbs are mostly complex rather than simple carbs, you should be fine.  If you're getting A's, I'd say pay more attention to that than the breakdown!  High protein diets have gotten a lot of attention lately because they will help you lose weight faster, but there isn't any consensus as to whether a short-term, high protein diet is healthy.  Oh, and anecdotally, high-protein diets don't work for everybody.  My dad and I both had success with them but my mom did better just cutting calories without worrying about protein.  If your system is working and you're happy with how you're doing, then stick with it!!  ;-)
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Protein helps build/repair muscles.

I agree with the statement that you should worry more about the total amount of protein then the percentage.

OTOH it's highly unlikely you're getting enough protein with that breakdown. Not unless you are on a high calorie diet. Also the foods that contain protein may have other nutrients that you're missing.

OTOH I also thing you may be low on fat. Some vitamins etc are only taken into your body with fat.

I follow a 55% carb, 25% fat, 20% protein regime, as described to me by MANY exercise physiologists, nutritionist and Doctors at a recent fitness conference.  Protein is very necessary to build and repair muscles.  Especially if you weight train.
thank you very much for all of your input/ advice. and as far as getting enough fat or protein... i usually consume bout 1200 calories, 20 grams fat, 45 grams protein, i have lost 57 pounds since last february but maybe altering will drop the extra 10 or so im lloking for. thanks again.
your protein percentage does not have to be high in order to get the DRI for protein, which is currently 50 mg.  Some reputable medical sources say 40 is sufficient.  I always get the 40 and often exceed the 50, and my protein % of calories is about what bigboned reports.

I eat a high carb diet -- but my carbs are whole grains, fresh fruits, and fresh vegetables.

and, the plant kingdom provides a lot of protein without the fat -- so it stands to reason that if your diet is mostly from the plant kingdom, then your diet will be low-fat.  I do use dairy, but choose the low-fat brands (but not those with added sugar).
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The daily protein recommendation is 0.7 grams per KG of body weight. Or is it 0.8 grams? That assumes an adult who doesn't work out. 50 grams would be okay if you're 130 pounds. Too low for the rest of us.

http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/p rotein.html

http://www.merck.com/mmpe/sec01/ch003/ch003a. html
yes, if you are having trouble with that last bit of excess weight, definitely try switching something up.  sometimes upping your calories by 100 or 200 per day will, oddly enough, help you get over a plateau.  you could also try to increase your protein, reduce your carbs, and see if that helps.  a new workout routine can help.  i know just how you feel, seems like i've been trying to shed my last ten pounds forever!
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