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Problems with cellulite on my thighs -please help!-

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First things first, here's my information:


Current Weight

Target Weight

 5'1 feet 

* light activity: I play DDR (dance dance revolution), I do aerobics in my room and I try to jog 3-4 times a week in the morning but normally I algo am on the computer or playing video games at times but i'm trying to be more active.

Well heres the thing, as you can see i'm very little  but i'm VERY curvy, my thighs are really big and I have a small frame  but I got huge thighs and butt for my age :| . Thing is, it runs in the family and also cellulitis and my major problem is on the legs and thighs. I just want the flabby to go away :o My tummy isn't much of a problem I can handle it. CC tells me I should eat 1400 calories a day and im working on that. I'm taking care of what I eat and when i'm at parties I try not to eat much of the junk food and not so much soda. my BMI is of 24  and i'm classified as slightly overwight wich is true. I got a Mexican dad so he always brings things like tortillas and cheese and all that stuff and that had made me bigger but now i'm eating less of those stuff and eating more healthy. One thing, I hate veggies :P So of course I don't eat them as much.

But my main problem is the cellulitis and what workouts are best for getting rid of it FOR GOOD and keeping it off. Also what foods I shouldn't eat so I don't gain it back again. Somebody told me to stop eating things with alot of salt cause it retains the fat or something and then it will acumulate more on my thighs. Is this true?

Thanks for all the help you guys can offer me really :3

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do any type of cardio
doing a variation of weight lifting (such as leg curls, leg press, basically anything that'll firm up your thigh and butt muscles), the elliptical on the gluteal 2 mode, running, and also using the Loreal anti-cellulite lotion. but the *important thing* is to stick with the workouts because those are going to have the most drastic effect and the lotion only helps as a minor aid to reduce the look of the cellulite. also drinking tons of water helps flush out the toxins from your system that could be aggravating it.
Exercise is probably your best best to reduce cellulite. However, it may never completely go away. A lot of women have cellulite, big and small. I agree with drinking water. Try to drink 8 glasses of water a day. When you dont drink enough water, your cells hold on to the little water you drink in order to stay hydrated. This causes bloating and your cells to expand. Once you start drinking a ton of water, your cells will release the water. Also, try those exercise balls. I guess that helps too. Good luck!
01379: hey i forgot about those cremes! and yeah your right it will only help a little, i also need to workout alot more. yeah i'm starting to drink more water. in the past i didn't drank ANY water at all, only diet soda or orange juice or crystal light but i'm leaving the diet soda for a while and drinking more water so i don't retain so much water anymore :D thanx for your help!

sthmandies8187: i'm working on the drinking water thing now, and it's slowly working and i feel less thirsty, when i drink soda i don't get satisfied and want more D: oh and i'll try the ball thingy, lets see if it will work :)  i'm jogging and dancing doin aerobics everyday for 2 hours and squats and those stuff, it's hard work but i know i'll see the difference in a few weeks :D thanx for your help! <3
Losing weight will help and you will notice a difference as the pounds come off. Also I agree with the others, simply you must workout more, cardio with weight training for toning in your legs and butt area.
I've noticed over the years that in addition to the amount of exercise, the cellulite gets worse when I eat a lot of sugar.  In high school I had huge thighs (even though everything else seemed ok), I tried everything.  In my late twenties I discovered step aerobics... I shrank my thighs by 3 inches and it never came back!  Even when I regained weight, it now seems to be in my stomach more than on my thighs.  Hope that helps!
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The dreaded cellulite!! I am 19 and think it's very unfair that i have cellulite! it's on my bum and the tops of my thighs. i exercise and drink only water, no alcohol, and that didn't really help. in desperation, i bought Nivea's 'goodbye cellulite' cream, £9.99, you rub it in daily and see the results in the next 4 weeks. and i must say it's pretty good, my legs are so much firmer. i also bought a  body brush, which you use in circular motions over the cellulite in the direction of your heart, which helps break down the cellulite. So i'd recommend these steps, as well as exercise and water.
I heard the 'Nivea' product does work!  (It was tested on Tyra Bank show on TV)  I tried the patch (not the cream) but it kept falling off (didn't stick) so I stop (annoyed)

I'll go find the cream type instead :)
Try getting a pedometer and making yourself walk or run more than 10,000 steps per day. (it's about 5 miles) You will be amazed at how little you normally move.   Those step aerobics will count.   It really helps to keep you constantly moving and makes you aware of the coach potato days
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Yeah the cream's definitely worth the investment! It's one of the cheapest creams out there, and actually does work. I didn't know they did patches! I can't see how they'd work, surely they'd always fall off?!?
I heard there is NOTHING that can be done about cellulite!! It isn't even related to body weight, like you can be stick skinny and have cellulite or you can be heavy and not have it. It's genetic and some people have it worse than others.

 I personally have never tried creams but I know I'd never waste my money on cellulite creams when everyone knows that creams work be temporarily swelling up the skin which gives it the APPEARANCE that cellulite is gone/reduced. Mind you my cellulite really isn't that noticeable so I can deal with it...every female has some to one degree or another!

Just keep in mind the effects of creams are very temporary and they do not treat or prevent cellulite they only give the illusion that it has been reduced..but it's up to you. Persoanlly I'd take the money and get a facial at the spa instead. At least the effects of clear, glowing  skin last for months and everyone sees your face and notices glowing skin! :)
i'm also using the nivea, and i'd say it is pretty good, here in germany it is only 9 euros which i don't think is so expensive. things feel firmer i think. and even if it doesn't work and it is all in my mind, if it makes me feel better then i'd say the price is probably worth it!
i wanted to respond to workoutaddict's post. i do agree with what was said about cellulite being found on all types of people even skinny people. even though it takes a lot of work and a lot of time there are things that can be done to take care of it. it doesn't have to be a futile battle.

the lotions may end up being a waste of money if you rely on using them alone. but if you incorporate them with all of the recommendations that i posted earlier the cellulite can start to be controlled and reduced. i don't think it's right to discourage people from attempting to take charge of their bodies and doing what they can to feel better about themselves.

the Loreal lotion works great if used twice a day along with weight training, weight loss, and lots and lots of water. it just may take some time before you really start to see it.

everyone's body responds at a different rate. i believe everyone should do what they can to improve themselves and help feel better about their bodies. if there's a challenge that you want to tackle- then go for it! we're all here for one reason or another and i think it's best to try to support each other and offer what advice we can.

sorry that's my little rant.
01379 Whoa I don't believe I was discouraging anyone from attempting to "take charge of their bodies" because I said the truth--that lotions and potions claiming to get rid of cellulite are a waste of money. If you are going to go on and say to use them in conjunction with diet and excercise then you really are confirming that if a reduction in the cellulite occurs it is most likely due to a healthy diet and excercise. And I'm all for healthy diet and excercise, but once again there is only so much that will do for cellulite..

Diet and excercise and drinking lots of water should be something we all do anyway but don't go claiming that it should be done to get rid of cellulite or that doing all that will get rid of cellulite because it won't!

(sorry don't shoot the messenger!)

Look at all the celebrities ...they are not surgery shy and even they have you honestly think that if there was some lotion, excercise plan, pill or surgery to cure them of cellulite they wouldn't be on it?!

And for the record nobody is saying don't bother doing anything I'm simply stating that lotions claiming to get rid of cellulite give an illusion that it is reduced by swelling the skin.
hey hey guys! don't worry i'm ok with that. I know some cremes don't work always and that you have to work to actually see results. i'm gonna try that nivea creme to see if it works and if it's cheap even better! :D today was my cheat day....(omg i had over 3000 calories today!!! i'm gonna dieeeee i didn't know it had that much calories Jhonny Rockets D: it was my first time there so i didn't know....oh well tomorrow i will burn them off! :D) i'll try what you guys said thanx alot for all the help I WILL BEAT THE EVIL CELLULITE!!! :D
The word "cellulitis" means inflammation (itis) of the cells.  In other words, this is a low grade internal infection. It is not merely a weight problem.  This women also get this disorder.  I got rid of my thigh cellulitis by following some info on an interesting CD ... if interested, look on eBay. You might find it under Secret Food Cures, Zen of weight loss, or do a google search for Corinne Peachment. Reviews can be found on amzaon.  There are specific food combinations that significantly reduce inflammation.  Easy to make a few changes and the results are nothing short of spectacular. Good luck.  Linda.
Whoops ... I meant to write "THIN" women also get this disorder.
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I started noticing cellulite when I was your age. I also started to "fill out" at that time and began paying more attention to weight gain. Before taking any advice, commit to yourself that any changes you make are healthy ones and moderate ones. Be gentle to your body.

I strongly suggest swimming. SWIMMING...there is nothing better. I wish someone told me this when I was younger. Swim for 30 minutes at least 3 times a week...after two weeks you will notice a difference.

I also had a larger rear and was very self conscious about it. If you swim, you will keep that rear up (it will not fall down or become wide) and you will develop muscle on your upper body which will make you more proportionate. Swimming is not hard on your body and will not make your legs or bottom bigger (as running did for me).

Try less high-impact cardio (less aerobics & running). When I was in high school, this is all I did, and although my stomach was in good shape, my lower body was getting bulkier, and I had a greater appetite.

Instead, swim more, run a little less, add weight training (using lighter weights doing reps for 2 minutes). Try doing push-ups, even if it's 2 a to 4 the following week. Eat right, eat regularly. A little bit of everything. Moderation in anything...salt, carbs...but don't cut it out. Drink water.

Even skinny people have cellulite...but if you lose a little weight/body fat from doing the above, you will notice a difference.

Hope this helps! Take care of you.
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