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Weight Loss
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How to Prevent Losing Muscle?

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While trying to lose weight, how can one try to maximize the amount of fat loss and minimize the amount of muscle loss? Obviously that's not something one would want to lose, or as little of it as possible. This is assuming one is consuming a healthy calorie deficit.
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Make sure you're eating enough. If you're not eating enough then the body will start breaking down muscle for energy instead of breaking down fat. But don't eat so much that you consume more calories than you burn, or else you'll keep the muscle and add fat. You want a calorie deficit of between 0 and 1000 calories a day.
That's what I said -- assuming an appropriate and healthy calorie deficit. I mean other factors besides.
Muscle loss doesn't begin until weeks after no working out, what so ever. As long as you don't starve your self, your muscles are building right now as you speak. Most people don't realize your not even gaining muscle when you lift or workout, its the time AFTER that its building.
,Thank you jimbopc, that's what I was looking for. :) I just wanted to make sure there's nothing I'm missing.

Just what jimbopc said, work out. Also, if you are doing weight lifting, up your protien intake on the days you work out. This way your muscles have they building blocks they need to not waste away. In other words, feed your muscle.

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There are no "other factors besides". An approprate and healthy calorie deficit is "appropriate and healthy" because you're not losing muscle. If it was contingent upon some "other factor", then the calorie deficit would only be "appropriate and healthy" when the contigent "other factor" is being met.
Have you heard of carb cycling? It might be too much work but I found that it really maximized my fat loss without making me feel weak and I was able to build muscle too. Usually as long as you don't eat too little your body won't have to resort to burning your muscles but if you want an extra challenge for extra results you can try carb cycling. I found it on a body building website.

Basically you have 3 days, Hi carb day (when you work out), low carb day, and now carb day (your off day) and you cycle them. On the days you work out, the carbs provide you energy for your workouts and restores your muscle glyclogen so your body doesn't tap into your muscles. Also, it will give your metabolism a boost and then on your low carb days, you will burn more fat. I did it last summer when I hit a weight loss plateau and I liked the results I saw.

In addition to continuously working out, eating the right amount of calories for you to lose weight/burn fat, I suggest taking in more protein - especially AFTER you've finished lifting weights - this will help your muscle tissue rebuild. :)

I've been using Body Fortress Whey Protein.  I buy the vanilla flavor and mix it up with 8oz of V8 V.Fusion LIGHT strawberry Banana - It gives me my protein (110 cals for the protein powder) and a serving of fruits and veggies (the LIGHT juice is only 50 cals/8oz) so for a total of 160 cals - makes a nice after-workout snack!

Good Luck!

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