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Pregnant and afraid of weight gain!!

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So...this week I discovered that I am pregnant - only by about 6 weeks, but it explains why my desire to eat vast quantities of carbs the last couple of weeks had risen so much. Anyway, I am so afraid of gaining weight, especially at the beginning. Is it necessary to gain in the first trimester? What cals can I get away with on a daily basis? I am 105 lbs now and have maintained that for the last week or so. My doctor couldn't give me any advice on how much I should be eating and google searches haven't turned up much definitive info either (maybe my research skills are limited.lol). Any advice would be much appreciated. :-)
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Second, I'm concerned your health care provider couldn't give you advice on healthy eating while pregnant.  I would re-address that issue, or find a better doctor.

Here's one link I found that might help you.  http://www.mamashealth.com/pregnancy/pregcalo ries.asp

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Thank you so much for that Sheila! I really appreciate it. That site looks good for no end of things. I have bookmarked it. I think you are right about the doc by the way and will maybe look into seeing a new one. Thanks again! xx
Apr 15 2007 16:08
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Jemmy,  you are so lucky to be pregnant. i have an eating problem and i have lost my periods and cant get pregnant because of worrying about my weight.  I know my biggest fear is putting on alot of weight when i get pregnant but its a different story when you cant get pregnant.  Your baby is much more important than food you will lose the weight after no problem just enjoy being pregnant & look forward to bringing a new life into the world.  I just pray that i get that chance to very soon cos it is all we want.  Please remember that when your worry about your weight gain.
Aw, well congratulations :]

Well, I don't really understand pregnancy (I'm 16 and have never been pregnant lol) but I would try and eat healthily as possibly for the baby and then the weight you put on will be mostly because it is the baby and you will lose most of it when he/she is born... or if not, you'll only put on a couple of pounds.
I think the most important thing to remember is not to use delightful swimmy little fish baby (sorry, at 6 weeks he's a little fish baby and that image just makes me smile happily all day long!) as an excuse to eat all you ever wanted.  Get a better doc if you need to.  Ask how many calories you should eat for you and baby fishie, and ask how much weight is appropriate to gain.  Your doc should be able to give you good guidelines.  And always remember, momma's health is important for fishie's health!  Find out what sorts of exercise is appropriate and keep exercising.  Eat healthy, high quality foods to give you and fishy all he needs to grow.  I think that if you eat a variety of healthy foods, that will cut down on the cravings.  And if you are craving something specific, have it!  Just have a reasonable portion of it in your healthy diet.
I was 32 with my first and craved Oatmeal pies, poptarts, and fig neutons.  I ate lots of salads, veggies, and fruit and.. fell in love with Black Olives.  I gained 50 pounds and lost all of it within a few months.  I lost 22 pounds alone when I delivered.  She was only a 7 pound baby.  I breast fed and fed her nothing but the best veggies I could get.  She is 14 years old, 5'9' and beautiful.

My second, however, I didn't eat well, worried about my weight.  I became dehydrated, had too low of iron and became anemic.  I was so sick when I left the hospital that I couldn't breast feed him.    He is turning 6 this week and thank God he is healthy.

My advice for you is to eat!!! and eat Well and healthy and if you have a craving, give into it.  Don't obsess about your weight.  And take your vitamins!!!!! 

Hi Jemmy! Well congrats! I've never been pregnant but I too would be concerned about my weight.Now everything I know and what I'm about to tell you comes from a third year university level nutrition class and not from first hand experience.

I know that if you gain weight in your first trimester it is just as bad as gaining weight if you are not pregnant so it really isn't necessary to put on pounds untill the second and third trimesters.

You can expect an overall weight gain of 25-35 pounds! The break dowm of the weight gain goes something like this--You will gain 4-8 pounds of maternal fat stores, Uterus and breasts 6 pounds, blood is 4 pounds, and in the final trimester 11 pounds for the fetus, and amniotic fluid etc 

You do not have to gain a lot of weight with pregnancy! The women who gain too much weight while pregnant are simply overeating and trying to blame it on being pregnant. You do not have to increase your food intake until the second and third trimesters. Energy needs increase by an average of about 300 calories per day during the second and third trimesters. weight gain should be SLOW and STEADY up to a total of 25-35 pounds for a woman of normal weight. Vitamin B-6, FOLATE, iron, iodide, calcium and zinc are very important!!! Be very careful not to take too much vitamin A--this can be hazardous to a fetus.

Please make sure that you are taking in enough folate and make sure every calorie consumed is a high quality one. You really are not eating for two so don't overeat. If you have always been active then continue to be but make sure to clear this with your doctor first.

Congrats again! :) 
I will echo what most everyone said, except that I think you should gain at least a few pounds in the first trimester.  Those first 3 months are so critical.  I have 4 kids - so, been there, done that.  I would stress that most of your calories should be the highest of quality.  Empty, or sugary or junk food, calories will not help your baby at all or you.  Please eat when you're hungry and don't worry about gaining weight.  You're already at a low weight.  Just eat good food and eat when you're hungry, and everything should be fine.

Good luck and congrats!
(babies are beautiful)

I would say dont stress too much about eating and weight, because right now your biggest concern is your baby and that will be the case for the bext 9 months. Worry about weight/cals/etc until after you deliver it. Many of my friends lost the baby weight after delivery through breast feeding, and a couple of girls were even smaller. So breast feed, because its the best fot the baby, and you'll lose all that pregnancy weight.
Congrats!  That is very exciting!  I agree not to use this as an excuse to eat whatever you want, not only because of the weight but because you should be eating even healthier now to nurture the baby!  Yes, give in to your cravings once in a while, but make sure you eat really good nutritious foods while pregnant, and exercise!  There are tons of exercise classes for pregnant women that are awesome ("mommy aerobics" is offered almost everywhere!).  Overall, on average a healthy pregnant woman should gain between 20 and 35 pounds.  Some gain less, but you shouldn't really gain more or it's going to be "baby weight" for a while.

I agree with what people have said about your doctor.  If (s)he cannot tell you what you should be eating, and how to take care of the baby, (s)he is not a good doctor!  You need someone who can answer your questions and support you, especially if this is your first pregnancy and you are unsure of what to do, which is what it sounds like.
Congrads on the new baby. I have five healthy and beautiful children. The first one can always make you nervous and unsure of yourself. There are lot of good books out there that talk about good nutrition and what you need while you are pregnant. Everyone gaines differently with their pregnancies.  I was a total blimp with four of the five, but basically ate the same. Okay, I got a little laxed as I went a long. LOL. Just don't deprive yourself of the nutrients that is needed. The baby will get what it needs from you. So make sure you are eating healthy. Another good resource is your local school district depending on where you live. Most states have a Parents As Teachers program that is for everyone in the district. The PAT is an educator and they have information and handouts on motor development, language, etc for the specific age of the child. The program serves birth-school age. Again I think a lot of states have it. In Missouri it's a mandate that every district has the program. Even for us experienced moms it's nice to have the information as a refresher. If you don't have a program I bet there may be a local program through your hospital or an area agency. Good luck!!
General rule for preg/nursing:  add 300 cals/day to your diet.

Congratulations!  Life as you know it is now changing!

If I remember correctly, my doctor advised me to not skimp in the first trimester.   BUT, he wouldn't hesitate to get in my face if I splurged on useless, high-calorie junk foods!  Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition!
Having had two kids and gaining only my minimum with each I can only duplicate some of what you have already heard here.  Eat healthy and let the baby have what it needs.

Also, a little whisper in your ear..... if my doctor couldn't tell me something as basic as how much I should be eating or what kind of exercise I should be doing I would CHANGE immediately!

Congratulations! Be healthy.
It's really funny how so many people always say "don't worry about it" in regards to weight gain when you're pregnant. It's not a free for all. You're ONLY supposed to add about 300 calories per day. Like  that one person said, some people use it as an excuse to go hog wild. Well, I guess if that's what they want to do ...

I would have said to that doctor, "You're a doctor and you can't tell me this?" Although, I don't think they're taught much about nutrition in medical school -- that's crazy!
Oh I cannot thank you all enough for your kind, considered and intelligent responses - as well as all of you being so positive! I am so very stressed about all of this and reading these posts is just what I needed. THANK YOU ALL SO SO MUCH!!

I shall take all of the advice to 'not eat for two', but to eat healthily and according to what my body (baby?) is asking for. I am sure stressing about weight gain should be low down on the list of priorities right now.lol I just have to keep calm (easier said than done).

and you know...you are so right about the doc. I am going to do something about that!

ps. PM to you Pee. xxx
I'll add my congrats to the lot . . . but I also want to respond to something that workoutaddict said . . .

"You do not have to gain a lot of weight with pregnancy! The women who gain too much weight while pregnant are simply overeating and trying to blame it on being pregnant. You do not have to increase your food intake until the second and third trimesters."

Please be very careful when generalizing like that.  Gaining too much weight during pregnancy is not always simply overeating -- every woman, and every pregnancy, is different, and sometimes hormonal changes can cause excessive weight gain even when you're doing everything right.  While some people do certainly eat poorly and pay the price, it's not fair to make assumptions like that.  Don't beat yourself up if the scale goes higher than you'd like --what matters is that you're tkaing care of yourself and your baby.  The important thing to remember is that if you eat a healthy diet and keep up appropriate activity during and after pregnancy, whatever weight you do gain will come off naturally.

And regarding the first trimester -- it's true that weight gain is not necessary during this time, but it is also not uncommon or necessarily bad.  During the first trimester, the mother's body is working at an extreme pace (one book I read stated that the mother is expending as much energy during this time as she would if she were climbing a mountain!)  Some women don't need to eat more during the first trimester, but some do.  Some also need to eat near-constantly to keep morning sickness at bay.  Follow the same common-sense rules as you do at any other time -- if you're hungry, eat!  Make smart, healthy choices, and don't eat just "because you can."  But eat what you need to feel strong and energized.  And of course, workoutaddict's points about getting in the right nutrients cannot be stressed enough.

Pregnancy is a wonderful, joyous, exciting time!  Take care of yourself and your baby -- and don't worry too much about the numbers on the scale.  Enjoy every minute of it, in the healthiest ways possible!!
a big kiss to you pleezemama. Thank you for that great post. I shall try and relax and enjoy this time and take each day as it comes.

Your point about not gaining to much and that it sometimes happens, irrespective of doing all the right things is a point well made indeed. I think pregnancy is a time when we could all do without the guilt and worrying about things that are beyond our control and knowing that we are just doing our best.

I will take your advice to heart and hope that I can stay positive (if I can be wracked with anxiety and guilt I will be. I am terrible for that!)

congrats!! Just what I have learned.. When pregnant or nursing you need an additional 300-500 calories per child. The baby will use this up, so dont think of it as overeating or anything. Personally when I was pregnant with my twins, I just ate what I wanted and when I wanted and the babies used it all up. I gained 13 pounds total, but after giving birth I was less than pre-pregnancy. My body took control and told me what I needed, and I would crave it until I ate it. (whether it be veggies or rice krispy treats lol) Good luck!! And enjoy!!
Hi Jemmy!  Yahoo, babies are so fun!  I have three kiddos....9 mos, 21 mos, and 9 years.  I gained different amounts of weight with all of them.....

Really, don't freak about weight gain during pregnancy.  Do your best to eat right and be healthy...and yeah, the extra 300 per day is a good general measure.  Exercise is GOOD for you...especially during pregnancy.  I'm not saying to go out and train for a marathon....but walking is great, as is maintaining whatever you currently do.  My doc said if you could do it before you got pregnant, you could continue....with the exception of scuba diving and downhill skiing.  Hee hee!  She was pretty classic.

Remember that during your third trimester, many women are super prone to swelling (and even before!).  With my middle kiddo, I had only gained about 18 lbs up until the last 4 weeks of my pregnancy...and then my weight gain was up to 35 lbs!  Wow!  I was so swollen I couldn't fit into my husband's shoes!  Haa!  But...within one week after the baby I had dropped all but 8 lbs.  Not bad! 

Anyway...big congrats!  If you have any questions and don't have a ton of people who've been pregnant recently around you, please feel free to IM me!  I love to chat!

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