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pre-period weight gain & bloating (sorry, guys)

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Ladies, I'm in that slump again, I'm bloated (can't get my wedding rings off) so I know I've gained some pre-period water weight.  Even though I know what's going on, I'm still frustrated!  I mean, last week I weighed 137 (2 lbs from my goal), now I weigh 140+!!!  Guess I'll just do my best, no I WILL keep eating right and exercising, and hopefully by next week I'll be back to normal.  In the meantime I'm NOT recording my weight gain; can't stand to see that trend line go back up!
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suzigirl...I'm being visited by Aunt Flow as well.  I got on the scale and it was over 140 too...I didn't even check to see what it was (it wasn't a digital scale, it was a larger weighted scale at the gym).  I KNOW it's water retention and bloating from my period...It will disappear after 7 days.  I just refuse to weigh myself for a while.  I was 138 just a few days ago.  I KNOW I didn't gain any real weight...just that damn womenly issue! UGHHHHH.

I'm there with you....
Thanks, neeners.  I know it's just the womanly issue too, my measurements are the same, and like I said, my wedding rings are fitting tightly.  Gonna try drinking lots of water these next few days, hopefully that'll help too.  Any other hints you have, send them my way please!
I have had my weight fluctuate by as much as 10lbs during my period. Just keep repeating to yourself that it isn't real gain...
*Whew* Right there with ya! I stepped on the scale today to have gained 1.5 pounds, and I am starting in two days.
I'm right there too - in fact I'm terrified to actually get on the
scale since I don't think I can handle seeing the needle move up and
not down.  Here's hoping that we'll all see a nice positive trend
afterwards.  Filling up my glass with more water while I wait :-)
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haha dont even worry... I was 105 on Friday... Im gonna start my period and im up to 111... gimmie a BREAK ugh!!!!
i have a question:

when do u start gaining "water weight" from ur period relative to ur cycle?

i never know when to blame weight gain on my period bc i seem to gain too soon before my period and i think i might just be finding excuses to make myself feel better for not losing weight.

My water weight starts about five days before my period is due along with PMT and generally feeling sad. (nice that it all comes at once!) Im also really hungry and crave chocolate for those five days.

I usually gain between 4-6lbs which comes off over the next 5 days after starting if i eat well and havnt given in to too many of the cravings.  I hate it, feel like crap and no matter what i worry untill the weight has gone.
mine starts about 3-4 days before and i too crave sweets some days and salt the next... i just posted on the bloating and weight gain a couple weeks ago as well... i gained close to 8 lbs.... i seems like during ttom i drink a ridiculous amount of water and i never go to the restroom, i retain all the water.... luckily i lose all the weight 3-4 days after its over...phew... hang in there dont get discouraged... its not real weight... also since were on the topic.. has anyone noticed that during ttom the more junk we eat its like our metabolism is faster during that time??? or am i just weird??
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I'm having the same type of issues. I just went off the pill last month and I've been bloated ever since. I'm not sure if I've gained weight or if this is water rentention since my period is almost over. Can anyone lend any advice?
jenap what type of bc were you taking...I know when I came off of orthotriclen i gained about 15lbs in a matter of 2 weeks...I just about freaked, because I didn't know what was happening. I then spoke with my doctor, did a little research and realized that it was because I came off of the birth control but later lost the weight. Just think positive about it, eat right, exercise and you should be fine.

OH and to the original post, i gain anywhere from 3-12lbs depending on how my menstrual cycle goes. I don't start mine until Sunday and have already gained 3 lbs from yesterday...its just how it goes...keep your chin up, stay positive and don't get down on yourself, because we all know that this happens every month and then will go away...
HEY! I am SO glad you posted this when you did suzi... I weighed myself this morning only to discover that I freakin' gained weight from last week and I was devastated! lol... i know, i know... i'm being dramatic... but i feel better knowing now that i'm not the only one who puts on weight durring ttom (i started this weekend, bleh!).  hopefully next week's weigh-in will be much better...

hang in there girlies!
I just got a mine a week early...surprise!
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Thanks so much bodyscienceswife. I was actually on the generic of orthtricyclen so that makes me feel better hearing that you were in the same boat. I've never heard of this happening before. About how long did it take for you to return to your original weight?

I'm going through the same thing right now, but I was getting frustrated because I thought I had gained weight from Thanksgiving!  Now, I know I didn't eat anywhere NEAR enough calories to gain five pounds over the break, but lo and behold, the lovely scale said yesterday that I was up 5 pounds...but the funny part?  My tightest pair of pants still seemed to fit like they normally do, so I'm hopefully going to chalk this up to my period, which is due in just 3 days.  I've also been really bloated lately, with spots of acne breaking out.  And I also had a nonexistent period last time, so I'm thinking this time will be heavier.  Does this ever happen to anyone else?  Have a light/nonexistent period then have a REALLY heavy one the next?

Wow, don't worry too much about it. Last week I had my period, consumed msg, and did a lot of weight training. When I weighed myself the day after said activities (oh, and a large dinner in my tummy haha), I weighed 9 pounds more! But now I am back at my normal weight. So don't distress! =]

I just got mines also but the bad thing is I just started this calorie counting thing about four or five days ago.  So I probably won't see any progress for another two weeks!!!!!!!!!!!! (sad) 

i'm on the 3rd day of my mensy haha! sucks right? i'm up like 2 lbs and puffy Yell

I've been feeling like I'm going to start for over 2 weeks now. Cramping, bloating...but no period. However, the one thing that has shown up is an additional 5 lbs. on the #*$# scale! I've tried drinking a gallon of water a day, cutting my calories way back, and even increasing my calories. Nothing is working - the scale won't budge, and it hasn't for two weeks! While we're on the subject, any ideas on how to force a period to start? Yell

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Yah... I also realized that !.. I have gained liked freaking 4lb Before my period. Wonder if it will Actually return to my normal Weight .HAiz... Feel so Dis-heartered. 


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