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Pre-Diabetic AFTER loosing 100 pounds?

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Hi there

I am new to this forum and am hoping for some info related to pre-diabetes.

I am 44 year old female and over the last 2 years I have lost 101 pounds, with 8 pounds still to go.  I have taken a healthy approach, eating less and exercising more - it works - and am now at a healthy bmi.

I bought a blood glucose monitor a few weeks ago because sometimes, when I haven't eaten for a while, I feel myself start to shut down.  I thought for sure that with my now "healthy" lifestyle that I was suffering from low blood sugar, but the tests indicate otherwise.

My fasting level in the morning is 5.7 and this is pretty high!  I am really surprised.  I eat lots of fruit and veg, exercise and drink plenty of water.  I have my treats, but in now way like I used to.

Has anybody come across this before?  Is it possible to have LOST the weight required and be borderline diabetic?? 




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First, congratulations on 101 pounds! Over 2 years means you did it at a very healthy pace and that your nutrition is probably pretty good. With that in mind, I think now might be a good time to make an appointment with a doctor and one who specializes in diabetes at that. A specialist is much more likely to look at the nutrition aspect of your pre-diabetic condition than a GP doctor would. I find a lot of doctors spend little to no time on nutrition in relation to chronic illness.

My father was diabetic for many years and died of complications relating to his diabetes during a surgery. He did very little to manage his weight in the last six years of his life, but when I was younger he had very reduced needs for his medication when he gave up breads and soda. I remember being horribly disappointed when he went back to those foods, but I don't know if that's a good recommendation. Hopefully a once upon a time diabetic will come with better advice, but I wanted to offer some support in the meantime.

5.7 is in the normal blood glucose range. That range is 4.1-7 anything above or below that is usually cause for concern if you have a casual (after you have eaten) glucose of over 11 it could indicate diabetes. If you are concerned about being at risk, I would say speak to your dr and have him do some blood tests

Could you supply an outline of what your diet and activity level looks like? (don't leave anything out)

Some people are just predisposed to having high blood sugar, or high cholesterol, hypertension..etc. Blame your genes if you have other members in your family with diabetes. However, genetics alone are not the sole cause of diabetes, usually other aspects need to be in place in order for one to develop the disease (namely eating habits and activity; sometimes medication) which is why I ask for an example of your diet/activity.

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I have ALWAYS been borderline as it runs in my family.

You need to see a doctor for a fasting blood test. The at home meters are good, but the blood test is the most accurate.

Once you know for sure you can reduce sugars, white starches, etc to stabilize your levels without meds.

Exercise is also very important according to all the research I have done.

5.5 is lower then mine and I'm not on any medications. I need to drop 50 lbs adn need to get motivated to do it. Congrats on you weight loss- great job. what kind of exercise do you do. My knees hurt so bad. I need knee replacement in one knee and now that other is acting up. I get my blood checked every 3 to 6 months by my dr.

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Thanks to all for the informative replies!

I will certainly ask my doctor about this at my next appoint, as mentioned, the home meters aren't the end all and be all....

Moonbow1 - the exercise I have done is hill walking, swimming and workouts on the crosstrainer.  Every little bit helps and my knees no longer hurt when walking downhill.


Carmenxox - i have a pretty healthy diet, but I think I may have figured out the spike.  I have recently been trying to lay off carbs to shift the final pounds.  But felt so rough yesterday and was so hungry that had pita pizzas for supper followed by a bowl of popcorn that night.  For the first time that day, I had some energy.  I took my blood again this morning just to see the effect of having had the carbs, and my blood sugar read 3.8!  It made no sense.  But I looked on the net and found a couple of articles citing that very low carb diets can elevate blood sugar.  I wonder if this is what has been happening with me?

Anyway, I felt so lousy that I have decided to scrap the new low carb approach to shift the final 8 pounds, and just continue as I have the last two years with a balanced diet that includes ALL food groups combined with exercise. 

Thanks again for all your replies.  Will keep you posted..


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I read about this in the book "The Diabetes Miracle" by Diane Kress. I just started the program as I am type 2 diabetic. In this book she explains why it is not uncommon for people to become pre-diabetic as well as full blown type 2 when they have been dieting. She explains why this happens and how to avoid it. I just started reading and following the plan. Good luck.

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