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Weight Loss
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Hey.  I'm a 24-year-old female, in my second year of my weight-loss journey.  I've lost around 40, but I keep going up and down the same 10 lbs.  As I've said in previous topics, just when I feel like I'm getting on track and making progress, something will happen that completely derails me.

I was recently home for Spring Break (I'm a teacher).  While I was there, I went for 235.6 lbs to 242 lbs.  Yikes!  Since then I've taken it back off pretty  quickly, but I'm having trouble making more progress. 

Recently I've realized that my biggest downfall is eating with other people.  I do pretty well when I'm in my apartment by myself, but as soon as I'm out with people, my diet flies out the window. I hate to be the person eating the salad while everyone else is having pizza.  Plus, if I'm over at a friend's house and they offer me some delicously unhealthy food, I feel bad saying no, like I'm dissing their cooking skills or something.  How can I eat around other people and not feel like I'm a) deprived, or b) being rude?

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Ask to be served a MUCH smaller peice of whatever it is.  I tell my friends sure I'll try that but please give me a serving you would assume appropriate for a 4 yr old. It usually gets them to give me a 'proper' portion of whatever it is.  When it comes to beer I gladly have one with my friends. I do however plan for it and either drink at a much slower pace than them, have one and quit drinking (to be the DD for them) or rotate beer water beer water.

I'm learning to live life and enjoy things that I want.  If I know I'm going to be 'bad' at dinner I eat lower cal breakfast and lunch (but I never skip these meals unless I am truly fasting).

The smaller serving is definitely an option. Another way to phrase it would be "I just ate, but that smells/looks delicious! I'll have a bite, but I'm still pretty full from (insert last meal)." Sure, you may not have actually just eaten, but this way you can enjoy their cooking, and still stay on track without sounding rude.

As for being out with friends for a meal, I too hate being the one to order salad and drool over someone's hamburger and fries, so I have two strategies:

1. order whatever I want, split it in half, and then eat one half. Take the other half home. Split it in half when you get it. It's easier that way. If you don't feel too awkward, you could even ask your server for a box right away.

2. Order the main course that I want, with a small side salad. Eat the side salad first, then by all means plow into that hamburger (or whatever it is). If you eat your salad first, you may find you're not hungry for all of your burger. Take the other half home.

Both these strategies tend to work well for me.

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