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When you get cravings for something, how do you over come it if your on a diet and its not allowed in your diet (if you know what I mean. Take icecream for example. I know its okay if you eat it once and a while. What if you did want icecream but you had it yesturday? What do you guys do to get rid of the cravings?
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**yesterday I mean
This is one of the hardest things for me! I just try to make sure I don't keep things I'm likely to crave in my house.  That way, if I get a craving, and it's not handy, I can usually distract myself and it passes.  I've also found that if I don't have the evil thing (ice cream and chocolate, for me) at all for a while, the cravings go away.  It's hard for a few days, but then it's really easy. 

Some people would say not to deprive yourself completely of the things you love, and just have a little every now and then.  If you can put off worse cravings by indulging a tiny bit, that's great.  I don't have the discipline for that.  Once I start, even with a tiny bit of chocolate, I won't rest until I've eaten every bit I can get my hands on!
I have no problem working out longer to make room for a sweet, but if I'm not going to have it, I find making sure I eat frequently enough helps because even if I'm craving Ice cream, I'm not actually hungry. 

Also I find a similar substitute - Fruit or a protein bar when I'm craving sweets.
Sometimes I just give in!  Here is a great suggestion if you are craving a FATTENING DQ icecream cone. 

 BREYERS 100 Calorie Cups/Cookies and Cream!  ( 2 grams fat per cup )  Delicious.  Comes 6 to a box for $ 3.99.  Even if you sit down and eat the whole box, ( which I did in two's just 600 calores, and 12 grams of fat.  ) That was my binge for the month, lol. 
drink some water,  eat some protien and oatmeal.  Excercise!
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