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Post-hysterectomy weight gain...12 pounds in 2 days?

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I had my hysterectomy on Monday, May 19th. On Sunday, before I went to the hospital, I weighed 125. Now, 2 days after surgery, I weigh 137! IN TWO DAYS!

What's going on? Is this fluid weight from the IV? There is no way I gained 12 pounds in two days! I hardly ate anything at the hospital. Does anyone have any experience with this. My belly area is swollen but they say that's normal after a hysterectomy. If it is fluid weight, how long until it goes away.

I hope someone out there has an answer for this.

Thanks and God bless!

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Breathe! You just had major surgery. That is trauma on the body. You are retaining water from anesthesia, IV, and a bunch of other reasons I'm sure. Give yourself time to heal. :-)
Injured tissue retains water. The excess weight will probably stick around until you fully heal, slowly going down as your tissue returns to normal.

I would contact my doctor to find out if 12 lbs is normal, stick to my diet, and keep very close track for the next few days to make sure it doesn't get worse. Keep up nutrition and drink plenty of water to help fight off infection, just in case.

Yay!  As of this morning, all the extra weight is gone...back to 125...must have been fluids from surgery.  Thanks for all your comments and help!

Relax. Surgery is a major trauma to your body and  your body's natural reaction is to accumulate lots of extra water while it recovers from the shock.

I see you posted that the extra fluid has already gone away... glad to hear it!

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I had a total abdominal hysterectomy on April 29 and when I got home (I was in for 4 days :( I had also gained 12 pounds from pre surgery wt.  My gyne explained that they over hydrate you during surgery to make sure you do not dehydrate with the recovery.  Patients in pain are less likely to drink and they also can't get to the bathroom quickly so again less likely to drink.  On the plus side since I've been home I've lost the 12 and 7 more.  Hang in there and take it easy.  I've found as I push myself the more I have the swelling in the belly.  better to take it easy until you heal.  Jen

hi if you dont mind me asking why did you have the surgery i heard there is alot of health problems years after the surgery.

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I can only speak for myself but I had severe pelvic pain from endometriosis and after a number of failed treatments I was give the hysterectomy option as a last resort.   It's been only under 4 weeks and I feel so much better already. I can only say that this was the right choice for me.   I had a total abdominal including the ovaries.  I guess it was a cost/benefit deal for the surgery in that there may be issues with bone density and some heart health issues in the future but my quality of life was really poor and I had been dealing with this for about 10 years.  I should say also that I am 42 and so maybe the long term effects will not be as significant since I am not really that young.

Yea...I thought this was strange....until my girl friend gained 22 pounds in 3 days...I am hoping she heals quickly

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