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Is it possible to lose 37 pounds in 4 months???

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Im a 6'2" girl who weighs 187 pounds. I am 18 years old.

I started a diet January 4th and weighed 200 pounds. I have lost 13 pounds since then!

Is it possible to lose 37 pounds by June 5th???

I would love motivation!

Thatnks you guys!



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see this similar thread from yesterday or the day before.


I am not sure about losing 37 pounds in 4 months.  6 months seems to be more realistic for that much about of weight.  It took me 6 months to loose 30 pounds. 

It first couple of weeks my body lose a lot of weight but now since my body has gotton use to changing my diet and exercise, I am only losing 1 pound a week.

It's unlikely for two reasons.  First being that you're not overweight.  People of a healthy weight do not lose weight that fast.  1% of your body-weight per week would be about the maximum.  You've been losing so far at the rate of 1.6lbs per week..... That's more normal.   Second reason... if you were 150lbs (10st 10lbs) at 6'2" your BMI would be 19 and that's something your body is going to fight tooth and nail not to happen.  A BMI of 20 - 25 is a more normal, healthy weight range.    170lbs would be the mid-point for your height, for example.

http://www.kidsnutrition.org/bodycomp/bmiz2.h tml 

Yeah, that may be a little hard.  Thats 2.31 pounds per week for 16 weeks.  Aim for instead maybe 20 pounds and do some serious weights which may counter act the scale but you will lose many inches and still be able to fit what you wanted to, of course thats if that was your goal. At my weight now, I am a size bigger than when I was at this same weight last year because I was exercising and doing weights all the time.

so you have lost about 2lbs a week which is a pretty good pace. I think you should keep doing what you are doing. Setting goal days for when you want to hit a certain weight can make you a little nutty I am speaking from previous expirence. You could lose that much weight by june but as long as you are trying to lose weight and are losing some weight that makes you successful dieter. If you are working out and gaining muscel you are speading up for metablism, but musle does not slow the weight lose proccess but makes the scale not the best indicatore for weight loss. So now I am rambling you probably cant lose that weight that fast. But you have lost 13lb dont change I thing about your program you are doing a great job. 

Thank you so much (:

Hey, I have just read this post. I lost exactly 37 pounds in 4 months (from 180 to 143) and it was not unhealthy and nor did I starve myself. Once I aet plenty and healthily, the weight just fell off. I am tall too at 5ft 11" and what is more - I was only out of the healthy BMI range by 0.1 when I started and by the 4th month I got down to 19.9.

I'd like to know your progress in this? Are you finding it difficult, hard to stay on track? It is possible!

I lost 48lbs but it took 12 months. The weight really started coming off when I started exercising hard. I started with a diet change to very healthy foods. At about 4 months I started walking everyday for 2-4 miles. And I walk hard. Not sure if you really need to lose a lot but exercise will help.

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Sorry to use you're post.
Just keep eating healthy and stay on track even if it takes longer.

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Yes it is. I have lost almost 40 pounds in 3.5 months. I ate healthy, worked out 2-3 times a week (efficiency is important), didn't cheat (ok 2 or 3 times maybe).

Here are the basic rules:

1 - Never starve yourself, eat frequently and healthy. Don't take out your food, cook at home and cook responsibly :) (thanks goes to my wife here)

2 - Do NOT eat junk food. As snack you can have 100 calorie popcorn and 10 calorie Jelo.

3 - Stay active during the day, and enjoj every opportunity of a quick exercise (I have never used escalator or elevator in the subway station near my apartment since January and I frequently use stairs in my apartment as well - We are living on 9th floor - 146 steps I count hundred of times :) )

4 - Work out and do it right. Your purpose should be losing body fat not muscle. Work out when you are hungry (morning workouts are best even though some people here don't agree), and have some protein between your cardio and weight lifting (a slice of turkey salami works fine for me). Increase your metabolism.

There are many things that you should consider, I am sure you can google and find out what you should do.

Good luck

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