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Weight Loss
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Is this possible? Or would i have to show some loss of poundage before inches?
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Of course it is possible. 

I am assuming that you are working out if you are losing inches?

Congrats on the inches lost!
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Yep, its entirely possible. If your body builds new lean muscle mass at the same speed as you are burning fat, you will lose inches but see no change in the scale, because one pound of muscle takes up less space than one pound of fat.
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It's very possible , but this usually happens only when you are a beginner at strength training or not being active for a while
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I have not lost or gained weight but inches are coming off. I just returned to lifting weights. I was not active for 6 months!!! grrrr
I had inches come off first before the weight. Congrads!! Be proud!!
Ha, I actuallyu don't know if I am losing inches... I just posed it since my weight seems to be fluctuating. Thanks though.
Oh its possible and frustrating.  I have been really working on a weight routine this past month, I look good, the scale goes nowhere.  In a couple months the scale will start moving again.  So stick with it.
I lost inches and pant sizes while gaining weight so don't let the scale run your life.
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