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Is it possible to gain fat & inches without gaining weight ? Interesting observation

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Approx 2 years ago I was walking/jogging quite a bit and eating well (although not crazy dieting-maybe 2000-25000 calories a day, I am 5'9" and 180 lbs) I managed to lose only like 20 lbs but many inches.  Took like 18 months for that to come off, but I did it slowly and almost completely in excercise.

Now to Today, I have just recently started this forum to lose my extra weight (20lbs) But before now It has been maybe 1 to 1 1/2 years I did virtually no excercising, I ate decent, but not really counting calories and I have not put any weight back on, (except for maybe the 3-5lb fluctuation that seems to always be there) but I feel really blubbery and loose, and my jeans seem to not fit the way they used to, still go on, but just don't look as good. 

So this freaks me out, Is it possible to gain "weight" appearance wise but not on the scale?  Ugh.. I hate that idea, It does seem like I used to lose inches without losing weght before.  I really hate this stuff.  Here I thought I was maintaining my weight, but really I've been putting it on and not knowing? 

Anybody else had experiences like this.  Gaining/losing with no movement on the scale?

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Maybe you did gain weight, but lost some muscle, so the scale didn't show any changes?

Yes, Denlishen, what you're describing is possible; It is possible to gain body fat while maintaining the same weight on the scale.

To simplify the idea for the sake of disscussion, fat is stored while muscle is lost. What happens to a bodybuilder if she or he stops working out? They shirnk, or lose muscle more specfically. The reason is that muscle growth is the body response to extra work in order to handle it. So, when the body doesn't need the extra power, it gets rid of it.

Now, the tuff part is that sometimes one might gain fat in it's place. One reason is they have less muscle to burn fat. Another reason is they burn less calories. A third reason is they might simply be eating more. It could be combination of three, it dependes, but it sounds like something along those lines happened to you.

Now, you want to know if something like that ever happen to me? Sort of, let me explain. When I was younger, I never worked out and I was about 170 pounds with a belly. Then, I started working out heavily and weighed in at 190 pounds with a six pack. So, as you can see, it's kind of what you are talking about but not exactly the same--but what two experiences are? Good Luck.

I'm confused, but not that confused. I really think your problem could be lack of muscle mass. You have taken a break from working out for over an year right. I hope I understood what you wrote... This is the deal. I feel you have 3 things going on here.

1.) Too much or lack of water can make your weight yoyo like this.
2.) It's been a year, and I feel you have lost some toned muscle mass in your legs.
3.) You could have a great pair of broken in jeans, and the fit awful now.

I really feel if you are going to go in and get those last 20 pounds, then just go for the 20. And what looks awful is going to fall into place with the last 20 pounds.

Congrats on losing weight on a diet like that.. Doing it slowy too, that's good.. Maybe you need to check into your sodium intake as well.. This may not have anything to do with your diet, but look into it anyway.. Sodium hold water you know... I just keep on thinking about the scale.. Have you gotten a new one. Well, with that being said... Just don't worry too much. :)

I feel you are lacking tone.. Maybe things will change when you get start your program again.. :) Take care of yourself, and don't worry too much.. Everything will snap back into place..


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