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Weight Loss
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Is it possible?

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Is it possible to do everything right and not loose weight?

That might sound silly but this is where I always get frustrated and stop exercising. 

I am a 32 year old female, 5'8" and 250 pounds. When I was 20, I did quite a bit of weight training and looked ripped (150 pounds). I don't have the long and lean feminine muscles, I get bulky and ripped gaining muscle very easily. 

I have never counted calories before this week. I started eating between 1200 - 1500 calories and doing moderate exercise (if I find the time). My goal is to have a -1000 net calories every day. I am eating MUCH better foods and I am not hungry, eating small meals 4-5 times a day and drinking 128oz of water. 

I need to make it past this gaining weight time where I think I am gaining muscle but I need to be reassured that this will work for the long term. I have gained 1.2 pounds in the last 2 days. 

Someone please tell me that I am not the "freak of nature" that can do everything right and still not loose weight. Is is humanly possible for a woman of my size to eat 1200 - 1500 calories and NOT loose weight?

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It's tough when you get started getting your calorie intake right. Believe it or not you probably need to eat a bit more to lose weight.

When I started, for the first time, (I'm a wagon jumper), I was eating the same cals as you and not losing much either. As soon as I increased my cal intake to about 1700-1800 I started losing weight consistently.  My activity level is lightly active BTW.

Everyone is different. You just need to find your balance.

You also sound like you are somewhat active so your body will definitely appreciate the extra fuel!

I get cranky if I eat under 1600 cals even without a workout.

Give it more time, trust the math, do every thing right and weight in weekly or every 3 to 4 days.

just drinking a glass of water adds a pound, a meal can add a pound, its water and bulk food not fat or body mass.

We live in a day and age where we all want instant gratification. Changing your body can happen and it will do exactly what you tell it too. but you have to give it time.

I am stoked I just weighed in and am down two pounds after a week. the rate I want for my size at 5 10 210lbs, well now 207.8

The key is to just stick with it and the pounds fall off slowly over time.

keep in mind also you do lose weight very fast in reality, If your doing a deficit of say 800 calories that is about a 1/4 pound burger per day your pealing off your body. or about a hand full of mass, mostly fat if your exorcizing.

that's a lot, but it does not seem like a lot because its taken off evenly over your whole body and not in spot areas like we want it. some from the face, some from the back, neck, legs, belly arms etc. Just a little at a time from here and there.

But when you do this over the course of a year. you get comments from people you dont see very often like, wow, you look so much leaner. And have you lost weight? or just Hey you look great.

I was a little smaller than you were when i started this a couple years ago, check out my pictures and you can see how fast the math works and what the results are if you stick too it.

And yes I had days were I was up and down a few lbs here and there but I stuck too it and it worked.

I agree with the above posts that you should probably (1) not be so hard on yourself and (2) eat a little more.

I would also add that you may be eating too much salt. I know that for me, I gain waterweight almost instantaneoulsy if I've had too much sodium. I weigh myself every day, but I know alot of people are believers of the once a week thing because you're able to see the bigger picture than just from day to day fluctuation. Just one example, yesterday morning I weighed 217.8, ate really well and had almost a 1,000 defecit, but this morning weighed 218. It doesn't mean that you're not burning fat.

Another posibility is that if you just did this huge change in your calories all of a sudden, your body might be in starvation mode where it needs more food.

I'm going to add you as someone that I'd like to support. I think that our struggles as similar and could def use someone with similar stats to support me. Smile

I think we are about the same. I am 222 lbs right now...Maybe 1,000 is a bit agressive. I know it can be tough but give yourself a break. I want to step on the scale everyday and see results. I really struggle with that....I've been jogging which has been hard for me. I used to run alot, but when you're heavier it seems like your body has a harder time just moving in general.

As far as the can I lose weight question. I'd try just inching up your calories like 100-200 and see if that changes things. I'm eating 1300-1400 and lost a bit...only day three. I wouldn't go much above that. I know folks are recommending more, but they may not be trying to lose as much as you are or they may be exercising more...At 250lbs you will lose weight if you eat the right calories, get out and move, and drink water. Just be patient. 

FYI...3,500 calories is a lb lost. If you have two days of 1,000 calorie deficit that's not even a pound. It could be the time of day  you weigh as well...Just don't give up yet. Tell yourself you're going to stick it out for 2 weeks! Then decide.

A 5'8" 250 pound person eating 1200 calories is definitely not "doing everything right". Eat more food and be patient, permanent weight loss takes time. As for whether or not you are a freak of nature, honesty is the best policy.


The Burn Meter with your stats says you will burn 2270 calories a day sedentary. If you take 500 calories off that (over 7 days with give you a deficate of 3500) you should be eating about 1700-1800 calories. If you are active you need to eat back some more.

It took a long time for me to figure this out. This is the third time I have started on CC. The first two times I followed the CC guidelines for number of calories to eat, which was 1400-1500 and the weight actually increased. This time I read the forums more closely and have found the 500 calories deficate is what to aim for.

Since the beginning of December I have dropped 10 lbs (started @ 274 lbs, 5'6) and that is with Xmas and New Years in there and eating at 1600-1700. Please do not beat yourself up, with small changes things will happen.

Try upping your Calories by 100 for a week and see what happens

Def. try adding calories for a little while... from protein and healthy fats... then cut again and up the exercising. You have to mix it up!

Thanks for all the replies! Most days I am in the 1300-1500 range. I work at home and spend a lot of time at my computer. I am getting a food scale today and that should help me get more accurate readings.

More that anything I needed reassurance that I am on the right path. After 4 kids in 6 years, I want to get the weight off but I KNOW that slow and steady wins the race. :-)

Hi Jess150, I first tried this calorie count Jan 15th 2011, I lost 60 pounds and then I stopped to see if I could keep the weight off. When I stopped, I slowly gained weight again. But I was able to keep off 40 pounds for the year. I was doing this with a friend of mine who was also in the 300's. We compared intake and burn levels and found that if we have an average net burn of 700 calories a day, we actually would lose more weight than any other amount. For a while I was burning over 1500 a day and not loosing any weight. My doctor said it was because my body was going into starvation mode so I wouldn't lose any weight. The other critical factors that I have found is getting enough sleep and keeping negative stress in check. I found that when people are over worked and tired, they tend to eat to stay awake and get the short bursts of energy. Also, if you are stressed out a lot (not just a little, like everyone is every day.) but major stress, like loss of job, death in family, that the body will not allow you to loose any weight. Anyways, I started up again for this year, I am going to loose at least 70 pounds. I started the 1st day and gained 2 pounds. It is because of the water that I'm drinking and the high sodium diet. It works it out of the system soon enough. I figure by Monday, I will have lost about 4 pounds. I hope this helps you understand some of the the challenges you can have loosing weight. You are on the right track though. This is the only thing that has ever worked for me, even the doctors didn't get it right. They kept telling me to eat less. So I changed until I found one that actually listened to me, and he suggested this site. Thank god!

You should be fine. KEEP doing what you're doing and just give it time. My body takes a few weeks to catch on to what I'm doing and it is so frustrating! But hang in there and it WILL come off!!
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