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Weight Loss
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...where do you strive to be?

Your answer doesn't have to be a particular weight. Maybe your goal is non-weight-related like completing a 5K, fitting into a particular article of clothing, feeling great at a special event, etc. 

It's January 24, 2013. What have you accomplished?

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im currently 212 pounds at 5 foot 4 inches and aim to be 140pounds in a years time. :) x

Under 200 Pounds!!! (currently 248 down from 265)

Buying L's instead of XL's.

For me to be completely recovered from bulimic or be eating disordered free for the first time in six years

Lose and stablize my weight at 118

Be smoke free

Be happy with my body
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I'd like to be 124 lb and feel pretty for the first time x
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I wanna be down to 145 (from 190) and I wanna be able to feel sexy

I'd LOVE to be somewhere around 130...give or take 5 pounds. I think I'd like to be maintaining at this point next year...

Although I guess what I REALLY want is just to still be working out next year...I have a tendency to let exercise slide when I get near my goal...

You should dig these up next year and re-post and we'll all see where we are at!

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I have accomplished running 6 miles without stopping. I have a 25 inch waist and killer legs! :) (I hope to be able to say that next year!)

I hope to be able to fit in the MRI machine when I have my brain rumor monitored. And pray to got it still shows benign.

Jan. 4th 2011  I started eating healthier, exercising and cutting back on booz. I'm now 15 pounds lighter. I'd like to lose more weight so if it takes me a whole year to lose 15 more pounds than so be it.

I'd like to conquer the fitness trails at the state park without stopping constantly because I'm out of shape. So fitness is #1 followed by more weight loss. :)

A year from now, I want to be healthy. I want to be able to run up the stairs at my house without feeling like I'm going to pass out. This new year's resolution was to lose weight. And next year's new years resolution is to quit smoking. So, by this time next year, I want to be a smoke-free, healthy, happy person. And, pound -wise, I want to have dropped 75 pounds. That's halfway to my goal weight.

A year from now I'd like to be maintaining what I've lost (I'd like to be around 150)and not gained the holiday weight.  I'd like to be excited to exercise and maybe even be able to run a bit.

I'd also like to be finishing up my degree and hopefully working someplace else...someplace that makes me happy.

Oh, and I'd like my daughter to be headache free.


Love this poll!

I currently weigh 277, a year from now I want to be down to 217 or less (5lbs a month) and still losing. I also want to have a regular fitness schedule which includes cardio and weight training and I want to have my first jogged 5k under my belt.

I also want to have paid off 50% of my debt - which I am making great progress on. I want to be in the same relationship as I am now and just as happy and excited about it as I have been for the last year and a half.

In 2 years, I want to be working on maintaining my goal weight, celebrating being totally debt free and planning an awesome trip with my honey where we can both be active and do fun things we are restricted from doing right now. Ziplining, tree top climbing, paragliding etc...

A year from today I hope to be maintaining a healthy, muscular, fit 130 lbs on my 5'6 frame....

I also hope to be competing regularly with my new horse Cooper, who I am riding in my avatar picture. :)

I plan to be a marathoner (as of March 17 - oh god, wish me luck). I also plan to be maintaining at my goal weight or below (still 20-25 pounds off). 

A year from now, I hope to be truly happy with who I am and to have finally rid myself of disordered eating thoughts. 

Looking forward to the rest of 2012. May it be a great year for you all! =)

A year from today (195lbs), I would like to 140lbs or less. I also want to be able to feel good about myself and my body, have more self confidence and know that I can reach my goals with hard work and determination!

Finishing a marathon in under 3:30:00

I want to be back to my pre-children weight (135, currently 177) and have more energy!

I hope to have another marathon (or two) under my belt. I'm also actively trying to decrease my half marathon time. I'm hoping by next year I'll be able to run a half in 1:30:00. :) My current half time is just over 2 hours.

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I would like to lose 40 lbs and have more energy. I want to feel more comfortable with myself and try on clothes without getting depressed.
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I hope to have my application for medical school done my next year at this time. And to maintain the weight I will be after I'm done losing it!
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