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Poll: How many Inches Lost Per 10 Lbs

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Taking a poll because I'm curious. For those of you who've tracked your measurements, can you tell me how many total inches you lost per every 10 lbs lost? I'm trying to see if there's any sort of average inches per pounds - even if we all lose weight in different areas.

For example, I didn't track chest and arms until late in the game, but I've lost roughly about 9 inches in about 10 lbs (high waist, at the belly button, hips, thighs, calves). If I guesstimate the chest and arms, it may work out to around 10 inches per 10 lbs.

Also please note whether you are dieting only, dieting plus cardio, dieting plus cardio and weight training. I'm dieting plus cardio but no weight training.

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i'd say 1 inch/10 pounds around the waist for an average sized male.
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The first month I joined curves (female only gym, that weigh and measure you every month), I lost 10lbs and 10inches, 2nd month I lost 4lbs and 3.5inches, forgot to get weighed/measured the 3rd month. 4th month gained a pound but lost 4 inches. 5th month lost 5lbs and only 2.75 inches so I'm not entirely sure its 1lb is an inch

Most of my weight I've lost through dieting about 1500 calories a day. I also exercise 4 times a week 30 minutes of various cardio and then 2 days a week of different strength exercises which includes crunches, push ups, light weights ect. for about 20 minutes.

I typically lose a overall total of 8-10 inches  collectively. I lose and gain all over.

Edited to add.. I only took my bust,waist, hip and thigh measurements.

It also depends on the number of measurements you take.  If you take 30 measurements of different parts of your body, you will lose a larger total of inches per pound.

For instance, in the past month, I've only lost 2 lbs.  However, with my 18 different measurements, I've lost a total of 6.5 inches.

Compared to the previous month, where I lost 5 lbs and lost 7.75 inches (with the same number of measurements).

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