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Poll: Good method to loose weight without having loose skin

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  I saw some of the posts about loose / saggy skin after the weight lost. I am scared with this. Is there any good method to loose weight that will avoid this problem?

Like, Only reduce 200 calories per day from your daily accepted consumption and do lot of weight lifting and cardio. So that you will reduce  ½ lb per week and let you body to adjust with the new size and the exercise will tight up your body. Is it possible?

Btw, I 5?? 10???? and currently 198 lbs. I am planning to go to 175 lbs In future.
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If you're only trying to get down to 175 I don't think you'll have any problems with saggy skin.
One way to avoid sagging skin is to lose your excess weight while you are young enough for your skin to still have some elasticity so it  can recover.  Since I am older (52yo) I am finding that the skin is not recovering its shape like I would like it to.  Oh, well!  I'd rather be thin and have sagging skin that be fat enough to fill it all out like I once did!  (I have lost 81 pounds so far)  I am finding that I can cover up most of the sagging, so it's all good with me.

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Losing 1 to 2 lbs a week will help reduce the sagging skin.  If you lose it slowly your body has enough time to recover from losing weight.  Age does play a role here too.  There has to be some elasticity in your skin.  You can do weight lifting when you are losing weight to help tone but you need the cardio to burn fat and lose the weight.
So I've been mulling this question for a while:

Does losing weight slowly actually reduce the amount of sagging skin or does your body recover what it's going to recover regardless, but it just appears that losing faster causes more sagging skin because the body can't react so quickly?

That was mostly unintelligible, so I'll try to give a hypothetical example.  Say it took you 4 months to lose 40 pounds.  Since you're only losing a bit every week, your body is reacting in time with your loss.  But say you lost those same 40 pounds in one month (remember, hypothetical here).  There will obviously be more loose skin at the end of that 40lbs.-in-one-month month than there would be after losing 40 lbs in 4 months, but could that just be because you were losing more quickly?  So how much loose skin would you have 4 months after losing the 40?  Could that be equivalent to 4 months losing slowly?

I guess my point is *40 lbs. 40 months* Does it really matter when it comes off?  Would the actual results of the fast and slow methods be the same AFTER the 4 months? (after 3 months without losing in the fast plan)

Dunno if any of this is understandable at all lol.  Just food for thought.  I don't know the answer, perhaps some of you might.
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Thanks for some of the comments from fellow members.

More info: I am 35 years old guy. I used to be 225 in late 2005 / early 2006 and I reduced to 202 in 3 months using excersize and healthy diet (no steep cut in cal). I didn't see any loose skin, I didn't see much change in my belly too, this is a different topic (I am a apple shapped person). I guess that I contrated too much on cardio and too little on weight training at that time.

I stopped doing excersize and back to 206 in 4 months. I started this again. Now my goal is 175. I hope that I will reach to there this time with no problem in the skin.

I just wanted to get the comments from the people who went through this process.

How many of you reduced around 10-20% of your body weight with no signs on saggy skin?
I had lost weight fairly quickly 2 yrs ago and I guess I would say I had sags - I remember noticing it mostly on my arm near my elbow but now that I started doing weights I don't notice it any more.
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I'm older then you but since Aug I've gone from I guess 205 to being stuck at 177. No loose skin.

OTOH I also lost a fair bit around my waist and relatively little  in other spots.  So I don't know how that factors in.

The question I have is we all lose some skin over time and the body creates new skin. If you just wait long enough won't you have a complete new skin at the new weight?

Granted you get new skin cells but you don't peel / shed or molt like some animals/ insects do. 

Look at conjoined twins before they do surgery to seperate them they insert "expanders" under their skin and add saline to these to make the skin grow so when they seperate them they have skin to put over the areas that were seperated.  They do this for women who have mastectomies too so when its time to do the reconstruction there is skin to go over the implants - so when you gain weight you have more surface area skin and when you lose weight that surface area is basically still there and the only way to lessen the sag is to firm up the muscle underneath the skin.  If you've ever seen people after bariacic surgery they usually end up having to have the excess skin surgically removed but they also lose the weight very quickly - but also people who are very heavy and lose weight steadily and slowly are still going to have to put up with a bit of saggy skin.

I'm also a guy (24 yrs old) with the same problem, so I figured I'd comment.  I went from about 215 - 175.  My problem is under the eyes.  I've been steady at the same weight for about 3 months now and still have some issues with skin.  Hydration helps, lots of water, if it persists for another month or so, I'm going metro and getting some kind of skin cream.  I'll get back to you with how that goes. 
I have lost 50 lbs (213 to 163) so far and am having no saggy skin problems.  I am 37 yrs old.   I have lost this weight slowly - I'm not sure if that makes a difference or not!

(Well, okay, I do have a bit of saggy skin, but it's my belly and I had 4 full-term pregnancies so it doesn't really apply here!).
Those of you losing like...20-30 lbs are not going to see loose skin.  It's those of us who have lost 100 or near it that do.

I lost 100...and I do have loose skin.  I know there is some fat underneat it, but not so much that its THIS loose.  My only hope is that eventually it tightens up over time.  I lost the 100 in about 7 months, so yeah...that'll do it.  Perhaps in a year it will look better?  Perhaps not.  I just have to play the waiting game.
I have heard that it helps to exercise while you're losing. 
I was thinking about this again and unfortunately forgot to mention I have a "Turkey chin"  Since loosing 4 of my chins I notice this bit of sag just don't what type of excercise to do to reduce that or make it not so "wobbly' and wrinkled.

Hey, i dont think you have to worry at all about loose skin. i was 169, then went up to 189, and now im back down to 172 and i dont have any loose skin. my goal weight right now is 145-150, and i am also 5' 10".

good luck! :D

I lost 130+ pounds over about 16 months and I have some loose skin.  Under arm - what I call turkey flaps - that no matter how much weight lifting I do, still fly in the breeze.  Also, the saddlebag area and belly, esp. if I'm leaning over.  On the other hand, I'm 53, my husband has seen me at my very worst (think 130 pounds ago), and ya know, in public I have a habit of wearing clothes.  I'll take some sags over diabetes or heart disease. 

You should be fine since you don't have too much weight to lose.

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