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Points Plus

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I am shocked by the new weightwatchers system called Points Plus. How in the world is it possible that they RAISED the number of points each person can eat each day AND made all fruits (including bananas which used to be 2 points!) zero points???

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They raised the total, but many of the foods have higher points now.  My Smart Ones lunches went from 5 to 7.  My mocha went from 2 to 3.  I actually enjoy the fact that fruits are now free.  How many people do you know who got fat from eating too many bananas?  Wink LOL! Laughing

I was actually pretty dang upset the first day I found out, but as I use it more, I am having a better time with it actually.  In many ways, I still prefer good plain ol' calorie counting, but don't like to have to log everything. I can't do it at work, so would end up spending 30+ minutes each night logging.  It very quickly began to feel like homework.

Well, anyhew, I hope you find your groove, either with WW or another program.  Getting healthy habits is very difficult, especially if you are not happy with the routine.

Hey..I am very happy with my routine of counting calories. I know that foods were raised but NOT AS MUCH AS THE TOTAL POINT ALLOWANCE WAS RAISED!!! It is extremely strange to me that WW changed their already succesful diet and are claiming that people will LOSE weight by eating MORe calories and an unlimited amount of fruits. That does not make sense. I agree it is healthier because people will eat more fruits. But I do not think people will eat less of the "bad" stuff like 100 calorie cookies and snack packs since they CAN fit it into their now bigger point allowance. I have a strong feeling people will NOT lose wieght by doing that. And if they do it will take yeeeeeeaars. Calories are calories and fruits have a lot of them. I, like most people, can easily pack in 500 more calories per day with fruit if I "pretended" they were all zero calories. Would I lose weight? No way!

Original Post by ladydesira:

How many people do you know who got fat from eating too many bananas?  LOL! 


People who like and eat too many? In my country there's no WW, but I'm familiar with the system and 0 points for fruit is a really bad move. At least for me it would be... When I was younger and overweight it was because I ate too much fruit. What can I say? I love it :D

The problem was that WW taught people how to eat low point, but not how to eat correctly.

I did WW for 3 years -- I was successful the first year, not so much the rest of the time.  I found myself looking for 0,1, and 2 pt foods, with little regard to what those foods actually were.  And they were not all healthy foods (yes, cool whip had 0 or 1 pt, add unsweetened cocoa, and you have 0 or 1 pt chocolate "ice cream" -- but not really. And it sure as heck ain't healthy.)

I applaud WW making most fruits and veggies 0 pts -- if it gets people to eat them, more power to them.  I understand they did studies regarding the people who may decide to try an eat only fruit and/or veg and decided that the risks were minimal. 

As far as the total points increase goes?  I applaud this as well.  There total pts for me (before activity pts) left me at 1300 calories -- while I was still 175 lb, and 5'8"  Activity pts simply had me eating back the cals I burned.  That's when I packed it in.

WW finally recognized their program was basically a low calorie diet, mostly pushing high fiber low carb.  It's still low calories, albeit not as low as it was, and it will probably teach people to eat better instead of teaching them to manipulate the system.

I think the more zero-point foods there are the more manipulating people are going to do.  I see it's only fresh fruits that are zero point and dried fruits (which likely have added sugar) still have points, but I could easily gain weight on fresh bananas and apples and strawberries and cherries.

Yup, I agree. People are going to pack in the high sugar/calorie fruits (bananas, pears, grapes, etc.), plus eat more, and they are NOT going to lose wieght. Maybe they will be eating healthier because of more fruits and vegies, but it is NOT healthy to be overweight. I can understand WW promoting this as a "healthier eating lifestyle" or something like that, but not a weightloss diet. It is not going to work. Even the study that they did to prove this as a better diet makes no sense. They compared 2 groups of people- the first group ate their points of whatever they wanted, and the second group ate their points mainly of fruits and vegies and lost "just as much if not more weight." However, WW says that BOTH groups ate basically the same amount of points!!! THis is their proof??? Obviously if you maintain your points AND eat basically fruits and vegies you'll lose more weight than someone who eats their points of cake and icecream...because fruits have more fiber. But my question still remains..why did WW then raise the point allowace for people by soooo many??? (again, I know they raised some of the points of the "bad" foods, but not as much as they raised the daily point allowance...)

I just completed my first week on the Points Plus and I lost 4.6 lbs! I was shocked that I did so well... I'm still wondering if their scale was off or something. I was skeptical when I signed up but I know several people who have lost weight on WW so I figured I had nothing to lose. 

I am trying to find the motivation to commit to the P90X program. I have tried to start a few times before but I only last a few days before falling off the wagon.

Is anyone else trying to do Points Plus & P90X?  Considering joining my group... 

Points Plus & P90X (Girls Club)

 Points plus... I am doing this I feel like it is a lot of food!!

I haven't been going overboard on fruit either, today an apple, a banana...

will be interesting to see if you can lose on this much food! 

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Have you ever tried to eat 10 or more bananas a day?

kind of impossible, you are so full after 6, and each medium banana is about 110 calories

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Does anybody know how to calculate the daily allowance?


Original Post by claudiapw:

Have you ever tried to eat 10 or more bananas a day?

kind of impossible, you are so full after 6, and each medium banana is about 110 calories

It doesn't take eating 10 bananas a day to cause a problem, and I doubt anybody's gonna try to eat them all at once. 

All you have to do is eat your maintenance calories or greater not to lose any weight.  Say your regular meals leave you feeling hungry during some parts of the day so you virtuously eat a couple bananas plus an apple and an orange and some grapes and raisins here and there for snacks.  That can add up fast.

I was surprised to hear about it too. I mean, I get WHY they did it (apparently, people weren't eating fruit at all because of the points), but I wonder why they didn't give everyone a "fruit allowance" for the week, like they do with flex points. Like, you get 8 fruit flex points for the week and fruit is all 1 point (or 5 strawberries, 15 blueberries, etc. are 1 point).

Then people would get their fruit but keep calories in check. 

Personally, I like counting calories a lot more. I don't need to calculate points (which, to me, kind of needlessly complicate healthy eating) and (best of all) it's FREE! :)

Original Post by claudiapw:

Does anybody know how to calculate the daily allowance?


 They do not publish their formula with the Points Plus because "it's too complicated."  All in all, this new plan may work for some, but I'm with oxford007 in that counting calories just seems easier.  And Free.  I was very frustrated they began the new points plus mid-program for me and then I had to spend more money on their products to even be able to calculate the points of the many home cooked meals I use.

If it works for some, great, I wish them luck.  But I'm back to counting calories and holding myself accountable.  Gimicks are not going to teach me what I already know and have a hard time making myself do (butter just tastes so good Cool)

weight watchers never worked for me or  at least not well.

Even when I wasn't using all of my AP and WP, I wasn't losing more than half a pound per week. If I ate all of the points, I'd gain weight.

Now I just count calories and I lose about 1-3 pounds per week.

Don't forget you have to keep in mind portion sizes...yes - you can eat 15 oranges - but that's not a portion size.  I lost 40 lbs on WW.  I realized my idea of a portion size and a true portion size were vastly (and I mean vastly) different.

I went from 230 lbs to 200 counting calories in about a year. I started weight watchers (points plus) and went from 199 to 174 in 3 months. I worked out the same amount with each "program." The only difference I could see was even though two items were 100 calories, some were 2 points and some were 3 depending on the other stats of the items.

I also only paid for one month and then did it on my own. It's not worth $40/month.

If you want the formula to calculate the points - go to Wikipedia.  It's there.

I've also read there are easier formula's, which are referred to on different sites.

Just Goggle weight watchers points and pick a site that's not from WW.

To be truthful, WW has basicly already figured in 5 servings per day for you. So the "free" fruits and vegetables are accounted for. If you eat more than 5 servings ( and this applies to fruit), you may not fare as well.

I just joined and cant find how to count points


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