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2.5 weeks on diet still not losing weight, why?

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I've been on my diet/exercise plan for 2.5 weeks now, and I'm still not losing weight. I started at 147, went up to 151.3, now at 148.2. Why can't I lose any weight?

I'm eating 1200 cals a day, working out no less than 40 mins a day, drinking at least 30-50 oz. of water a day. I cut out a lot of pasta and bread, I don't drink soda, switched to stevia in my coffee with almost no milk, cut WAY back on dairy, I haven't had any red meat or pork (well, I had a few slices of shaved ham), eating raw veggies several times a week and veggies of some kind every day. I stopped drinking V8 juice and opted for 5 calorie stevia sweetened drink mix. I'm going out more to get the walking, and I've been carting all the groceries for the extra activity.

So why am I not losing weight? I read stuff everywhere and it seems like 90% of people experience a lot of weight loss in the first few weeks, but not me. I'm watching my fat and sodium too, so what's the deal? This is extremely discouraging. I'm 4 lbs. heavier than I should have been at this point in my diet. I expected to be 144.6 by this coming Saturday. I'm only trying to lose 1.6 lbs a week.

I really want to eat less too. Many days it's hard to eat 1200 calories of food. Some days I get really hungry and it's easy, but most of the time I don't want to eat that much. There's got to be something wrong though. How can I work out, eat right and all the rest and be heavier than when I started? I don't have enough time to fit in more than an hour a day of exercise, and everyone here said don't eat less... I looked into diet pills, but they all seem dangerous, and expensive.

I really need to lose this weight. I need to know how to make it happen.

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How tall are you? Im 5 ' sw 185 lbs. I counted 1200 cals for 9 months lost 25 lbs, now Im stuck at 160. Cant lower any cals, so I increased to 1400 and increased exercise from 60 minute treadmill @ 3 mph 4 days a week to 48 min 3mph with 4 - 3 minutes jogging (total 60 minutes) and added 5 lb weights to my ankles.

My Dr told me 60 minutes of cardio at least 5 days a week!

40 minutes for you is not enough and it takes time, you can be 3 lbs heavier from morning to night depending on water and whats in your bowel.

Keep at it, you will succeed!

you just need to eat more. Why would your body willing lose fat (a necessary component for our brains to function) when it thinks it starving on 1200cals? Give your body what it wants; food, sustenance, energy. Once it has what it needs (food/energy) then it will shed the fat through activity/exercise. Right now your body is just going to cling to fat and cannibalize everything else cause it thinks its dying from starvation.

I almost forgot the stuff everyone is going to ask...
5'1", 148.2, 34 y/o, female, sedentary calories are 1599/day, mixing up stationary bike, weights, walking, dancing. Will NOT go vegetarian, but eating a lot less meat & fat. other changes stated above.

Plugging along and praying to lose is not really an option, I need this weight off and back to at least a healthy weight of 130, though my ideal goal is 120-125, goal date 10/28/2011.

Seriously? Eat more?? CC said 1200. If that's not okay why would it tell me that? I still don't believe that eating more will make me lose, it makes no sense.

I don't know if I can do a lot of cardio. I have breathing issues (and a weak body from years of a desk job), if I work too hard I feel like I'll pass out because I can't breathe. I aim to make my body hot and sweat, and my heart beats a bit harder. I can get to that state in about 6-10 minutes, then I keep going.

I'm not sure how much more time I can take out of my day for exercise. It's already an insane nuisance eating 4x a day and exercising 1-2x a day. I still have to work and take care of errands and family time.

When you used the calorie target tool, what activity level did you pick?

You do stationary bike, weights, walking, and dancing? that's not sedentary, that's moderately, if not highly active. "sedentary" means literally in a bed all day, like in a coma. your faarrrr too active to be consuming only 1200cals.

vonapathy - sedentary does not mean lying in bed all day. That would be a better description of BMR.

Sedentary is 20% higher than BMR, and means:

  • At work - you work in an office
  • At home - you're usually sitting, reading, typing or working at a computer
  • Exercise - you don't exercise regularly

But I agree that the OP is not sedentary.

Original Post by amethystgirl:

vonapathy - sedentary does not mean lying in bed all day. That would be a better description of BMR.

Sedentary is 20% higher than BMR, and means:

  • At work - you work in an office
  • At home - you're usually sitting, reading, typing or working at a computer
  • Exercise - you don't exercise regularly

But I agree that the OP is not sedentary.

true, I tend to get a bit hyperbolic when people insist on 1200cals being a adequate amount, yet their level of activity goes way beyond that.

I get it - but the truth can be hyperbolic enough :)

I thought you were supposed to judge your activity level NOT counting exercise. I have a desk job and don't move from my desk too much during work hours, so I picked sedentary, because it seemed true. I figured exercise counter toward my needed deficit. I mostly work at a computer and watch TV, all the other stuff is added to try to burn off the weight, so I thought I picked correctly.

If I up it another level or two, it'll tell me to eat more, and I have a hard enough time eating 1200 calories in a day. I can't imagine eating much more. Even on a day when I splurge I'm lucky to hit 1500. I can't stand to eat that way, I'd be throwing up if I tried to consume that much!  (Or I'd be on the sofa crying from stomach pain.)

The question still stands though. If I'm supposedly not eating enough and I'm working out and burning calories, how can I possibly keep gaining weight? And won't shoving food into my body that I don't want just pack on even more pounds? I can't exercise if I'm bloated and in pain from too much eating.

If you are going to use the calorie target tool, you have to tell it what you are doing.

You can keep your activity level in your account settings at sedentary and log exercise separately, if you like, but if you are going to use the tool, you need to give it the full information.

I suggest you read Coach_K's thread Having problems with 1200 calories...

The weights you list at the beginning of the thread sound like a normal fluctuation.  New activity can cause water retention. You aren't gaining fat, but undereating can make the body do some wacky things. Start eating enough (you didn't reach 147 by eating less than 1500, it's pretty unlikely that you can't figure out how to eat more without making yourself sick). Then go from there.

You know you can post as many questions as you like regarding calories and no one is going to say its ok for you to under eat or encourage your disordered thoughts. You have expressed some very disordered thoughts in past posts and admitted you are having issues with self esteem and food. People have responded and encouraged you to eat more in your past posts. You are refusing to hear and understand what you need to do.

To quote you:  

Interesting you mention hair and nails, I have been losing hair and my nails are brittle and won't grow. Part of my brain knows that starving is unhealthy, but the other part can't understand why it doesn't just make me lose weight. You'd think eventually the body would use the fat it's got rather than storing more.

You need to address your real issues because right now you are heading down a slippery slope. You are not going to see an instant loss, 2.5 weeks is still not that long. If you keep under eating you'll lose muscle not fat. Look at it this way: why in the heck would your body release any reserves when you are not giving it enough to function on a daily basis? You need to aim for health not a number on a scale because you are a person not a number.

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Are you sure you are counting calories correctly?  You may be underestimating the calories you are consuming.  You might want to try one of those meal-plan diets where all the calories are counted for you just to be on the safe side.

Calories are not the only thing, you need to count.  You have to make sure that the calories you're getting are in the right portions, such as protiens, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, calcium, sodium and so on.  To much sodium well make you retain water,  if you drink 8 to 10 , 10 oz class of water or any liquid per day, that is close to 8 lbs.  In the summer heat your weight can change as much as 5 to 8 lbs in a day.

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