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Pounds from PMS? how many do you put on?

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like we arent grumpy enough already...

anyway i have to be in the 1200 calorie game to make it to my final goal weight this summer...

i just wondered how many do you put on for pms?

are you on any pills or shots or implants? (optional)

whats you age/stats?

i just notice as im almost 30 pms is more...um....aggressive?

im not on anything
i seem to be putting on 10-15 lbs in water weight
29/5'7''/ cw: under attack of pms...but usually 130-135

its just terrible as i have a small frame and my bloat weight makes me overweight.
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I am on the Pill

I'm 20, 5'7.

I generally gain between 3-5lbs of water weight during PMS time.
this is totally off topic in a sense but...

i absolutely HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE working out when i have my period.. i think that is the most uncomfortable thing ever. I feel as if i have less energy to want to do anything just because of the fact im annoyed by it and just want to get it done and over with.
I never really kept track before starting to lose weight this time in january, I knew it was alot though.  So I began this in january during TOM at 188.  stoped TOM and had a woosh to 182.5...  thats over 5 lbs!  I was on the Ortho Overa patch at the time, but short term, off it now had an ablation and have yet to bleed or have pms since.  Im 27 and hoping it stays that way!  --Sumi
Only about a lb or two. But then my weight dives down dramatically to a new low afterwards. :-)

I'm 41, 5', 115.6 this morning (a new low, woo-hoo!). I don't get mood swings (never have) but for the past 5 years or so have had terrible bloating... not every month though, more like every other month. But when it would happen, it would be EXTREME bloating. I would look like I'm 5 months pregnant. I am not exaggerating this: my DH can attest to it... it was just plain, bizarre, EXTREME bloating!!

One time I just happened to be getting a routine ultrasound (IUD check), and the doctor told me that I was ovulating multiple eggs... she could see it on the ultrasound.. she said, "WHOA! Thank goodness you are on the IUD because if you became pregnant you'd have a whole brood!" I started my period shortly after, so my cycle is just weird I guess.

However, since eating better and exercising, the extreme bloating has stopped!! Yeah! And what's more, the cramps are far more tolerable. I will just get a little extra hungry the day or two before, and have big-time cravings for salt. The scale blips up a lb or two, then it's gone - whoosh - about 4-5 days later.
I don't put on any pre but during about 3 or 5 lbs. Weight returns to normal afterward. I'm 31
I have horrible PMS which lasts for 2 weeks and I generally gain from 5-10 pounds.
I think 8 - 13... 

the only good thing about it is if you don't over-eat that week, then it comes back off starting about the 3rd day and takes 2 - 3 days to get back off...  those days are actually a little fun ;)
woo...glad i am not the only one

that egg thing...thats interesting...twins runs in our family...

i should ask the moms of the twins if they get super bloated too.
im 23 5'4 199 pounds and during my period i gain 2-3 pounds.  My periods have been completely out of wack where i will have my period a week early or a week late since dieting :)  I'm on my period right now and I did not notice a gain at all.  Maybe I just didnt notice my loss and this is my gain (havnt been weighing myself as much lately).  Oh I cross my fingers that is the reality of it :)  2 more days will tell the difference!
I just went through this. I gained 7 lbs and it was all gone the day after my period was done.

oh sorry, i'm 25yrs old, 5'4" 105lbs.

I'm 23,  5'7", 218 and I usually fluctuate 3 or 4 pounds during TTOM.

This month, I was sitting at 221 for like a week and a half and after the first or second day of my period I dropped down to 217-218. Good times!

i get really bad pms where my hunger is out of control

i gain about 5-10 pounds pre and during, and then i drop right when its over.

i'm 19. 5'2'', 115 pounds

Mar 17 2009 10:36
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Just the kind of thread I was looking for.  I'm 28, 5'2" and have put on 10 pounds since I last got my period 3 months ago (this corresponds to when I went off the pill). This despite drinking loads of water and exercising 5xs/week. I'm hoping when my period finally comes back the weight will go away.  It's sooo uncomfortable!

My body does this odd, I think, thing where I lose about 5 pounds about a week before my TOM just all of the sudden, of course, making me believe that I have dropped weight.

Then, I gain about 8-10 lbs as my period starts, finally balancing out when it is all over.

Pretty miserable, but to me, the worst part is the insane middle of the night craving to overeat anything I can find during my perios! I hate to think of the times I have gotten up in the middle of the night, dressed to run to the deli for some ice cream and cookies. Hate it!

Oh, I hope PMS doesn't really get more aggressive as you near 30. I'm already pretty upset with my PMS. When I was a teen, it was fine - no cramps, no grouchiness. But when I hit the 20s, I started getting cramps, and now in my mid-20s, I'm the crankiest, most emotional person I've ever met.

I only put on 1-2 pounds, and it's such an upper when those pounds just magically go away...

anywhere btwn 1 and 5...i try not to keep track of it during this week, but it almost always comes down to normal!

i gain 1 or 2 lbs on day 2. it drops by day five. pms, during-ms, and post-ms all worse lately, but nothing was as bad as being in my 20's, when i'd puke all day. that was awful. roommates even hauled me to the er a few times. early 40's were a breeze, for some reason worse the last few months. so no, your 30's are not doomed to torment unless your biology has coded that in somehow. 

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