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I am eating myself sick now.. idk wut to do, i dont even fit into my jeans anymore i cant stop... and i feel like crap, ive eaten so much and felt like pukeing more than 1ce i keep wildly sweating and im scared... but i cant stop... i dont kno why... and now my heart is starting to hurt and i just feel terrible.. GOD DAMN LIFES DEPRESSING
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slow deep breathes


i'm sure calm heads will make wise choices!!

take a day off recommit and come out determined
if you are eatting till you puke, or even get to the point where you feel like puking you are really pushing your stomach to the limit and as far fetched as it sounds it can tear its lining and essentially youd digest yourself.   If you are really worked up call up a friend go out just get away from your house and get your mind off things for a while maybe?
thank you, and i think getting out would help but im even affraid to go out and let my friends see whats happend/happening to me... =(
i totally know how you feel, it can be hard to get yourself in control sometimes. try and just breath, maybe go to sleep or lay down so your stomach can digest better... and tell yourself that tomorrow will be better. it will not make you gain as much weight as you feel, just drink lots of water tomorrow and go for a good workout too. youll feel back to normal by monday.
:) i hope so and thank you soo much, eesh lately tho its like i finally solve one problem and another 1 come to bite me in the.... butt..... lol
guys i cant stop now i do it if im bored.. and i feel SICK and want to stop but i keep going.. i cant contolr myself and im going crazy and AHHH everythings just pounding in my head... and GUT
i think you may want to speak with your doctor. they have rehabilitation centers and help centers for this. you can get help.

i hope you're okay
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l can tell you wrote your initial post in the heat of the moment, either while you were still eating or when you had just finished a particularly nasty binge. I've had this problem too, for 5 years, but am slowly on the way to getting over it. I'm a firm believer that it's not only about food, but that there's something bothering you mentally (maybe a self-confidence thing?).  It's such a downward spiral, because after you binge, you don't want to see anyone or do anything social because of how awful you feel about yourself!
This helped me: food is consumed to fuel your body's activities. Learn as much as you can about NUTRITION, and don't think of food as something you have any kind of 'relationship' with. It's just a substance, and a human mind is so much more powerful!
Also, admit that it is a problem, not just a will power failing.  Tell a friend, or two, that you are struggling with this, and make them hold you accountable. You're hurting yourself and your relationships. But after you acknowledge these things, it will get easier every day, and you will be growing into a confident adult.
When did this start happening?
Were you currently dieting?
Getting through an ED?

I've seen a similar post to this a few months back. The girl had sweats, her skin even ached. So maybe we can try to find that one and reflect back if you have similar reasons why you are binging.
Hi there. I see from your profile that you 13? Please tell your mom that you're not feeling well. She can help, trust me. Feeling confused and scared isn't fun at any age, but YA KNOW, your mom can still be your snuggle-up-cushion for years to come!

At 13 you've got a lot of hormones flying around..... It's not an easy time.

*hugs luvs-little*
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Hi there,

You may be interested in checking out Overeaters Anonymous. It's not for everyone, but I know I had the same issues with food at age 13 that I do at 30. They have online meetings available if you do a web search. Their address is www.oa.org. Good luck to you.
Three words: Talk to parents.

Three more words: and a doctor.
One handy little trick for those who eat compulsively from boredom or emotional distress: when you feel the urge, do something inconsistant with eating.

You can't eat a sandwich when you're taking a shower. You can't binge on a bag of chips while you're going for a leisurely walk or painting your nails. You can't scarf down ice cream while you're doing meditation or painting.

Make yourself a list of activities that you can do instead of eat and hang it on your kitchen door (or refridgerator door). Next time you feel the urge to open it out of boredom, choose one of the items on that list and do it. If you still want to eat, choose another. I truly doubt you can get through the whole list and still want to eat.
Just go do something.  Sometimes I cannot quit thinking of what to chow down next and that basically means I am bored as crap!!  Go for a walk or to the mall or something :)  Plus that will help with your belly pain... the walk I mean :)

ive got  same   isusse   babe  but i  seem to     over  eat when   already   unwell   its  lame  i   was losing wieght  but  now  got a   cold     my   calories  have  jumped up  to  2000  a  day  :(

ive got  same   isusse   babe  but i  seem to     over  eat when   already   unwell   its  lame  i   was losing wieght  but  now  got a   cold     my   calories  have  jumped up  to  2000  a  day  :(

Original Post by tcassie:

ive got  same   isusse   babe  but i  seem to     over  eat when   already   unwell   its  lame  i   was losing wieght  but  now  got a   cold     my   calories  have  jumped up  to  2000  a  day  :(

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Exercising is one of the greatest tools that can help with depression, hunger pains, and all of lifes problems. I know this is true but I struggle with food addictions, too, and do not exercise. However, I started exercising again today. It sounds as if you may need some hobbies to get your mind busy or friend groups can help by listening. If you can not trust who you are behind closed doors then do not be alone.My true character occurs when I am by myself: how will I act when no one is watching me? You may think about counseling as well. Maybe there is a deep problem that needs to be fixed. Do not be discouraged. You are not alone. Think about the few pounds you have lost instead of the pounds you still have to lose. Build your willpower by saying "no." I have printouts on my fridge about a lady saying no to junk food. You can do it!!
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